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Two Female Wisconsin Teachers, Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson, Tried To Set-up A Four-way Gang Bang With Two Male Students

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Original Story At DailyMail

  • Two pervy female high school teachers, Alexsia Saldaris and Jennifer Larson have been forced to resign after being accused of trying to set up a foursome with students.

  • Rookie first-year teacher Alexsia Saldaris quit Joseph Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 22 and 11-year veteran teacher, Jennifer Larson, on May 14 after a probe by the school district.

  • Both teachers were on a school trip with a male student on April 7 to 9 and the investigation found incriminating Snapchat messages they sent him.

  • Larson admitted to exchanging messages with the student 'involving cuddling, flirting, and the implication of alcohol'.

  • Saldaris admitted to sending the student five photos of herself in lingerie and kissing the student during the trip, the district's report summary read.

  • The messages both teachers sent told the student they wanted to cuddle and 'have fun' with him, and asked if another student could join in.

  • Saldaris then met the student on April 9 and gave him the keys to a school district van used on the trip so he could 'take laps' of the car park.

  • While she was changing her shoes in the back of the van, the pair kissed, according to the report summary.

  • The story then takes a bizarre twist. Larson reported Saldaris to the administration for allowing the boy to drive the van. Saldaris texted the student that morning saying their relationship needed to end — and he agreed.

  • Both teachers were placed on leave April 12 and 10 days later the school board accepted their resignations.


Okay class, raise your hand if you opened this post thinking this happened in Florida.

You are all guilty. I did too. Wisconsin is quickly becoming a fast, up-incoming great female sex scandal teacher state. A state so boring it is bound to be filled with under-fucked, pervy Millennial women.

Two, presumably 'adult' women, decided to initiate a foursome between themselves and two minors at their school. And no, they didn't invite them to a golf tournament. I think our good friend Rian Stone needs to teach these salacious sluts a thing or two about how to set boundaries in a relationship: Don't try to fuck your students; don't form a gang- bang pact with another female co-worker, especially if she is nowhere near your level of attractiveness. Feelings are bound to get hurt and the shiv will come out.

This story is like picking at the scab of a wound that has been known to exist for a long time. That wound is female nature going unchecked and unregulated in our society.

I have been saying this for years and been picking at it. Scratched the surface a long time ago with this blog and my 5 novels. This is just one case of many. However, Alexsia and Jennifer perfectly encapsulate the reality of modern women: They never mature past high school; women should not be in any position-of-power other than on their backs and knees.

At the end of the day, women just want to ride dick, start workplace affairs and get their pussy pounded into the next galaxy. They don't go to work to 'teach' or to lead the next generation to greatness. They go to work to cause drama, backstab their co-workers, start petty disputes, treat the workplace like their boyfriend (abuse it), collect a welfare check, and of course to start workplace affairs with the closest male that makes their pussy tingle.

What, you don't believe me?

You want to #believeallwomen?

Women and Mother Nature are the real misogynists. You want to know who hates women more than any wife-beater out there? It's other women.

That convenient segue now brings us to the supporting cast in this story, Jennifer Larson.

Women Oppress Each Other More Than The Patriarchy Ever Could

The main character in this story is of-course Alexsia Saldaris. Objectively, she is the more interesting, and more importantly more attractive teacher. Jennifer the heffer is an absolute landwhale.

I wouldn't even fuck Jennifer with Aaron Clarey's dick.

Alexsia Saldaris on the other hand is blonde, has blue eyes and is of thin shape.

I am sure TheGreatOne would be dreaming of a 'White Christmas' with her.

She seems to have nice perky tits, too. Also, Alexsia looks to be a lot younger than Jennifer, the 11-year teaching veteran. Even though the articles I have found do not state the ages of these two unhinged female perverts, it is safe to say that Alexsia is probably in her early 20s and Jennifer, the Jujube-junkie, is most likely in her late 30s.

The crux and most important part of this whole affair is what led to the authorities catching a whiff of this erotic golf match (foursome) planned between these teachers and a couple of students: Jennifer backstabbed and told-on her supposed friend and colleague (Alexsia) with regards to Alexsia letting the one boy drive a school district van around the parking lot and kissing him.

Women hate each other.

That's why women can never, and could never, run a successful all-female company or run a society. They are all too busy, trying to fuck each other over the same bad-boy that they all want to fuck.

All women think about is sex and themselves. Never the city.

The story then takes a bizarre twist. Larson reported Saldaris to the administration for allowing the boy to drive the van. Saldaris texted the student that morning saying their relationship needed to end — and he agreed.

-The Toronto Sun

Two things about this story are very possible:

  1. From the beginning, Jennifer had it in for Alexsia and planned this all out in order to get her fired.

  2. It was a simple case of female-on-female jealously that led to Jennifer driving the shiv into her friend's back.

It is clear that both of these teachers were two horny sluts that caught pussy tingles for the same boy. Probably the one aspiring Chad at the school that all the girls (even his age) want to suck, fuck, ride and ply.

There was probably a point at which Jennifer knew the boy didn't want to fuck her or heaven forbid, see nude Snapchats of her Shamu-like body. And it probably became clear that the boy fancied Alexsia given that she was young and fertile, unlike Jennifer's aged-out and dusty Jabba the Hutt pussy when the two kissed in front of Jennifer during that Driver's-Ed lesson in the parking lot.

When you put women in positions of power, it's only a matter of a short period of time before they fuck it up. Just look at all of the cases we've covered here on the blog. Most of these female teachers, within the first year of their teaching career, end up starting a workplace affair/rape a student.

Most of these female teachers are also recently married. They can't help themselves. You can't save them. They belong to the streets and don't belong in CorporateLand.

If a woman can't go 1-year without starting a workplace affair or trying to fuck a teenager, how is she going to run a business? She's going to run it into the ground, that's where!

If a woman can't even uphold a simple marital contract for more than a year, how can you trust her to honor a contract with your business that could be worth millions of dollars?

Why would you hire, let alone promote a woman to CEO if all she is going to do is get pregnant and want to collect maternity leave? She'll sit at home for years on end until she quits to be a stay-at-home mom. Because you know that she just won't be done after the first kid, right? Women were made to breed, not to succeed in all things manly.

Women today are defective men and every girlboss that I have ever seen or known are all obese, have mental-issues, are on SSRIs, are alcoholics and lunatics. It must drive them mad trying to be something that they are incapable of being. They think becoming fat will make them look strong, being an unhinged cunt will make them look tough and command respect. They are all trying to be the men they want to fuck.

It's because being a man is the most difficult thing to do in the world and all these women have to cope by drugging themselves. Being a man is tough alone when you are one, however, trying to be like a man when you are an inferior counter-part must be hell on earth.

It's no wonder why all these women go off the deep end and are looney-toons.

The Report Card


The main character is Alexsia in this disturbing soap opera. We won't even bother grading Jennifer the Landwhale because she already got a D grade for looks. Not worth the time. You see ladies, being unattractive gets you nowhere, not even in the Hall of Fame for Female Sex Scandal Teachers.

Saldaris employed the standard tactic of luring the boy(s) with her one and only asset as a woman: Her pussy(body). Jennifer the Heffer tried to use her large and in charge 'personality', however, she soon came to find out that she had to switch-up her game by plying the boys with booze. Let's be honest, Jennifer probably asked Alexsia to show and take nudes of herself knowing that she (the Heffer) couldn't pull off the bait.

As we all know, from there the two smart, brave, strong and independent teachers went on to suggest a foursome between them, Boy A, and one of his friends.

In the end, the fun fell apart (just like their lives) when Jennifer caught a case of green eye and backstabbed Alexsia. All due to Jennifer's series of life choices that resulted in her becoming an unattractive, obese and unfuckable sex scandal teacher. Neither Alexsia, Jennifer or the two boys got an orgasm because one fugly-ass female teacher couldn't hit the treadmill.

Well done, ladies. You all work so well as a team. The synergies are so strong!

With the phone in hand, and probably a glazed donut in the other, Jennifer called the school board district to let them know about Alexsia's indiscretions with the one boy. Consequently, ratting on herself in the process.

Women will go as far as burning the whole house down with themselves inside included, just so long as it ensures that the other girl doesn't get laid.

If that ain't misogyny, I don't know what is!



How many female teachers does it take to screw a student?

Apparently, more than two because chucklefucks 1 & 2 here couldn't even get past their own bullshit in order to secure the all important lay.

Sex is the easiest thing a woman can get in life. All they have to do is show up to the party. Yet, Alexsia and Jennifer couldn't even get into a position to spread their legs, let alone give a blowjibber because one of them (the Heffer) was still dealing with her teenage insecurities about being fat and hating skinny blonde bitches.

Unreal. And people still think women are capable of running businesses, or a country for that matter. All women know how to do is run their mouth..and pussy over a rock-hard cock.

But for Alexsia and Jennifer, it is clear we have a severe case of amateur-hour and a lot of sexual inexperience. We will get to this in the Presentation/Looks category where this will become apparent.



First off, let's get Jennifer out of the way because she has already taken up too much space. Larson has no social media and is fat. Need I say more.?


Now Alexsia on the other hand is interesting.

She is not a dime, nor is she even a 7 or an 8. Alexsia is what I would call, a Band Geek Goddess. A late-bloomer, for sure.

Of course, we here on The Red Island have exclusive pictures and audio of our main gurl. After searching other mainstream outlets, it appears that no other news organization, or journalists for that matter, happened to locate Alexia's Facebook and Youtube.

Either everyone else at DailyMail, JewYork Post or The Sun is just stupid and lazy, or I so happen to spend way too much time trying to deliver quality to my readers...

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Alexsia Saldaris (Facebook)

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Imagine taking 6 years to finish a teaching degree (should only take 2 max) to then throw it all away and not even get laid out of it.

Just look at the solipsism on this girl.

"What I deserve."

"My journey ( of cock)"

Me, me, me.

*referring to herself in the third person as "lil Lex".

Again, I have to ask why do we empower women to go to college, get a career and allow them to vote when all they want to do is just fuck, get deep-dicked by Chad and have cum coat every inch of their vaginal walls?

Women waste so much time, energy and money. More importantly, they waste everyone else's time and money. Alexia wasted 6 years of her prime fertility cycle, to then go and do what she is suppose to be doing: Getting all three holes filled and pregnant. What was the point of going to college?

These 4 minutes you are about to watch of Alexia on her Youtube channel did not age well. More importantly, it is a perfect example of the hypocrisy we can see with modern women.

New drinking game: Take a shot every time Alexia says she is 'passionate'.

It's clear Alexia would rather enjoy shaping her mouth and vagina around a teen student rather than shaping his mind. She'd rather mold his penis than his brain into the Chad she wants him to be for her.

When Alexia isn't 'constantly thinking about being a teacher' she is presumably masturbating furiously when thinking about her students.

According to Alexia, she impossibly thinks about teaching all day long. When she wakes up in the morning, it's the first thing she does instead of pulling down her panties in order to invite one of her vibrators close to her throbbing clit.

Nope, she's an angel. At night she's not on Snapchat texting 50 different guys (including minors) and setting up four-way sex parties. Nope, she's different from all the other women out there!

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Nice teeth, facial is okay; kinda looks like an aging smoker.

The high forehead is annoying, but great for placing cumshots.

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Tits look firm and perky; need to squeeze to confirm.

Alexsia, come see me in my office...

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Modern women have gone from first trading cooking & cleaning in for blowjobs. Now they are trading in their University degrees for felony degrees.

Again, why did modern society think it would be fine giving women rights?

Why did men long ago warn us of this in ancient texts?

Why is society falling apart today?

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Colored hair + nose ring= She'll let you fill all 3 holes on the first date.

Alexsia Was A former Nerd/Band Geek in Highschool

Unlike other news agencies, I was able to get exclusive photos not just from Alexsia's personal social media, but I was also able to backdoor through her dad's Facebook.

This is apparently stuff they don't teach 'journalists' at University and in the office at mainstream outlets.

That's okay though, you guys have me. You're welcome!

During my search through the photo history of Alexsia's father's Facebook, I found out that Alexsia was one of those high-achiever chicks back in the day. She was in the music band (played flute), did Karate/Jujutsu and won academic awards. She was also in the marching band, too.

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

The poor girl probably never had time for a boyfriend, or was too awkward to even have a boyfriend or a quick fuck for that matter. All of that horniess was bubbling up inside of her (pussy) and a decade later, she decided to go full-retard: Straight to a foursome with two teen students. No easing her way into things. No tip drill. Nope. Just max-setting, full blast.

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Nose ring, tattoos and an I Wanna Fuck Attitude.

All those years of being a 'good girl' academic overachiever finally couldn't match the raging skank hidden inside all women. Like a beach ball being held underwater. Eventually she pops.

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

Women are as slutty as their best friend allows them to be.

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson

This is probably the 'peak hot' photo for Alexsia that I could find.

If I didn't have anything better to do on a Saturday night I'd probably give Alexsia a text to come over, deep-dick her a couple times and blow ropes all over her ass, back, legs and thighs. Color her face ever whiter than it already is. Then send an Uber straight over and say, 'Goodbye'.

If you're a teen boy, you'd probably want to cum inside her pussy and do something stupid like that.

If her friend dropped 10 pounds by yesterday and got rid of those hideous Shriek-like eyebrows, I'd would've let her join in. She could be in a supporting role by cupping by balls and feeling Alexsia's tits whilst rubbing her twat, all while I pump her like an oil well in the Permian basin; frack that shit deep. You know, doing all the tedious stuff.


Final Comments: On final review, Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer (the Heffer) Larson did not meet the full requirements with regards to being legitimate female sex scandal teachers. There were two of them working this game and not one of them could secure the fuck.


It took Alexsia 6 years to become a teacher. It probably would've taken her another 6 years to bang a student.

Don't waste my time, ladies.

Overall Grade


This Article is Brought To You By CorporateLand

Teachers Alexsia Saldaris & Jennifer Larson


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