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Attractive Female Teacher, Makana Masacayan, Sexted Male Student Through IG; Gave Lap Dances And Sex

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Original Story at yahoo!news

  • New Mexico teacher, Makana Mei Masacayan(26), was a special-education teacher at Española Valley High School working on a visa from the Philippines.

  • Faces a felony count of rape after being accused of sexually assaulting a student.

  • Police began investigating Masacayan after the 16-year-old boy told his juvenile probation officer that he had proof on his cellphone he'd engaged in a sexual relationship with her.

  • Masacayan had made advances toward the boy on multiple occasions, the boy said, including giving him a "lap dance" on a chair in a classroom closet and touching his genitals.

  • The boy claims they had sex at least once and believes she had been behaving similarly with other students.



Once again, the foreigners are taking all of the jobs.

Handjobs, blowjobs, assjobs and now yes, the job and title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

The public is surely outraged by the actions, conduct of 26-year old Makana Masacayan.

I mean, most female sex scandal teachers we come across are typically young, white chycks from North America. Liberal white women everywhere are most likely pissed as fuck underneath all their virtue-signaling about immigrants and foreigners.

Once they come for the teaching jobs, taking all the teen peen away from the hedonistic, self-destructive, daddy-issue laden white girls....well, just watch out! The white claws are going to be coming out in full force, both the drinks and literal nails on the chalkboard.

The public education system has become so desperate in their attempts to virtue-signal, to be as 'diverse' as possible when it comes to staffing their schools, that they seem to now be hiring former/active Filipino prostitutes to teach in their schools!

In the same breath, it is no different than these schoolboards hiring the entitled and hypersexualized stock that comes straight off the college assembly line, here in North America: They all act and behave like tatted-up prostitutes one way or another. Just look at any IG account for these chycks.

According to the reports, Makana was giving the teen boy lap-dances before jerking his protein popsicle off in the classroom. Maybe this is considered normal behavior, a slow-Tuesday over in the Philippines. Is that how they do things over there? I don't know, never been. However, I have heard interesting things.

We often get emails with the question(s), "How does this relate to Hypergamy?" and "Why don't they go for guys their own age?"

Firstly, you have to understand that most women are unhinged lunatics, who go through life by feeling things. Especially, penises.

Their agency and power all come from their sexuality. That is how they thrive and survive, period. Full-stop. Women are not like men, even though they poorly pretend to be in most corporate jobs.

Sex for women is all about two things: Power & Control. Just look at the hysteria around the abortion debate right now. Women at their very core are like children. They want to stay up late until midnight, have a massive bowl of ice-cream right before bed...and then in the morning will complain of feeling sick; then blame it on Daddy who let them stay up late and caused them to have an early onset of diabetes.

Women feel, they don't think. They want all of the privileges but none of the responsibility.

Women move through life like one would with a metal detector. Except, the metal detector is their vagina and they go wherever the tingles and good vibes take them.

As for the minors and teens that they suck and fuck at school, it is akin to a 'workplace' affair for them. Remember, "age is just a number" to women...because again WOMEN DON'T THINK. They, feel. Women can't do math for a reason. It is why most of them carry so much credit card debt and can't understand why they are having such a hard time paying off their 200k student loan for majoring in Lesbian Tap-dance Therapy, whilst only making 20-30k at their Starbucks barista job.

The boys these chycks are banging are either one of two types: The Chad, golden-haired lacrosse player with an athletic build, that looks like he's 25. "Oh my, Chad, you are so mature for your age." Or, like in this case...the degenerate Juvy who already has a parole officer at the age of 16. The bad-boy.

It basically comes down to Alpha by proximity. Young boys that are low-hanging fruit for these desperate and horny women with no morals, whom display characteristics of the Alpha to which set their giner off with tingles and signals to fuck. Hypergamy has two heads: The superior seed to which all women want shot up their cum canal; the beta provision side/resources. Most of these female teachers have resources already.

They either have shlubby husbands who pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads.

But more importantly, they have government funded, also known as tax-payer funded jobs.

To add to that, there is also the safety net of welfare in the form of government assistance.

Last but not least, millions of thirsty fucking beta males who will gladly white knight and pick up all the broken pieces if she should fuck up, like Makana and others have done.

So yes, these female teachers are sport-fucking and going for the Chad/Tyrone seed.

Women love a male with potential, an aspiring Chad. They love to control the male body, also. It is why women enjoy giving head; it is the most control they will ever have over a guy's body, mind and spirit. Literally draining him. And what male is easier to control than a hormonal teen boy who'd fuck anything up to including a couch cushion.

In Makana's saga, we have a woman trying to get sex and control from what seems to be un-controllable (an exciting challenge)...a teen Juvy, a bad-boy delinquent, whose best friend is most likely his parole officer and now....his female teacher!

The Report Card


Straight off the boat and with papers, female teacher Makana Masacayan had hopes and dreams of becoming the greatness Female Sex Scandal Teacher, imported.

Presumably, with a background and past in the art of dance and street walking, Makana thought to have a superior edge on her white North American counterparts when it came to getting teen cock.

Working only on a VISA, this was indeed the boldest of strategies. Putting it all on the line for the peen of a teen. Amazing. Stunning and truly brave. This type of passion and dedication will not be overlooked when tallying up Makana's final grade.

The sacrifice is truly astonishing. A young woman willing to risk deportation, a pension, a new home in the Americas, a career and the almighty cuckbuck reserve currency that she probably funnels back home to her impoverished family with that crazy exchange rate from USD to Philippine Peso.

With $1.00 USD equaling the current spot price of 54.99 Philippine Peso, Makana really is risking a lot here. Imagine how many cocks she'd have to suck back home in order to make a fitty-five.

Instead, Makana was probably making the standard teaching salary in New Mexico, which is around $31,000.00, 75th percentile is $36,000 and Top Earners earn $45,000.00. Makana was making the equivalent of $15 an hour. That is 825 Philippine Pesos an hour!


This is just speculation, but maybe Makana got greedy. It is possible that she got blinded by the almighty dollar and sought to make a little more on the side by grifting her students lunch money via giving them lap dances, handjobs and sex.

By looking at her old Instagram profile, it seems that Makana was also grifting via shilling clothing and jewelry products from third parties. GirlBoss. Stunning and Stupid.

In assessing the acts and behavior put forth by our spicy little immigrant, Makana has indeed by our metrics qualified herself to hold the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

She demonstrated that she wanted to go for greatness by giving those assjobs and handies, to doing the ultimate passion play: Sex with a teen student.

Makana has travelled a far distance, just to have sex with an American teen boy.

An act she could've easily done in a brothel, whilst in her shithole home country.

However, she wanted to come to the promised land and preform on a bigger stage: North America. This is where all the greats are and have been covered. We understand.

Makana, your efforts have be rewarded in this category.



Makana Masacayan was a 'special education' teacher. There is no doubt in our minds that she lived up to the role and expectations that would follow. She gave that 16-year old Juvy a special education, indeed. Now both of them are delinquents and one of them is actually going to prison this time!

The best is when the female sex scandal teacher in question claims that her social media was "hacked" and that it was "someone else" who was sexting and giving lap-dances, blowjobs and handies to her student. Unreal!

First off, if it was hacked, then it means one of two things: Either you are too stupid and clicked on some Phishing link. Which, most of those fraudulent links are sent from IP addresses in shithole countries like THE PHILIPPINES!

Secondly, the only other option is that you told someone your password, a student, and now they are spending a lot of time and energy pranking you by paying someone who looks like you to give them lap-dances and to send them sexy messages all day long, and nudes. Hmm.

We will just say that Makana isn't the first FTSS to pull this card. Of all the ones who have, 100% were found guilty and made the whole thing up. To further that, I would like to add that according to our data and spreadsheet, 99.8% of all the cases we have covered regarding female sex scandal teachers, have all been found guilty on their charges.

So, Makana the odds are not in your favor. Or, they are in your favor if you are going for Greatness in being a Female Sex Scandal Teacher!

Apparently, according to the victim there may be more boys involved. After all, it appears that the schoolboard sat on their hands while Makana was sitting and grinding her ass all over this boy's woody-pecker. While the schoolboard was aware of the rumors going around they sat on their hands; Makana was actually using her hands and producing something. Cum.

The public may cry out and say that teachers today produce nothing of value. However, clearly Makana knows how to use her hands and her vaginal orifice to get things done!

That is the "Can, Do!" spirit we need around here. If it weren't for the desperate immigrants and their tireless toil, America would probably grind to a halt.

Lazy, incompetent, only just want summers off? Maybe. But Makana sure was a busy woman, trying to go above and beyond for her students. Trying to help out even the most disenfranchised, dysfunctional of them all: The Juvy, pro-bater. Masterbater.

When nobody else was there for him, not even society, Makana showed up on scene to give him the sex tourism experience that few young men get to partake in on a lunch money, parental allowance based salary. What a discount! What a generous offer.

Makana should be decorated with a 'community service' award, post-haste!



Class, before Makana comes up to the front in order to present to us, we have to go over and consider some things that I didn't find encouraging, or rather, things that really fucking piss me off about some of you female teachers that a trying to become great female sex scandal teachers.

Makana, I had to spend and waste a lot of my time trying to find your presentation material (social media pictures). It got me thinking, "Do you really want this, Makana?"

Do you want to go for Greatness, or are you trying to be a fucking tease?

This is not a run down, shit-stained strip club in the Philippines! This is Hot For Teacher, Goddamnit! The Red Island is number fucking #1 when it comes to this. We are the best in the business. We always appear in the top search results and in google images every time we cover one of you. So start acting like you want to be here. Be great!

I finally found Makana's old "hacked" IG account that she apparently claims was raped and forcefully entered by some unknown entity. Kind of ironic considering she just raped a 16-year boy. Most of the pictures are old-ish, going back to 2016.

Makana's facebook was taken down. Also, her new IG account was set to private.

Thankfully I was able to contact a rando through Facebook who had posted screen shots from her IG account (before it was set to private) and asked him for them. Told him we were The Red Island and what we do here...and he immediately said, "Holy shit, I know that site...ya you can use them[pics] but keep me out of it."

Yes, we requested. Will see if the fish takes the bait with our carefully crafted, unassuming burner account, equipped with all the virtue-signaling and pronouns in the profile.

So, with that said...we are disappointed here that Makana made it more difficult than this has to be. We are questioning her dedication to the title at this very moment and it will be reflected in this category, grade wise.

I have to sadly, deduct a full point.

Effective, fucking immediately!

It is conduct like this that can be unbecoming of a female teacher trying to present herself as a female sex scandal teacher. The title, the passion, the heart. You best not be yanking our crank just like you did to that 16-year old, Makana!

Okay, class. Makana has told me she is ready to present. I have been informed she has a diverse portfolio. Some new pictures, a lot of old and very excitingly I have been informed she also has an introduction video for us as well. It is rare to get raw video. Things are already looking a bit better for Makana right now with that being said. Okay, let's start with the video of Makana.

Go ahead, TheGreatOne, that TV and Audio ready and working? Are you good back there with the lighting for when after Makana takes the stage to show off her body in an array of outfits including bikini? Oh, you are? Great.

Okay, great. Mr. Clarey, can you fucking please sit down, shut-up and light that cigar up, fill the stage with life choking smoke?! Give this strong, brave, girlboss the disrespect she deserves?!

Oh wait, we don't have the video anymore because Makana just took it down and set her Youtube channel to 'Private'?! Are you fucking kidding me, Makana!

Another half point deducted on this cowardice.

Effective, fucking immediately!

Well, since we don't have the video anymore here is the screen shot thumbnail from the video.

Makana Masacayan Youtube channel

Oh, she is religious and a follower of Christ fucking sake, Makana! Put the goddamn video back on public. You ladies just don't learn, do yeah. That's why you all will never be great at anything in life. Losers!

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Looks like she is trying-out to be one of our models for the cover of C|Suite.

If she had a better body (it's OK) we'd for sure be interested in Makana to try out for auditions. Nice pool, though.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

The prettiest thing you can wear is nothing at all. But, to each their own I guess.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Mohaliarab in the comments is an absolute savage.

He ain't wrong.

I Really (with a hard 'R") hate this look on women and I absolutely don't understand why 80's mom jeans/shorts are back. Such a ill-fitting and dumpy look. Have you girls no taste?

I suspect a majority wear them today because they all have bodies that aren't worth living in past 30.

Most women today look like apples with legs.

This look only really works if you have the chest pillows to back it up.

Nice try, though.

If Top-Gun were to have been shot in Pinoville you could've been chosen as a stand-in or double for a out of place female hanger mechanic that works on shitty drug-mule Cessnas.

Grifting and shilling jewelry products on IG. Pretty standard.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Imagine seeing that face...and the cross before getting a lap-dance. Talk about confusing your meat hammer.

Alright, let's get to the more recent exclusive photos.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Only 174 'Likes'? Oh, and no Holy Cross this time.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

286 Likes, girl! That's better. She has a bit of "Man Hands" syndrome but otherwise, holy shit. This is what they hire as 'special education' teachers nowadays?

Lap-dance? Yes please! What's want to slide your sliz down on my protein pole? Is the Pope Catholic?

She even has the standard daddy-issue tattoos on the thigh and clavicle.

A nice touch, Makana. Is this you dressed for a day of teaching or a night out?

Guys, I think we have another late bloomer here! It took Makana until 26 to reach her peak hotness level and she chose to capitalize on it with a 16-year old student. Too bad she is putting up a struggle with her social media and not letting her passion be known to all.

New Mexico teacher, Makana Masacayan

Totally, not guilty.

We sentence you to a full round of 'community service'.

After taking into consideration all of the penalties and presentation violations that Ms. Masacayan has committed with regards to sending us mixed signals about her intentions as a Female Teacher Sex Scandal, her grade will not be as high as it could've been.

Makana, if you would like to know what your grade would've been had you not violated and committed those infractions, you can come see me after class is dismissed. Send me an email. Send nudes and we can maybe talk about a re-grade to the upside!


Overall Grade


Notes: Upon review, hot little immigrant teacher Makana Mei Masacayan has displayed satisfactory behavior with regards to becoming a female sex scandal teacher. Although Makana has received the title of FSST (Female Sex Scandal Teacher) we do stress that Makana review her conduct and understand that yes, it is appropriate to not have any social media and scandalous pictures of yourself on the internet IF you were a normal, well adjusted teacher.

However, when becoming a FSST, hiding your IG and social media from the class is not only disruptive, unproductive and a drain on everyone's time and patience, it also puts into question Makana's dedication and passion for the journey.

Remember, you only get one shot at life, and one shot at becoming a Female Sex Scandal Teacher (unless you don't go to jail, or don't reoffend). One shot at the title; one shot at Greatness. Although we were initially hesitant of rewarding Makana with the title, she has shown to be in compliance with all other aspects. She seemed to have pulled things off with those last three pictures in her presentation.

Again, Makana, your presentation could've gone a lot smoother if you would had listened and paid attention to your other FSSTs compadres.


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