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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Mom Of Female Teacher, Ammy Singleton, Breaks Silence On Her Daughter's Scandal

Exclusive photos of accused female teacher Ammy Singleton

Original article at DailyMail.UK

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The first podcast that I wrote and recorded was already in post-production the very same day that latest information broke. The very same day (May 11th, 2022) when both the article and podcast went live, of course, the mom decides to speak to the media.

So, here we are again with Ammy Singleton. Thanks to the mom coming forward, unlike Ammy, I decided to revisit the case and invested a bit more effort, time, and drinking into sleuthing; trying to find more juicy photos.

I was doing my best to see if I could locate and thus figure out the name of Ammy's ex-husband. Oh right, by the way, because of the mom coming forward, we now know that Ammy is not currently married to her husband; they have been apparently separated for the last two years! Shocker.

Thanks to me buying a six pack of Cowbell West Coast Amber Ale, which had enabled and honed my fine detective skills, I was able to find the ex-husband's FeministBook page and got exclusive photos that no other media or news outlet will show, or seems to have their fuckwit hands on.

You're welcome. And yes, you can suck my cock later.

Ammy's mom, Sharon Singleton, goes by the moniker of Sharon Platt on her very limited FeministBook page. This is confusing. Is this a blended family? Did Ammy's mom divorce and marry another Aussie shitlib? Anyways, we now know that Ammy Singleton was formerly Ammy Warren as her ex-husband's last name is Warren.

Ammy didn't bother to comment to reporters when they were sleuthing around her property in Port Augusta, Australia. Trying to get pictures of Ammy in her yoga pants, eating two bananas whilst coming back from the gym or a run.

However, Sharon Platt(Singleton) had word vomit and tons to say as most women do (flapping their gums for attention), including some details that weren't previously known to us.

Most of the exclusive photos obtained by The Red Island are from the social media of the ex-husband which was found doing an old search trick through Facebook photos. From their, one picture immediately popped-up and stood out.

Exclusive Photos & How They Were Obtained

The uncanny photo could be easily recognizable as that of Ammy and her ex-husband when they were childhood sweethearts. The past always lives on and you can never rid of it...especially online. From there, all we had to do was click on the photo. Tt led us to not Ammy's, but to her now ex-husband's page. He still kept a cornucopia of pics from when they were married, dating and with child. Probably because it wasn't that long ago; a whole two years ago to be precise.

Teacher Ammy Singleton and ex-husband

From what we can gather, it seems Ammy and her childhood sweetheart reconnected after graduating from university,; they became more serious around March of 2018. Wonderful.

Clearly staged, the passion in this photo can be denied. Not even a hint of genuine desire.

Teacher Ammy Singleton photo

Kissing her like he is pecking mommy on Sunday after church.

Where is the passion and that deep-dick desire?

Kissing mommy again on the cheek. You can tell Ammy is already dead inside and missing her party-gurl days at University. It's OK though, she apparently still has $80,000.00 in outstanding student loans. It will be a constant reminder of those glorious times at University of South Australia!

Seriously, if you are paying $80k for a degree, you better be getting your dick sucked everyday by a representative of that University. They should be rubbing your pussy to orgasm or jerking your dick until it cums in the lecture hall for paying that stupid amount of money.

Teacher Ammy Singleton with ex-husband

Finally, a photo in which Ammy is leaning in instead of her ex-husband.

Guys, if your girl ain't leaning in like how Sheryl Sandberg taught them, she doesn't want to suck your cock and take your cum into her body.

Whoopsie daisy! Looks like Ammy finally did allow him to deep dick her down, nuzzle his zipper snake against her cervix, and shoot a high pressured load.

Look at how happy women get, when they know that they won't have to work for the rest of their life. What was the point of going to school? Racking up stupid amounts of debt to then fall back (literally on the bed), get married/preggers and have no time to do both equally well? And you gals want Biden and other Wester governments to cancel student loan debt? Go fuck yourselves, instead.

Cancel student loans, not student loan debt.

Port Augusta teacher Ammy Singleton

You see, women look this happy when they believe all their problems will go away if they just get a guy to inseminate them. Ammy was probably under the impression that her student loans would be 'cancelled' by her husband by-way-of working his ass off while she sat at home and watched daytime TV with the little crumb-cruncher. Work part-time casual as a relief teacher to show him that she wasn't a total slack-off commie.

Port Augusta Teacher Ammy Singleton

It's only a high salary job when the alimony and child-support payments start rolling in.

At that point you are overpaying for a previously used vagina.

Otherwise, motherhood is a duty. Just like cleaning-up after yourself and keeping good personal hygiene. Your an adult, aren't you? If you have a child, it is your responsibility.

It is not a fucking job. A job is something you can quit or leave at anytime in order to find a new one, or to retire.

Somebody needs to have the babies and raise the kids. Contrary to popular belief today, men cannot give birth. I know, simply stunning.

This Facebook post obviously didn't age well, as we all know that was the first and last Mother's Day virtue-signal by the ex-husband.

Where did it all go wrong?

  • They were 'childhood sweethearts' as we have been told.

  • Literally Hitler, married for two years and then Splitsville after the kid was born.

  • Now Ammy is living at her parent's home; she goes out and parties with her friends at night and has her parents and grandparents take care of the kid.

Classic single-motherism.

Who is going to pay off those student loans now?

Maybe the 16-year old aspiring Chad in question, once he gets a job in the banking sector 15 years down the road, could? Bold plan if that is the case. Then Ammy and her real high school sweetheart( the victim) can reconnect (again) and do this dance all over.

Port Augusta Teacher Ammy Singleton

Still has the perky-tits, maybe there is some hope!

$80k in student loans could be easily paid off with the OnlyFans and a book deal.

Ammy Singleton Port Augusta teacher

That's the drunk face her 3-year old son sees when mommy comes home from clubbing after trying to find Chad.

Teacher Ammy Singleton in yoga pants

Mine as well end the parade of photos with one of Ammy in her yoga pants.


Gotta stay fit when you're on the rebound. I can't imagine why a teen boy was inclined to send a Snapchat. Sign me up for Aboriginal studies!

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May 20, 2022

She appears to be way out of ex-hubby's league. The blackpill exception of childhood sweetheart came into play. A little murky on the dates, did they get married after she got pregnant?

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