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Fairly Attractive Married Teacher, Kristen McAllister, Banged One Male Student; There May Be More

Original article at PEOPLE

  • English teacher, Kristen McAllister(32) at Tabb High School in Yorktown allegedly began an illicit relationship with a student in late 2021.

  • Charged with two felony counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

  • The incident involved a male student at the high school.

  • As of now, there is only one victim.

  • The sheriff's office is still investigating exactly where these activities happened.



Show-and-tell sure has changed since I was in school.

At age 32, Kristen McAllister (maiden name, Motley) can safely say that she has spent most of her life in and around the halls of Tabb High School.

By meticulously crawling through her social media (which has been graciously left open, just like her legs) we were able to confirm that not only had Kristen taught there, but it was also the same school that she attended back when she was younger, tighter and hotter than she is today.

However, for 32-years of age, Kristen ain't bad.

15 year old me would've wrecked that, for sure.

When digging further into the family tree (and for more exclusive pictures), we found Kristen's mother's social media page (Jeanne Motley). Turns out, Kristen's mom worked at Tabb High School and is also posted at the York Country School Division.


This story is so juicy, it is just like Kristen's muff: You can smell her getting off the elevator.

You not only have a female teacher going for Greatness, but you also have a side of nepotism, a fast track to success!

A family legacy about to be blown to bits (just like McAllister's cum canal after doing that teen) all because a woman's giner tingled too greatly for her to handle.

Kristen McAllister, a married mother of two.

With mortgage rates rising faster than a teen boy's Coke-can donger during a community dance at the local Kiwanis center, inflation running hotter than Kristen's cunt at the sight of said teen boy, I think it is safe to say that this wasn't the perfect time for Kristen to lose her job, possibly her husband and go for that coveted Greatness: Title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

We here on The Red Island applaud this type of boldness, and it will not be overlooked when it comes to grading time.

Kristen McAllister via her Facebook page, with posts of the ideal WifeLife, presumably had it all: A career, a workhorse...sorry I mean slave, my apologies I meant husband, two kids (2.0 replacement rate, good job), a crippling mortgage...sorry a bad I meant homeownership, and of course trips to Disney.

On the surface, on paper, things looked pretty good, no?

However, there was clearly one thing missing in Kristen's fairytale: Vigorous sex with Chad.

Or, an aspiring Chad.

What I mean is, Kristen was clearly missing a sex life.

From looking and scrolling through the endless stream of married photos on her Facebook with her and hubby, I believe it is fair to say that she didn't marry him to fulfill her life long goal of living inside an actual E.L James novel.

This is by no means to besmirch the husband, I am sure he is a great guy who obviously punched above his weight and got Kristen to open sesame for him. However, we are willing to bet here that, over the years Kristen has not been giving him the Rockstar sex that she probably gave to the teen Chad in question, or to her former boyfriends and lovers for that matter.

Also, it is noted that the police and authorities are still investigating; they are saying there could be more or many victims that have had the pleasure of learning the meaning of the word 'Vagina' during one of McAllister's English lessons.

When looking at the family photos, we can hazard a guess that her two kids are around the ages of 4 and 10. The takeaway is that Kristen married "young" (young for this generation) and had the first crumb-cruncher around the age of Twenty-Two.

Kristen fits the thesis of many before her: Married young, had kids, missed the party-years, resents settling, bloomed late physically, getting hit-on constantly by young horny boys (fondling memories of the past) whom send her lizard brain into hyper-sexual overdrive whilst approaching the biological window to which is closing.

One last chance at Chad. Once final superior spray against the cervix.

One giant mouth-widening, pussy contracting, back arching, finger licking, clit-quivering orgasm to end it all. La petite mort.

Yes, Kristen had succumbed to the 'little death' that many female sex scandal teachers have gone through. Without it, they wouldn't be where they are the halls of Greatness. Memorialized on this website; in prison...some of them.

Indeed, it was the brief loss and weakening of consciousness that had to happen for Kristen to perform what the kids are calling today: 'Indecent liberties' on a male student.

A fancy legal term for saying that Kristen helped unzip the boy's jeans, gripped his woman beater and put her warm seasoned mouth overtop the head, sucked it before jamming it into her pencil sharpener to where it blasted white hot ropes of pure passion play into any orifice of his choosing. Remember, Chad always gets to brake the rules and choose where and how to use his cum crayon with his hot female teacher; hubby does not.

The Report Card


Kristen McAllister married young, and over the years development a relentless quest that she probably felt deep within her beaver.

An example as to why men today should not get married. Kristen's ample bosom and decent looks were successful in trapping a man into marrying her, spitting out two kids in the process. He[the husband] being a beast of burden now has to foot the bill and deal with his wife's illegal discretions.

Now, if you are the teen boy (victim) in all of this, the only thing that Kristen's tits are going to trap is: Your warm, spray.

The public will cry out things like, "How could this have happened?" or " This is truly unimaginable!"

It is not hard to believe that this could happen. I mean, if you are a teen boy and your hand is anything like Kristen's vagina...there is a 99.9% chance that it is going to work.

Really, you can't imagine this happening?

Almost every boy in high school has imagined this scenario with their fairly attractive female teacher. On the part of Kristen, it is clear that she also imagined it and was premeditative.

Contrary to what women want you to believe, sex doesn't "just happen" to them.

The details of such events are preliminary and I am sure more will come out when Kristen has her court hearing in July. All we know is that as of right now, McAllister had a sexual relationship with one boy and it started late in 2021. However, there could be more.

Who knows how long this has been going on? In the lyrics of the great 80's super band Asia, Only Time Will Tell.

Once again, in the end, someone always blows the whistle( pun, absolutely intended). Someone (probably another female teacher) tipped off the school board and authorities to the matter.

Remember, most teachers are women, and women hate each other. School is a gladiatorial ring notorious for backstabbing. Kristen should've known that. She has lived her whole life in that school, however, women lack self-awareness.

She had tunnel vision: Getting her orgasms and fuckfest with young Chad.



What a terrible life Kristen must've had. Her mom probably fast-tracked her career and landed her a teaching position, she[Kristen] married at the appropriate age in where her youth, beauty and fertility could be maximized, she has two healthy kids that weren't subjected to the high probability of autism and the sperggies if she would've gotten preggers beyond 30. Her husband probably loves her more than she ever 'loved him'.

Then at age 32, she throws it all away just like that Phil Collins song.

This is the type of dedication, passion-play and sacrifice that will be rewarded and reflected in Kristen's grade.

Effective, fucking immediately.


To be a horrible woman, a person, a human, wife and mother, you do all of the above.

To be considered for the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher, you do the above.

Kristen McAllister has demonstrated what it takes to go for Greatness and to be nominated as such. Sacrificing everything for the cause. Going above and beyond for her male student(s) is what will make you stand out from the rest.

Kristen, sugar tits, don't fret...because your actions will be carefully considered going forward and will be generously, yes handsomely reflected through the grade. This type of loyalty to the title and total disregard for morality is what will get you a chance to be on stage, to present to us. Hopefully with many outfits and full body shots for us to make an appropriate assessment of whether or not we think you are guilty...or deserve more 'community service'.

Gentlemen, with that said, it looks like Kristen is willing to play the game to its fullest:

She graciously left her social media open, she did with her legs for that minor.

Kristen has submitted to us, like a good woman should.

She has opened herself wide and willingly for us to scrutinize.

She is like a bitch in heat and is presenting.

She is about to take the stage, please sit down and be quiet, let's see her truth.



At the Wall-hitting age of 32, Kristen will be presenting to us. When grading a female sex scandal teacher in this category one must not only look at age, but also the very important factor of "How she looks for her age."

Kristen, for 32 years of age, looks not fucking bad at all.

Also, the fact that Kristen left her Facebook wide open, lets us know that she is serious about her new role and title. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and again, this has been carefully considered when tallying up the final grade. Submitting and passive-submission to the cause goes a long way on the road to glory and Greatness.

Female teacher Kristen McAllister

If I were the hubby, I'd go after Kristen's sister...she ain't bad either.

By the looks of things, she might discreetly even have her hand on his ass here.

Go for it, bud!

Teacher Kristen McAllister

Kristen, it is a bold power-play to present us with photos of you beside your cute and equally hot sister. One could even say she has some points on you. A sisterly rivalry at this time is il-advised with regards to your grade. However, we respect the competition and boldness of such a strategy.

Kristen, if you keep putting your cute sister near you it is going to likely distract us or distort your grade unfairly. Don't make this any more difficult than it already is.

Female teacher Kristen McAllister

When looking into the reflection of Kristen and hubby's sunglasses, we hope the vehicle was stopped while taking this selfie. But then again, 'Reckless' seems to be Kristen's middle name.

Ah yes, the 'happy couple' posts. Gotta love'em.

Small tattoo on the backhand and those wrist rings that you can hear jingle-jangle when your eyes are closed and she's giving you a handjob. Hear the rhythm, on your birthday which is once a year.

When your wife says or posts something like this, it's not good bro.

Really liking 'wedding guest' Kristen right now. Skin as smooth as a baby seal, tight body for 32. Nice.

Oh man, this didn't age well. Unlike Kristen, she is aging quite nicely so far.

Teacher Kristen McAllister

The dress could be higher and the top could be lower, however, she went with class. That's OK. Not great though.

Teacher Kristen McAllister

Look at it this way. Since Kristen will be out of a job with the school...I am sure if she goes back to Disney they will hire her on the spot!

Teacher Kristen McAllister tits

Here we have a beautiful picture of Kristen and her tits.

Oh right...also, beautiful family.

But seriously, great fucking tits.

Kristen McAllister Tabb teacher

Remember guys, she doesn't love you. It's just your turn.


Notes: After reviewing the presentation/looks of Kristen McAllister we took into consideration the various factors: Enthusiasm, submission (openness), age, outfits, teeth, hair, body (great tits).

Kristen did show a lack of diversity, only adhering to her wheelhouse and role as wife/mother. There were no bikini pictures or parties in Cabo given Kristen's demographic as to be expected. In addition, even though attractive for her age, being a FTSS at the age of 32 is a tough sell when competing against the young ones that come fresh off the cock-carousel of college.

With that being said, we took into account Kristen's dedication and loyalty to her new title in regards to leaving her Facebook page open for judgment and allowing herself to be on stage. Stunning and brave. The sacrifices she made to get to where she is now, leaving her career, her husband and two kids behind to pursue Greatness as our latest FTSS.

Kristen by our standards has met the requirements to be an official Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Satisfactory on all accounts.

It is our assertion that Kristen McAllister, at the age of 32, has pulled this off, hence the reason for her surprising A- grade in this category. If Kristen didn't have great tits, a nice body and hadn't cooperated via an open policy in regards to her Facebook, she would've been looking at B- in her presentation. Congrats, Kristen. You deserved it.

You're welcome. We will see you soon come court time and there may even be a chance for a re-grade if more details (terrified hormonal boys) come to light.

Overall Grade




Literally wtf is wrong with you…

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