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Hot Relief Teacher, Ammy Singleton, Worked At Multiple Port Augusta Schools Before Grooming A Minor

Ammy Singleton, Female Sex Scandal Teacher

Original Story at DailyMail

  • Ammy-Clara Singleton taught at six schools before her arrest in December.

  • The 28-year-old has one child and was charged with child grooming offences.

  • Her loving husband wished her happy Mother's Day for the first time in 2019.


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The Report Card


Ammy Singleton took the title of 'relief' teacher to heart; showed us all what it truly means to have that type of responsibility. She was trying to live up to all the praise, of being an 'inspiration to younger generations of women' as one former coach had told reporters.

A sporting icon as some have said. Given her looks and fame, Ammy set out for greatness in the land of female sex scandal teachers. She wanted to help this young boy get the relief he so needed from her. Ammy must be as confused as she was on the day she signed that contract with the schoolboard, let alone her marriage license with her husband.

Sadly, Ammy was not on her game. She groomed but it seems nobody coomed.

We will find out more details come July when our girl her appears again at the courtroom.

Apparently there is still loads of electronic evidence to analyze according to authorities.

We have to punish the grade immediately, though, as greatness had not be achieved and Ammy's title of 'relief' teacher is slowly losing credibility.

The passion can be denied on this one.

Yes, we are all sad here.

Think of the victim though, and how he must be feeling knowing he didn't get the public service as advertised.



A husband/childhood sweetheart, a son of three years, a lauded athlete with years of praise behind her; a 'career' as a part-time, casual teacher. Ammy had it all and she blew it like a dick.

An inspiration to the younger generation of thots out there. Showing them that you too can have it all and lose it just as fast via the giner tingles. Why would anyone hire or allow women to sign contracts when someone like Ammy is willing to gamble everything for one moment with a teen boy in the school's broom closet?

Such short-sighted, clit-thinking creatures.

If this is what passes as logic for females, why would anyone want the future to be female?

Women put more effort into sport-fucking than their marriages and careers.

Trying to juggle a marriage, a career, the fame going to Ammy's head and not to mention trying to score teen dick on the side. It's no wonder why women today are always yapping about how 'busy' they are. Busy doing a whole lot of nothing. Just trying to cum and find more of Chad's seed running down their thighs.

This is the definition of feminism. It's never enough. There is never enough cum or enough praise from the community.

Ammy gets an extra point for the possibility that she was trying to cuck her husband (again?).

Might want to get a paternity test, just say'n.



First off, we should all take a moment of silence for the victim.

Talk about letting down your students, Ammy.

We finally have a half decent looking Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

It's no wonder the boy is traumatized by what could've been.

Don't worry, I am sure he is safe and sound with his parents; his dad a bit disappointed for sure regarding the outcome and scenario. Ammy being such a disgrace...and getting this boy's hopes and dreams crushed like Ammy's career and marriage. This kid is going to be thinking about his hot teacher forever now.

Ammy is presenting to us in many acceptable forms. Just try to ignore the pregnancy photos and the baby weight gain. It's not what we are here for, but it is a factor. We have loads and loads of pictures, some of which had to be backdoored by yours truly using his fine detective skills. And no, I didn't have to do anal with any of Ammy's friends/associates in order to get them. I am not a woman.

We have everything from: Lauded athlete, Ammy. Supposed happy mother, wife/preggers, Ammy. Dinner date, Ammy. Beach-ready, Ammy. Night on the town, Ammy. Formal party-girl, Ammy. It is a grand parade of pics to enjoy, to access, and to of course make the all important grade on.

It's what every female sex scandal teacher dreams of and also fears. It's all up to them. Did they leave their social media open, or did I have to crawl through broken glass to get everything? How badly do you want the A for getting that 'D'?

Relief Teacher, Ammy Singleton

"Someday, she's going to be someone's mother..."

Everyone's mom, at some point in their life, was a hoe.

Ammy hits one out of the park here.

This pic just screams "cum all over my face, daddy."

Imagine this being your Aboriginal studies teacher.

Suddenly, you'd take a very keen interest in the subject matter.

"Hey how are ya."

"Fine how are ya."

Sex Scandal Teacher, Ammy Singleton

Ready to settle down and be a good girl.

Ammy goes from wearing a choker and laced heels to a more foodie call type of performance. Stunning, brave....beautiful.

Port Augusta Teacher, Ammy Singleton

Ready to close that business deal by "any means" necessary.

Here we have Ammy in what we'd like to call 'slutty secretary' whom fetches more than just coffee. Business casual, Singleton sports her cleavage like a pro in order to entice and attract thy would-be suitor and or possible quick-fuck Chad.

A powerful girlboss motif that says: Hey, I love paying taxes and submitting to not only the government and my husband, but also to another man(CEO). Sucking the day's dick has never looked so good on a woman.

Ammy Singleton, 28, Port Augusta Teacher

The Clocking Out: Happy (endings) hour

When the working day is over, every girlboss needs a drink. It's wine-O'clock or rather for Ammy, it can be a nice stiff mimosa or teen dick to make the pain of working for money go away. Could've just been a stay-at-home mom and served the husband, however, this look is what you need when the day's dick has been fully sucked and a girl just needs to take the edge off.

This full length, double strapped sundress will wow even the modest of evangelists in your small town. Light and breathable, this playful little number is easy to get into and also to get out of when the mood should strike. Grooming a 16-year old boy into having a quickie in the caravan during holiday? No problem. Even with his lack of experience the loose fitting straps should fall down the shoulders with ease, requiring minimal effort for both parties. From there, like with age, just let gravity do its magic and he should be able to get to the 'Land Down Under'.

Ammy Singleton's Pinterest Profile

The trashcan.

Here we have Ammy giving us the look that says, "Hey fellas, these tits aren't going to cum all over themselves." Also, look at my can(s).

Ammy Singleton, Married

Whose kid is it?

There is nothing like staring into your lover's eyes and questioning the paternity of the child. We have seen the transformation of Ammy from her choker and lace days, to that of sacrificial mother. Amazing how people change so fast!

Childhood sweethearts, he must've seen all those pictures she had been posting of herself in business casual (slutty secretary). "She finally saw the light and came around in her late twenties for me, I am so lucky."

Ammy Singleton, 28 with child

A baby, nature's welfare check.

Ammy here is sporting a clubbing dress fit for a modern, empowered, pregnant career girl. Who says you still can't show off your ass and entice more semen to enter your body post initial impregnation? For the modern female, less is not more. You always need more and it's always never enough.

Teacher Ammy Singleton with her son

She's good at giving minors lap dances.

If there were more women that looked like Ammy, maybe Santa would cum more than once a year.

Australian teacher, Ammy Singleton

Clear skin, clean teeth...but how is her conscience?

Ammy Singleton, Aussie teacher

Imagine the picture taken when they revealed she tried to diddle a teen.

Ammy Singleton Netball athlete

Women should wear make-up when playing sport. It's about commitment.

Ammy Singleton, 28 year old teacher

We had to backdoor her friend...

Found this picture on the of Ammy and her friend. Naturally as any good detective would, I followed the lead. Given the body language it suggested that Ammy and this chick were either really good friends or, close acquaintances through sport. There was bound to be some pictures.

Pucker-up, you just got backdoored.

The one 'like' on the picture is from a deleted account, most likely Ammy's.

"Beautiful work"...why thankyou.

Hardly winning if you only have 3 fuckable chicks on the team.

For this picture we also had to backdoor. In the original article from DailyMail, a few names were mentioned. Women that were associated with Singleton through the sport of netball. One of those names, one Ellie Packard.

We looked up Ammy's Pinterest profile and sorted through her followers. Eventually the name Ellie Packard rung a bell and immediately we plugged it into Facebook. Apparently she now goes by the alias of Elle Georgia.

Detective skills still sharp as fuck.


Overall Grade



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