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LA Female Water Polo Coach, Amanda Quinonez, Got Wet From Having 'Lewd Acts' With Male Student

Hot female teacher, Amanda Quinonez

Original Story at DailyMail

  • Amanda Quinonez, 30, served as an English-language arts teacher, as well as the swimming and water polo coach at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

  • Riverside County investigators responded to the school regarding allegations

  • Quinonez has 'committed lewd acts' with the minor student.

  • The investigation discovered that Quinonez behaved that way with one male student and sent 'explicit' photos of a 'sexual nature' with that student.

  • Quinonez was jailed at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California on Tuesday.

  • This is the second time in recent years the Southern California school has been faced with sexual misconduct from a coach and teacher.



Well, look on the bright side, at least she wasn't grooming students into being fags or transgender.

Of course, this took place in the great female sex scandal teacher state of California.

Are we surprised?

Most of you that follow this blog on a regular basis probably got PTSD (Post Traumatic Stroke Disorder) when you saw that the headline read, 'Female Water polo coach' and immediately began having fondling memories of Fiona Viotti.

Sorry to have gotten your hopes up but no, Fiona unfortunately has been out of the media spotlight and has ceased fucking the boys water polo team down in South Africa since late 2019. She is a good girl now. Viotti is probably the most famous and albeit, probably the hottest FTSS we've ever covered.

We have her[Fiona's] nudies under lock and key, because I am just that good of a detective and better than 99.9 % of so called "journalists" today. I actually take the time to dig (it's really not that difficult if you know what to look for).

Sadly, Amanda doesn't come close to that sort of Greatness that we so much look for. She tried to take a page out of the Viotti playbook, couldn't even get a full bang in. Some just don't have what it takes.

Speaking of greatness, one of the things that makes this blog among the top for Female Teacher Sex Scandals is the fact that we take the time to do what most so called journalists are suppose to do: Research/follow trails of clues.

99% of all the other websites that have covered this story will not have the pictures or even the video we found from Amanda's Youtube channel.

Honestly, it's really not that difficult guys. It's called passion and dedication to the cause. It's called not being a lazy, fucking cocksucker of a libtard who got her degree in "journalism" and "international studies" via partying 6 days out of the week and getting a sperm cocktail funneled down her vaginal canal by the varsity team.

Did they not teach you fuckwits how to run names through all the parameters, connect known associates via social media in order to find the juicy pics and goodies if said target[Amanda] has shutdown her own? When the words 'backdoor' come to mind, do you just think about anal and how Chad punished your pink balloon knot during frosh week?

You see, we here on The Red Island know how to 'backdoor' through a known acquaintances' social media in order to find pictures of a FTSS. You don't have to graduate from a school of journalism or from the police academy/take a detectives course in order to figure this shit out. I am a man, with a Manbrain that knows how to put Manpoints on the board. Shocking that a woman doesn't write this blog, right?

Work, research, passion, greatness, brains, toil and sweat are not words that come to mind when you think of a woman. Horny, stupidity, impulsive, clueless, irresponsible, lazy, unaccountable, selfish, and entitled do come to mind.

To the schoolboard member, trustee or principal that put Amanda into a circle jerk, bukkake promo and entrusted her with coaching the boy's water polo team obviously hadn't a clue about human nature, female nature to be more specific. Whoever this person is, you essentially threw blood and chum all over Amanda, tossed her overboard into shark infested waters in the Caribbean and thought to yourself that she'd survive via her hormones. To add, on the other hand, you presented Amanda with every woman's sexual fantasy: To be surrounded by an unlimited supply of Chad's seed, every swim day of the fucking year.

To be more clear, at the very least, if you put a male and a female in a room together, lock the door and keep them inside for months on end...eventually they are going to bang. Especially if both parties are reasonably attractive. This doesn't get Amanda off the hook, however, you're an idiot if you didn't see this coming. There should be hiring practices in place that go as follows: Instead of 'diversity' hiring, all schools should just employee smart, but terribly unattractive teachers.

Or, how about this novel and radical idea: How about you put male coaches with the boys and female coaches with the girls. Make sure to vet and screen for the lesbians and the homos, first. If the would-be teacher's social media is full of fag flags and pride walks, then get the lesbians to coach the boys and the homo dandies to teach the girls if you really have the woke urge to fill a hiring quota.

Attractive women should not be teaching teen boys. Attractive women should not even be in the workforce, period. Full stop. They should at the very least be on the pole in a night club or at home making a meal after getting cum shot up their pussy, making da babies.

An attractive woman should never be your assistant or secretary, unless you hate your job, hate your marriage, and are looking to get fired, divorced, or are seeking possible jail time. Attractive women are a clear distraction in any industry and are rife with liability. Read CorporateLand if you are fucking clueless.

You want a hot take?: A woman's only job from the ages of 18-40 should be to go to the gym and look good.

It's funny because an obvious statement like that made 20-30 years ago would have been status-quo. Interestingly enough, back when society had that mentality, gee-whiz, everything was better and prosperous for all! Today, more women than ever are on head-meds and men's happiness has been relatively unchanged..

If you want to make a woman unhappy, allow her to be a feminist; empower her.

Hot women inspire men to do things, to produce. The main reason why society today is in decline is because there are so many colored haired landwhales roaming this earth whom can't figure out whether or not their gay or straight. There is no incentive for greatness. Men create that greatness by way of trying to secure sex and access to the hottest of females.

If the soil ain't fertile, why do any plowing and sowing?

The only good thing to come out of Amanda's coaching was the fact that she did win at least one championship with da boys. Since then, morale must be down or the new male coach must not be as 'inspiring'.

You see, the team wanted to perform for their little Pocahontas.

They wanted to produce for her, in probably more ways than one. Obviously, this is a good thing as long as the female in question isn't your coach. The sexual tension can only go so far in the realm of making things better and not in the end vastly complicated, resulting in negative tension and turmoil among the ranks. Her feminine energy only works to inspire the team up until favorites are chosen.

Then it is a breeding ground for resentment and individualist rivalries which is not good for the tribe that Pocahontas was leading down there in California. Now, ff Amanda was the team's sex mascot and they all got to take turns with her for morale boosters, then this could've worked out. However, having women in 'leadership' positions always turns out badly, for everyone. Women are the support, always have and always should be in society. Let the boys hunt while the women sit on their ass, gossip and pick berries.

It's what has worked for eons and it is why humans have survived for so long. Today we are seeing exactly what happens when we go against the natural order: Total societally decline and eventual collapse.

Even though we would rate Amanda as a 6.7 on the Hot Babe Scale out of 10, could you imagine if she was just 1 point higher? This could've resulted in much more than just a story involving her sending nudies and not getting the close on one of these boys. Now, Fiona Viotti on the other hand was many points higher than Amanda, hence why she had most of the water polo team run train on her.

There was little to no resistance against the whitecap of cum.

Amanda, meanwhile, seemed to have hit a wall with her target(s) and it stopped at nudies.

Is it because Amanda is a spicy little Latina and most of the boys prefer the white meat at Thanksgiving? It's possible.

Could it be that these Chads invoke the Law of Di Caprio and will only bang women no older than 25? Or, was it the fact that the school suspected something was going on and Amanda had been quietly removed from her coaching position on the boys water polo team in 2018.

It's unclear how long Quinonez had been coach or whether the student involved was on the team.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School has both a boys' and girls' water polo team. The school's athletic website does not list her as a coach of either water polo team nor the swim teams, though a 2018 school newspaper feature lists her as the JV/freshman boys' coach.

That's where the rabbit hole started. During my investigation, I found it difficult to locate some goodies for you guys; Amanda had terminated her FeministBook page and all but one of her twitter accounts.

One picture (the one in the thumbnail) however was all I needed. It doesn't matter if you are an actual detective of homicide or just a famous Female Sex Scandal teacher blogger, there are rules and formulas to solving a case. In this case, we needed to find more pictures, preferably ones with Amanda in a bikini... or heck, even a one-piece for fuck sake!

Rule #1: Whenever the trail runs cold, go back to the beginning; the first clue or piece of evidence will lead you to glory.

Evidence is indeed like a spider's web. Everything branches out from one thing to another. However, they all stem from one major piece of the puzzle. One node.

I looked at the picture of Amanda in her cute black jeans holding that poster that said on it.

The magic happened. From there I typed in ERHS water polo into google and also sifted through countless posts on the Instagram. Found out Amanda used another Twitter account to comment on all ERHS events...however, she deleted it. No problem, the internet never forgets. Copy and pasted her handle into google and clicked on 'Images'. Turned up all the photos associated with that account.

You see, it was so hard to do all of this that even the DailyMail and others couldn't figure that shit out.

The Report Card


After gathering all the evidence and going as far back as I could, it can be concluded on the basis of assumption that Amanda finished her post-secondary education in the second quarter of 2014. Based on her one of two accounts on Twitter.

Then, there is this gem that is very telling.

Amanda Quinonez twitter post

Naturally, straight after her exam and subsequent graduation, Amanda went to Cabo with da girlz.

It is unclear at this point whether or not Amanda has/had a boyfriend. There are a couple photos of her with one dude. She stopped posting in 2016 on this page. Her personal, marital (if) and family life is particularly mysterious at this point. I suspect, given her twitter posts that in and around 2013 she had been dumped. However, it is unclear about if she had gotten with another dude or had been with someone during her stint as teacher and water polo coach.

From there, by searching with her new Twitter handle @MissQ203 it is suspected that she most likely began teaching/coaching at the school in question around 2016. Amanda showed sexual restraint through at least 2 years, perhaps more until she was suspected and caught, having sent nudies to a boy and committing the misdemeanor of 'molestation'. Which in layman's terms means she probably gave the young aspiring Chad a handie, jerked him off in the locker room or something after hours.

Amanda's court date is set for June 14th, 2022. So, hopefully we will hear more of "her truth" and that the prosecutor can put forth some better details because this fucker is as dry as a lesbian's pussy at Thunder Down Under in Vegas. Amanda was surrounded by a team of Chads for a few years and couldn't even get one to bang her. Something isn't right here. There's got to be more!

Her grade depends on it!



It's one thing to fail as a female sex scandal teacher with regards to going for that juicy, warm and wet thing we here call, Greatness. It happens. But, to fail and then go and switch sides by coaching the girls swim team? Amanda, where is the heart, the passion for the boys whom are being left behind in this culture?

The passion here can be denied. Did she want it enough? Debatable at this point. We don't really know who you are, Amanda? Who is the man in some of your pictures? Are you married, is he your boyfriend?

Whose side are you on here?



Imagine having Pocahontas as your water polo coach.

Dare to dream. These water polo Chads could've thrown her around the room and took turns like an ex-husband getting the kids every other weekend. Either a lot more went on that hasn't come to light, or, both parties somehow remained relatively professional up until the big nudie drop. Amanda obviously couldn't resist and it was only a matter of time before her vagina started calling the shots; blew the whistle on herself.

In the past, Amanda would eagerly show up to her college class because of her hawt professor.

We can assume the same passion took place in regards to showing up to swim practice with her boys water polo team. In control and in command of so much seed and Chadbods, it's a woman's wet dream.

Doing double breasted strokes with them all afternoon. Splashing around, laughing it up just like in Cabo :)

It is a huge shock and disappointment to everyone reading that yes, Amanda, who is (was) a water polo coach doesn't have a single fucking photo of herself, in a goddamn bikini. For this, we have to punish effective immediately via the grade. It is just wildly unacceptable given the scenario and narrative that Amanda has put forth in her presentation to us. It is incongruent at best.

Clearly, women cannot think ahead. Amanda has presented to us as a fairly attractive female water polo coach/high school teacher and cannot produce even one day at the beach, one swim practice in where she breaks protocol and dons a bikini instead of track pants. Unacceptable and frankly, fucking pathetic if you ask me.

Amanda, you knew this day was coming when you were to be graded on your sex scandal! We were here waiting and it was to be unanimously assumed that at some point in your life you had posted a bikini pic on the interwebs.

Is this a fucking joke to you!? Because it is not.

Anyways, unlike New York Post or DailyMail, we managed to find Amanda's youtube channel.

Here, we can see Amanda lying to her students.

The actual way to get your grades raised with Amanda is to just have sex with her.

There, fixed it for ya. Why make it so complicated?

It is rare that we get to preform a vocal analysis on our female sex scandal teachers.

Thankfully, Amanda has not one... but wow, two fucking videos on her channel!

You see, women are so dedicated, consistent and never give up on anything including the men in their lives!

Gonna be honest, she has a pretty damn sexy voice minus sounding sick with the sniffles in this one.

I could listen to her read me the goddamn phone book for all I care.

Great voice, Amanda. You know, if this whole teaching thing doesn't work out, you should apply for a job at QuestChat and talk to lonely singles at 3 A.M.

Female teacher, Amanda quinonez

I think the boyfriend/former is a fan of this blog given his attire.

Female teacher, Amanda Quinonez

Nothing on the ring finger. Not a fan of that tooth-to-gum ratio.

Hot teacher, Amanda Quinonez

More like Cream'd nights in Cabo.

Amanda Quinonez, Youtube

To raise your grade quickly with Amanda you must first get your penis

to do the same. Hopefully you can pass her 'unit exam' first.

Then, have sex with her.

Women...always making life complicated with Zoom and slides.

Amanda Quinonez, The Roosevelt Review

It's time to play whom is the Chad-ist in the room. Dude in the green backpack on her left (our right). The thing about Latino women is that every guy is going to be taller than her, including teens. She had no hope. Hopefully the school's janitor had a wet floor sign on standby.

Amanda Quinonez, female teacher sex scandal

Yup, typical Californian Libtard selfie. That Asian chick still thinks she is in the bathroom stall at the club from last night. Must be a residual reflex.

Female water polo coach, Amanda Quinonez

Why didn't she just stand off to the side like the other coach?

It's all in the details, guys.

Amanda Quinonez, boys water polo coach

Could've took a knee front and center...chose to be engulfed and surrounded by testosterone. Good thing the concrete was already soaked that day...


Some words stand the test of time..


It was 'fun to watch' for Amanda, obviously.

Quinonez may have not understood the intricacies and nuances of such a complex sport, however, she is no stranger (like most women) to what it means when your giner is tingling.

Positioning is everything in sport...

This is what they did to Amanda when they found out about the nudies and the possible hand-jibbers she gave to that boy...

Notice where Amanda has positioned herself in this photo while co-coaching the GIRLS team. Not in the middle, nor surrounded.. but instead beside another coach and in the back.

Amanda Quinonez, female water polo coach

That's great. Show us the nudies now.


Overall Grade



Book, Pretty Lies Perish by Frank Cervi


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