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Sheryl Sandberg Reveals Her 'Deep Seeded Misogyny' By Admitting The Truth

In a stunningly brave turning of events, Sheryl Sandberg, who has been a long time crusader for Bossbabes everywhere, has revealed her clear 'misogynistic' bias toward women by revealing what everyone already knew: Women (majority) just can't hack it like men!

In the article found here, Sandberg who had previously told women to chase their careers and badboys until they were thirty to then switch gears into finding a husband, has come to terms with reality.

We thought women could "do it all". Sheryl, you are making society and our culture look like it is full of morons. How dare you! So "insensitive" of you.

Instead of allowing women to take responsibility for their choices and actions, Sandberg pleads (nags) to business owners (majority, wealthy men) that it is their fault and are to be blamed for the stark biological realities between men and women.

This defeat for the Sisterhood Über Alles comes at a shocking juncture in our culture, where day-after-day we've been told that women were "strong and powerful" and that they "need no man like a fish needs a bicycle".

Where did it all go wrong?

These strong and independent women now need help? Help implies assistance, which infers some sort of weakness or vulnerability. This just cannot be true. Again, the media, movie industry, education machine, academia, professors, politicians and even feminist (I know, feminists!) have all told us the exact opposite: That women are Strong & Independent

Assistance (help) is an interesting word.

'Social assistance'; welfare.

But, this can't be! We have been told for over 40-years that women could do anything and be just like men. Sandberg has now admitted that women now need the help; assistance that had been held in silent desperation for all this time.

To Sandberg, we say, "This is an outrage!" How could she be this "hateful" of women and telling everybody that they[women] need help!

The proper thing to do would be to not help them, and let the chips fall where they may. After all, women are strong and powerful and can take care of themselves, riiiight?!

If you help them, that is just "patronizing", Sheryl! These are strong, brave, intelligent and independent women who would rather suffer some more than to admit petty defeat!

Why would you infer them to only focus on one thing?: Being a mom or being a Bossbabe instead of doing both equally shitty? If women want to be miserable and not adhere to reality then let them, Sheryl!

How dare you!

We all thought Sheryl was part of the Sisterhood, but clearly she has back-stabbed them; turned her back on the cult by admitting that women are not equal to men.

Doesn't Sheryl understand that telling the truth is just "sexist", "racist", "bigoted", ist, ist ,ist, ist, ist, ist.....did I mention "sexist"?

Someone fire her! Call the police! Help!!

Doesn't Sheryl know that reality is oppressive and that biology is the fucking patriarchy!?

Like, helloooo, Sheryl.

Wake-up, sweetie!

Everyone knows that the truth is just a "social construct", riiiiight?

Sheryl Sandberg must be stopped. We need to cancel culture her; shut down all her social media, her website, call her HR department and file a 'complaint' against her freedom of speech and opinions!

This is madness!

Oh, the humanity!

Witch! Witch!


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