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Fairly Attractive Female Teacher & Coach, Ashley Rison, Had Eight Sex Sessions With Male Student

Female Teacher Ashley Rison

Original Article At FoxNews

Teacher Ashley Rison Mugshot

Former Teacher's aid, Softball & Basketball Coach Begged Teen Not To Tell...

  • Ashley Ra-Nae Rison pleaded guilty to sexual battery and gross sexual imposition

  • Could face up to five years in jail and is currently waiting for the final trial

  • Worked at New Miami school as softball and basketball coach from August 2015

  • She allegedly had sex with student eight times in back seat of a car in April 2021


What a horrific experience that must've been for a 17-year old.

Eight sexual encounters in the span of one month? That is seven more times than the average American husband...

Initially, this Female Sex Techer Scandal was a bit confusing and the media I believe have played bit of phone tag with it. A lot of confusion in the beginning as the initial reports did not indicate the gender of the victim and referred to the teen as "a child" or " a player" on one of the high school's teams.

In no fault of the general public, most assumed Ashley to be a full-blown dyke (a real rug muncher) since it is factually stated that she coached not only the girls softball team, but also the girls basketball team. Considering that most girls softball teams are a community gathering of closet lesbians, we can see how this angle could've been drawn.

However, more reports are coming in indicating that it is indeed a male. Again, this is why it is important to understand that there are only two fucking genders and to knock it off with all this They/Them, "teen", "Student" and other vague descriptions.

I was initially going to write this, and do a whole lesbian schtick/angle on this story (which was going to be hilarious as per my draft) but now I have to go with my gut instinct and say that Ashley had dick fever and possible baby rabies (she is 31), tried to get as much young semen pumped into her vaginal canal as possible all in the span of one month.

The article says the teen is a "he". But honestly, who really knows these days? All of these kids have been indoctrinated to believe their classmates are all masculine presenting transgendered lesbians at this point.

How fricking lonely and horny are these whores, where they are too lazy to get dicked down at a local bar or dating app and instead settle for easy access teenagers they see every day?

My god, if your wife or gf teaches Pre-k be thankful you mainly have to worry about her fricking the dads.

Now, if you are not familiar with Ohio and in particular this region of the state, this area in where Ashley went on a sex bender with the teen is home to a lot of Evangelical types. Ashley wears the cross around her neck in many of the photos you will see below, and also has earnings in the same fashion.

During my investigation/research, I concluded that her family is also of a religious background as I had to once again backdoor a family member's Facebook page in order to get you guys some juicy pics.

Really sick and fucking tired of you chicks not wanting to go for Greatness. It is a disease in Americana now. Leave your goddamn social media open! You had it wide opened before (like your legs with that boy) so why did you close it? After all, you are on social media for validation, attention and trying to attract Chad's meaty cock toward your wizard why all of a sudden so bashful and ashamed?

Oh wait, is it because the Evangelical community over there in New Miami would frown upon hearing that you went full-blown retard horny on a teen boy and got your pussy pounded like it was a derby car at the mud track on a Saturday night?

The reason why Ashley tampered with the investigation and "begged the boy not to tell" is two fold: Anti-slut defense and maybe because what she did is a felony offence...sounds serious. You have to understand that all women want and will seek out, gorge themselves on cock like Ashley did. That's why women like to "travel" a lot because their sexual encounters/indiscretions with multiple strange men can happen without anyone back home knowing.

No need to monitor themselves or be paranoid that someone they know saw them or caught wind of their sexual trysts. Add to this that Ashley is religiously based in an Evangelical community (I know hard to believe considering her picture), and you get a chick who is paranoid about everyone finding out that her pussy couldn't be controlled and she went backseat riding until she got it out of her system. Which was apparently eight times, then she quit her job.

Free to bang at will and get that pussy blown out. Ashley begged the boy not to tell because if first and foremost everyone would know how horny she was (nothing wrong with that) and the true sexual nature of women. Treason to the sisterhood for lifting the veil and exposing the secret to the public. Other women would shame her in her carelessness, but they would all deep down understand why she did what she did. All women have had those encounters and bang fests...just probably not with a 17-year old when they are almost a decade older.

Ashley should've travelled more, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

The Report Card


With no details or indication of how Ashley went from being a normal and respected teacher/coach to taking her wet panties off and stick shifting some teen boy's pecker into a neutral position before grinding his gears and chocking it, this saga is a mystery. One of the initial charges indicated that Ashley apparently plied the boy with booze; those charges have been dropped. Dropped, most likely because the fucked-up court system (gynocentric) is trying to go easy on her and give her a lighter sentence.

If it wasn't a female student but a male player, how did they meet? How did this all start? My guess is through social media because women today, in supposed "professional" roles can't help themselves to get off (pun intended) social media. I think at this point it is safe to assume it was a male teen. I mean, you don't go back to the well eight times just to scissor and get finger-fricked by a chick in the backseat of a car...

It's an addiction[social media] just like riding taboo dick.

Backseat car sex indicates that these encounters had to be quick and there was very little time or privacy for both. Weird.

We can understand Ashley not being invited over to the teen boy's parents house for dinner and a fuck. After all, he has to be in bed by 10 P.M. and no sleepovers on a weekday. Which begs the question, is Ashley married? Does she live with a boyfriend? Her parents? Or, is having sex in the backseat of a car the most comfortable thing in the world to her? Her favorite past-time perhaps.

I can see why the public is outraged at this conduct. Ashley didn't treat the boy like a lady, a real woman. Where is the expensive dinner...and why not get a comfortable bed to bang on? Unreal.

No class. Women, so selfish and never thinking about how others (including men) might feel. This to us indicates a lack of effort and poor planning. Typical of women: Laziness.

No wonder Ashley was just a teacher's aid; she only aided herself.

Her final trial is set for November 16, 2022 so we shall see what the result is. I am guessing she just gets her license revoked, has to register as a Sex Offender, and then a year from now some thirsty Beta her age knocks her up and she becomes a 'trad' wife. Basically "retires" from teaching and life.



Ashley, like many before her, for whatever bizarre reason choose to not go for Greatness when launching their career as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Closing off and making your social media pages 'private' is quite possibly the most damaging thing you can do for said career. It is unbecoming, quite frankly. It is something so egregious that we here cannot stand and will punish through the grade effective, fucking immediately!

Ashley Rison Instagram
Patiently waiting for Ashley to redeem herself and grade.

I had to go through her sister's (whom assists coaching on the same basketball team) Facebook in order to get the goodie pics. Ashley, this all takes time and effort. It is a huge piss off every time when I have to do this. I have to ask, do you even want this at all?!

Do you want to be the Greatest FTSS there ever was?

Or do you just want to be Mid? Judging by your grade so far, it looks like you are choosing violence today. Thankfully, your saving grace is that you forgot about your Twitter account that you haven't posted on for years. Managed to get some retros of you.

Secondly, we have to address Ashley 'tampering' with the investigation and trying to coerce the boy into not telling on her for sucking his donger and making his wildest dreams cum true with her vagina. I mean, if you have to beg the boy not to tell...was the sex even good?

This is something Ashley needs to ask herself in the mirror with a straight face.

Ladies, sometimes the problem or the common denominator in all your relationships is, yes, you.

He is 17-years old. How do you screw that up so bad? Literally any sex to a teen is going to be out of this world...even starfish sex. What happened those eight times? Did the engine not start for Ashley, was there no natural lubricant in the ignition coil?

Maybe she is a lesbian.



Judging by the picture in our thumbnail, Ashley is rocking the typical GenZ/Millennial pose that says, "No condom, no problem!" It also screams "butt stuff" too. Finally, it shows what Ashley would look like when she is "warming up" the mound if you are picking up what I am throwing down.

She's good-looking if she is a lesbian (still unsure a bit) and she is also attractive if you are putting yourself in the position of a hormonal 17-year old boy. Verdict: Not guilty.

Now, if you look closely at her mug shot you will notice something. Yes, she is a rough 31 without fake-up. But that's not the point. Look at her bottom lip.

Is that a Herp/HPV blister?

If so, that is a foul play on the field. For this, we are going to have to deduct a mark off her grade. The Herp is not funny. You need to clean yourself up and get that fever blister out of here. This is your grade we are talking about!

We have a ton of frontal pics (not full frontal). We need to see some booty to pass final judgement. So if anyone out there has some specials, please email them. Come forward, now is the time.

This is important as a female sex scandal teacher's grade (and honor) depends on it...

As per a teen boy's perspective, we believe Ashley would be a solid, Wood/Would. Would definitely round third and slide moistly into Home.

People go to war at 17, fuck this gay earth, Ashley should be given a medal (as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher). Ashley, though, is a horrible teacher and coach because of what she did. I know, life is funny that way. But we aren't here to grade her on that.

As a woman for her age, she is fast approaching: Slump-buster material.

And now, it is time for Ashley to come up to the front of the class, on stage and present to us.

Through this pictorial journey we will be able to witness Ashley's hotness level on a sliding scale, the transition from her prime fertile years to pre-Wall (it's almost over) phase. Enjoy.

Ashley Rison Female Teacher
Taken 2012

Here we have Ashley when she was in college, realizing that life is only going to get harder. Fucking around and finding out, epitomized.

Softball Coach Ashley Rison
Taken 2012

Here is Ashley at 21 years of age. She is in her prime fertile years and about to peak (Looks like she is about to drop an egg here). Hot damn...'squashgoals' indeed. Teen boy had her eight times at 31...not exactly winning, but for a 17 year old, it's a W.

Taken 2012

Here we get a height reference. Ashley is petite and you could definitely throw her around the bedroom in all sorts of positions. She opted for the backseat. How uninspiring.

Taken 2013

Cute face, symmetrical features and kinky curly hair. How was it so difficult to find Chad on a dating app or at the local tavern one begs?

Ashley Rison female teacher
Taken 2013

The caption above this photo on her twitter says, "Been in a good mood lately!"

Of course she was in a good mood. What white girl in North America in her prime fertile years isn't? The most privileged species in history.

Ashley Rison Softball Coach
Taken 2013

Now that's a face you just want to nut all over. By the way, great dental work.

Excellent tooth-to-gum ratio.

Ashley Rison Female Teacher
Taken 2014

Wow, suck me sideways! Amazing tits. Nice figure, little to no muffin top.

Ashley would've been 24 at the time, peaking in her fertility.

Where is the boyfriend and why aren't you pregnant? Oh right...gotta go get a career, binge drink with da girlz, and pay taxes. Sounds way better than staying at home and having to do 2 hours of house work to then watch HGTV all afternoon.

Feminism: Women "empowered" themselves (gave themselves authority) to do what? Become like men.

Sounds like being a man is better and men are better than women, no?

The problem is, women aren't men and they've become not only defective women, but defective men. Who then, by age 30, act out in hysterics and go and blow, suck and fuck a teen boy eight frigg'n times in one month; lose everything.

What a waste of two perfectly good tits and most likely a nice sliz at the time.

Guys, this is getting depressing. Especially for the 17-year old seeing what he missed out on too.

Shall we continue?

Of course.

Taken 2018

The outfit Ashley had chose for this occasion is for sure, unflattering. It also doesn't help that we fast-forwarded in time about 4 years closer to The Wall.

Our gurl here is about 27 years old and approaching the 'Epiphany Phase' (as cited from The Rational Male). She looked better with a bit more meat on her bones. Hopefully she didn't fall into the whole vegan fad that was popular around this time and only ate scones with no eggs or dairy added.

Ashley Rison
Taken 2018

Chipmunk or Scarlett Letter? You decide.

Ashley Rison female coach
Taken 2020

Still looked great in 2020, sensible coaching attire. No dyke outfit. Checks out.

Ashley Rison female coach
Taken 2020

Here is Ashley, presumably showing the girls how you spread for a 17-year old teen boy and brace for impact...

Learning the basics is important...

We also get a glimpse at Ashley's caboose. Hard to make a definitive call given those pants (would've loved to have seen yoga pants) but again, life is hard and we can't always have nice things. She looks to have a semi-solid ass though.

Ashley Rison teacher
Taken 2020

Would bang. Very nice.

Ashley Rison
Taken 2021

This was taken two months before Ashley began her April stint of eight bang sessions with the teen boy. Spring is the time of year for cleaning and new beginnings. To plant new seeds... of lust.

Ashley Rison female coach
Taken 2021

This was taken a month after Ashley got blown out eight times in April. Look at that youthful glow (semen based moisturizer) she has, the beaming smile. Someone had a bunch of deep internal, vaginal orgasms.

Ashley Rison female teacher
Taken 2021

Three months after the deed was done (eight times). Slight pain behind the eyes. Coming down from the high, and fiending for more?

Final Comments: Ashley, as you can see your final grade was satisfactory at best. This is something you are going to have to carefully explain to your parents in your own words, but let me elaborate on my thoughts. Yes, you should be disappointed in yourself. Do you think this is a joke? This is your career (as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher) we are talking about here. No matter how brief it is, you need to take it seriously. Clearly you didn't and now punishment is in order. Did you see your grade, you are lucky I just didn't mushroom slap a D in your face!

What part of our curriculum did you not understand? We have clearly outlined over-and-fucking-over, time and time again to you and other female teachers whom desire to fulfill the sex fantasies of young boys, that you need to keep your social media wide open. Just like your legs were in the rear of that car.

This isn't going for Greatness. This is 'tampering' with evidence and it will not be fucking tolerated in my class! Do you realize how much time I had to spend finding your presentation? Do you fucking get it!? Do you think I enjoy doing this!? Sitting here getting paid while day-drinking fine Ales... I could be doing other things like day-drinking and watching my oil & gas stocks reach new 52 week highs!

Thanks to your sister, your presentation was saved for the most part. You are a teacher's aid for Christ sake, be more organized and aim higher next time! You women claim to be organized and "multi-task" oriented but the only time you seem to come through on those words is when a teen boy's dick is in your one hand and your clit is getting rubbed by your other! Given your hesitancy and actions involving trying to get the boy not to tell, shows us that your heart was maybe not in this as much as you think. Your soaking wet giner got what it needed (the tingles), but what about the honor? The title of FTSS? Being number#1?

You are a softball and basketball coach after all, don't you want to inspire your students to go for Greatness!

Come see me after class, alone. And if allowed (likely) you can try to change my mind...

If it takes eight times or more...

Overall Grade



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