Female Substitute Teacher, Amelia Ressler, Diddled Her Delicates With A Mitten In Front Of Students

Original story at DailyMail

  • Amelia Ressler, 30, was arrested on 19 counts of child molestation on Friday.

  • The Georgia substitute teacher allegedly filmed herself masturbating in front of a second-grade class on January 28.

  • She sent the video on social media and it was seen by a member of the school community.

  • Authorities have the pictures and videos as evidence.

  • The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is now interviewing the children in the classroom at the time to determine what they saw.

  • Ressler's charges could be upgraded as the investigation continues.

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Although Amelia made herself stand out by playing the game solo, she didn't do herself any favors as far as grades go; she did herself a favor though by giving her pussy a nice, soothing orgasm in front of the class. This case of the giner-tingles is a rare one in the world of FTSS. Normally the female teacher sucks a student's dick off by wrapping her seasoned mouth around it, and is not as fucking selfish as Amelia was with her lesson plan.

"She used to work at the gas station that I went into everyday! Never would I have thought she would do such a thing! I’m in complete shock!! Those poor kids..” -A woman posted on the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page

Amelia demonstrates the epidemy of the modern go-gurl: Greedy, selfish, and never considering other people.

This display of strong, brave and independent woman was such a waste.

Amelia was just showing off and didn't want to go for greatness. For Christ sake, she used a fucking mitt to buff her muff with.

Go back to pumping gas Amelia, because you clearly don't even know how to pump your own pussy with your fingers.

Teases will be punished.



Once married, now divorced and the father now has custody of the kids.

Is anyone shocked?

Hire women; get chaos.

Remember, if you have to keep telling the world lies, it still isn't the truth. If you feel the need to tell everyone on Facebook (attention-whoring) that you are BEAUTIFUL, EXTRAORDINARY and AMAZING, it usually means that you really aren't. If you were all those things, you wouldn't need to tell anyone or pound it into their heads like how you pounded your mitten into your pussy.

Did you pull some cards from your Affirmation deck that said you were amazing?

Everything said above by Amelia is one giant cry for help; it is also virtue-signaling.

Everything she said is the exact opposite. It is a projection of how she wants others to perceive her.

May I remind everyone that this woman is allowed to vote, sign contracts and had jobs at one point.

Again, who hired this unstable street hooker? She belongs to the streets.



Amelia reminds me of a lot of girls from my hometown: Chemical Valley chicks. There is this unmistakable look to them.

The make-up, the hair, the eye-shadow, the hopeless stare they give you when they're swallowing your cock: They just know that their lives aren't going to amount to much of anything, so the way they suck your dick tells that tale; they suck it like its the last dick they will ever get.

They all have this thug-life, wigga vibe to them as well. The camo, the trucker hats and the affinity for retro. It's like everyone is stuck in the past.

Amelia was not only stuck in her past, but her hand was also stuck between her legs in front of minors.

Amelia looks like she belongs to the streets of Columbia in some of her pictures; her style is akin to what the hookers at truck stops usually wear. Sucking cock in the cabby under the neon lights of the gas bar. She feels right at home. After pumping a cock into her mouth, she'd probably pump your gas too.

Now that is full-service, my friends.

That entire bio is an oxymoron. You fucking, moron.

Maybe Cirque du Soleil will hire her; she can masturbate while trapezing.

Chicks who "love sports" are usually massive sluts who have more "guy friends" than girl friends.

Judging by the angle of these selfies, I'd say we are dealing with secret fatty.

If these are the best you can submit, Amelia, we are going to have to air on the side of caution and say you are probably overweight, given the use of the top-down angle technique. Usually not a good sign.

What happened to all of that "I am PROUD of who I am" and "Don't need a MAN to VALIDATE my worth" shit? Your attempt at hiding your lower body and desperate vibes of attention-seeking though selfie's on social media say otherwise.

If you were really, truly confident and didn't need to "compete" with others and copy what everyone other fucking woman is doing on social media (selfies) you wouldn't even be on Facebook in the first place, showing and telling.

Next time, send the fucking video or some nudes if you want to be great and be proud of who you are as a FTSS!


Overall Grade



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