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Danica Patrick Hits The Wall At 38; Takes Her Bitterness Out On Her ‘Next Boyfriend’

The Wall has claimed another woman's dating life; Danica Patrick's is in terminal. It is a shame as Danica Patrick was likely the first jerk-off fantasy for most boys back in the day. A lot of fondling memories, that is for sure. But now, we must all say goodbye to Danica; her youth, beauty and fertility. It is a sad day.

Another one bites the dust; Danica Patrick has recently slammed into the Wall at full speed, #nosurvivors. Danica has wrecked into many walls during her NASCAR Infinity career, yes. However, she has recently been dumped by Chad (aka- Aaron Rodgers) who is an All-America football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

Danica has now officially felt the metaphorical, biological Wall that all women eventually hit. The impact and sting are far greater than any regulation safety barrier to which NASCAR accommodates for their drivers to smash into.

Aaron has moved on, naturally, to younger and more fertile grounds.

In a recent interview and appearance on Quibi’s ‘The Rachel Hollis Show,’ in the wake of her split, Danica had gone full-Wall-hitter with these words of self-destruction:

“The next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition, my standards, my boundaries, my wants and needs are off the charts”

-Danica Patrick, 38

Danica Patrick, 38.

What “next boyfriend”?

Danica must be one of Tomi Lahren’s “high value” friends.

38-years old. That’s 67 in men’s years.

She and Aaron must’ve had the “So, when are you going to be a man and stop playing football?” talk, and she lost.

Woman leaves man: He needs to grow emotionally.

Man leaves woman: He needs to grow emotionally.

I think we can all see a pattern here. It is all men’s fault of course.

Danica’s nagging behavior and diminishing assets obviously had nothing to do with Aaron seeking-out more tender pink patties; tighter hotdog buns to split his wiener through.

Danica Still Thinks She Is A McLaren P1; She Is A Ford Pinto

Aaron did the right thing by not marrying; he was protecting his assets by not putting a ring on it. She was not happy about it, obviously, as women will get when a man thwarts her sexual strategy.

This is what women do when they hit The Wall, hard, fast and at break-neck speeds: They will usually put on a ton of weight, give-up on life and go on a faux-spiritual journey, complain about men all day on the internet and in real life, have a big list of demands along with an intolerable attitude of entitlement.

No self-awareness.

Danica has now wrecked and is dripping loads of fluid from her previous glory days, circling that drain. Round and round on that cock-carousel. One has to wonder how many leg-ups she got behind the scenes and in those private garages...

Women always want to enter male spaces, especially spaces dominated by Alpha's.


Well, Alpha cock!

Why do more and more women today want to get into "Sports journalism"? Is it because they have a burning passion for male sports? Rhetorical question.

They have a burning passion, alright, between their legs. It will be burning from the hornies and also from the VD.

Aaron did the smart play: Just rent, no need to purchase.

There is a reason why Danica is “warning men” and her “next boyfriend”, I bet she can’t even pair-bond.

Look at all the greats, they don’t date women over 25-years old. Leonardo DiCaprio has zero-tolerance for Wall-hitters, because he can afford to. No man, regardless of sexual marketplace status wants a Wall-hitter.

A 38-year old woman should be the last person in the room to make demands; she should be grateful that even a man her age would opt to stick around after a quick pumping.

Most women after 30-years old become un-datable, sexual terrorists: Carrying around their 'list of demands' for their "next boyfriend".

Source: Rational Male

If you are a woman operating in the sexual marketplace after 30-years old, your cache, leverage has dwindled substantially. You are no longer in the driver's seat (pun intended).

As both a man and a woman hit their 30's, the man begins his ascend while the woman has already been in decline since the dreaded age of 27. The pool of options opens up for the man as did the options for the same woman when she was back in her glory days (early Twenties). The tables turn, and the script is now flipped.

Welcome to the magical world of rescue dogs and wine.

This is the problem with women who get caught off-guard by the immense surprise of the Wall. Danica should know how fast the Wall approaches from the front windshield. Wall-hitters, after being shown the door, immediately start making bold threats and ultimatums to an imaginary “next boyfriend” out there in the ether.

It’s hilarious. Nobody is listening, Danica.

Aaron Rodgers Has His Pick Of The Litter; Danica Has Herself Picking Though Cat Litter At Home

Danica has retired from wrecking cars into the walls at a NASCAR track, to wrecking her future love life even further.

Do women who’ve hit The Wall understand that they are now playing the Game from a deficit?

What makes you think that being picky, and making pre-emptive demands is attractive?

Danica is operating from the perspective of her former Twenty-Something, self.

She hasn’t yet come out of the coma caused by Wall-hitting hard, to realize that the world has changed for her: High-status men date and go after 22-year old women. Danica has probably cried more times in the last week than she did her whole NASCAR ‘career’ (maybe not as much), and that is a bold statement in and of its self.

Danica’s best finish was in 2009, 5th place.

Danica was good at coming from behind; that is what Aaron liked most about her; Aaron comes first, every time, all over her chest, back, tits, legs and thighs.

She was a horrible driver. Danica was a terrific PR piece (of ass), though.

Patrick was a marketing ploy for NASCAR. She was the “first female driver to win an IndyCar Championship event” (not NASCAR) didn’t you know!

When you are a woman, and you along with all of society have to title yourself as the “first woman” anything, it probably means that you are not going to be the greatest. Your talent doesn’t come from what is between your legs, although Danica’s talent did: She was a very good bikini model.

And that is my point.

Danica is a woman.

Was she a bad driver because of her vagina?


Women are too emotional to drive at 250 miles per hour; they have poor grip strength to negotiate those turns at that speed; too busy looking at themselves in the mirror to see the Wall coming.

Of course, it’s the patriarchy’s fault that Danica could never finish first (in NASCAR). It was the “old boys club” that made her cry all those times she wrecked or got her ass handed to her on the track.

If there were a female version of NASCAR, yes, Danica would have been the best in her class because it would’ve been just her. If Danica stuck with being sexy and modeled until she was 30, yes, she would have been great.

The problem was, Danica was trying to be like a man: For women, trying to be like a man is not only the ultimate turn-off for men, but a losing game in terms of trying to finish first.

Stop trying to compete with the superior when your biology caps you out as an 18-year old high school boy.

When Danica was in her low Twenties, no doubt guys finished first all over her; Aaron probably finished first loads of times. However, tragedy would soon strike.

If you look closely, very closely at Danica, over the years you can see the gap between her thighs gets tighter as her number gets higher.

Heyyy guys.... *lists demands (sexual terrorist)

A woman in her younger, fertile years, enjoys signaling her 'openness' to Chad. She knows her power (agency) lay within her sexuality. Ironically, as women hit the Wall they start making demands, and threatening their imaginary "next boyfriend". The opposite should actually be taking place.

Danica's legs should be as wide open as the home stretch right now, because being picky and closed off is not going to increase her chances. Knock-off the bitter, brow-beating, berating bitchy-ness, and begin to embrace any cock that would throw a pity-fuck your way.

Is Danica Still 'Datable'?

That is a tough question. Honestly, it is entirely up to her. Which is going to be a problem, not just for her, but for most women her age. Ultimately women can't handle being responsible for their futures, because you first have to become self-aware and understand the cards you are now playing with. That means, admitting reality.

Women, left to their own devices, will self-destruct.

Short answer: Yes, she is still fuckable to a degree. She needs to keep her mouth shut, though. Legs open and show a willingness to catch something that wants inside her inner-netting. Twenty-year old women are like the roaring 1920's; Thirty-year old women are akin to the Great Depression. Be grateful and thankful you are even getting meat tonight...

Danica is worth nutting into, still, for fun. I'd still care to nut all over her face, chest, mouth, hair and ass after riding the wave in and doing a few laps inside of her inner circle, hitting her walls like bumper-bowl; rearrange her guts. She doesn't look too bad for 38-years old.

The issue now with Danica is that she has becometh a woman scorned: An Alpha widow. She can't keep her mouth shut now, spewing her bitterness. If her mouth is going to close it should be around the next cock. Men do not respond to demands, entitlement and berating bitchy behavior.

It's devastating to boners, world-wide. Shouting demands at 38-years-old as if you are still the prize? Not doing yourself any favors, sweetie. Be nice, stay thin, be pleasant and grateful that your "next boyfriend" would even consider pitting into your box for an oil change, and to dump some Manfuel into you.

For once in your life stop trying to be like a man; start acting like a woman. Great things will happen!

Apparently for Danica, the best way to recover from a break-up is to become super picky, and updatable.

In Memoriam

When a woman, as hot as Danica was for the racing world, gets defeated by The Wall, it is best to try and remember the good times.

Instead of dwelling on her current decaying state, we must push out those awful images and remember Danica for who she truly was: A sex object, and marketing stunt for NASCAR et al.

Danica Patrick, 38.

Rest in pieces (of ass).


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