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Georgia School Administrator, Rachelle Terry, Raped Student; Gave Booze To Minors At Halloween Party

Georgia Administrator Rachelle Terry

Original Story At DailyMail

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry
  • Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry, 43, was charged with statutory rape and giving minors alcohol.

  • Terry was accused of having a sex with a student at a Halloween Party this year.

  • She was arrested on November 22 and is in Murray County Jail, Georgia.

  • She is a married Christian mother of two boys.

  • Active on multiple social media accounts (Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter).

  • Lamented on social media about her 'uncool life' as a mom.



The boy went to bed with a 7 and opened his eyes to a 4 in the morning.

No wonder he was pissed and ratted on her.

Upon further InstaWhore review, it appears the mugshot is an outlier. To be fair, when has anyone ever looked good in a muggy? What we have here is Rachelle at her lowest and worst point in her life. Going through he social media, even with a little make-up on, Rachelle cleans up pretty well.

For 43-years of age, she looks good (for her age).

In Murray County, she'd be an 8.

Guys, this story is a tale as old as time. What we have here is a 43-year old married Christian mom (of three boys) that began to workout religiously, kept her body fit—not for her husband—and was seeking attention in a massive way through social media.

All red flags if you are the husband.

We have a "yummy mommy" located in North Georgia. North fucking Georgia is representing and has been put on the map via Rachelle. For those of you not familiar with the area of Murray County, (Chatsworth) Georgia, it's probably one of the most illiterate towns in all of the USA.

Everybody who lives up there all know each other, and someone most likely has the inside scoop on this story and what really went down. That person needs to do their civic duty and come forward, email us, and be a champion of Greatness!

It is alleged that Rachelle Terry, my apologies, Dr. Rachelle Terry (bossbabe)— whom has a doctorate in education from Argosy University in Sarasota and a master’s degree from Lincoln Memorial University, raped a student at her Halloween soiree.

She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and teaching from the University of West Georgia. Rachelle worked at the school in question for 22-years! She apparently was the Murray County School Districts 'Director of Federal Programs' and made roughly $110,000 a year.

Six figs! GirlBoss!

Yet, she seems to have thrown it all away (Like that Phil Collins song) for some teen peen in order to validate her own self worth as an aging American Party Girl, a Wall-hitter. Seeking sexual attention outside of the home, it seems that Rachelle made her move on or close to Halloween at a house party that she hosted. #CoolMom points achieved.

On-top of the rape charge, she also has 10 counts of furnishing booze to minors.

What was Rachelle expecting to happen, a gangbang?

We know that there were at the very least 10 minors (students) at the house during the time of fornication. It must've been sloppy sex for sure somewhere in the basement, a hidden closet or bedroom. What we know so far is that the police got a hot tip from one of the kids parents (most likely the boy's mom) about the party and what had happened. Clearly the sex wasn't up to snuff or the boy was mortified when he realized that Rachelle's make-up had been working overtime.

At 43 years of age, after having three kids and most likely being a raging party girl through her Twenties, having sex with Rachelle's aged meat sock would've felt like fucking a warm tray of lasagna.

The Report Card


Everything is lining up perfectly on a technical level. Rachelle is your typical horny female post-30. When we look at the chart by Rollo Tomassi, we can see which phase Rachelle has entered.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Rachelle had married and soon pushed out two crumb-crunchers with her beta shlubby 13 years ago—according to her IG timeline. That would've put her at 30 years of age (a bit late for proper reproductive success). Nonetheless, she was right on schedule with obtaining the BETA security that she needed. You will notice through Rachelle's social media that she had gained an extreme interest in exercise in the past few years; attention seeking and content lamenting about how she use to be 'cool', but now her life is boring.

This is the Development or 'self-discovery' phase that a lot of Wall-hitting women go through. Most find a new-age religion and do Yoga, trying to find purpose and worth now that men have left the building and the phone has stopped ringing. Fishing through social media, trying to drive-up attention and to see who will nibble.

There is a tremendous amount of reinterest in the Alpha, longing and wanting to get back what she once had. Not wanting to accept reality and that her eggs are dustier than your grandma's salt & pepper shaker collection.

The problem for Rachelle and women like her is this: At 43-years of age, the only males that are going to be interested in having that hawt sex that they so miss and crave is going to come from the opposite side of this chart (far Left).

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

The sex or lustful interest is going to come from the demographic that is starved and would fuck anything that remotely resembles a vagina. This is why we see so many 27-40 year old married female teachers banging teen boys. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

These women not only get the animalistic sex (hormonal teen boys), but they get the attention and worship from allowing sex to occur and providing that outlet. You have to understand that most teen boys today are not only looked-over by girls in their cohort due to the cultural shift with technology allowing girls to only filter for Alpha (women tend to date up and older, too), but also, a lot of boys today (because of the neglect) look to older women as their best shot.

Boys will think the older woman is not only more experienced, but won't be shady, condescending and unforgiving like teen girls.

Rachelle was definitely trying to fish outside of the house. At her age (even though she looks good for 43) is not going to be able to get the 27-35 year old Tarzan to ravage her vag. Those guys are busy banging her 22-year old former party-gurl self. When you look at the chart, a 40 year old woman's SMV is almost comparable to a 15 year old boy.

With all that said, it makes sense that Rachelle would provide and ply said boy(s) with alcohol because she needs all the help she can get when trying to get that pipe layed.

Hosting the Halloween party was crucial to achieving the CoolMom status, providing a vagina as a boy's personal pump station was what sent Rachelle toward Greatness as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher/Principal/Admin.



A Christian wife, down on her knees and pleasing a teen boy and not Jesus.

That's an A right there alone.

One of the main things we look for in a great Female Sex Scandal Teacher (or equivalent) is this: Did she cum?

As we all know by now, cumming (for a woman) is the most important thing to her. It's why women spend all day ordering their 'toys' off Amazon and not working at their Girlboss job in HR or Admin. Women need to be happy ALL THE TIME. It's why women constantly need to please themselves via a rub at the red light, or catching teen dick at a house party. They can't help it, they can't control it...because women have no agency and life just happens to them apparently.

In addition to actually having sex and going for Greatness, the other vital component to achieving a high-tier grade is: Did she leave her social media pages wide open (like her legs) in order for us to conduct a deep, probing, thorough investigation in order to critique her looks (most important factor)?

It is my honor to say that Rachelle has proved to go above and beyond, not only for her student, but for herself as a FTSS. To add to the laundry list of credentials, not only did she fuck a student and give him booze goggles, Rachelle threw away a marriage and a career that paid her six figs. That my friends is something you cannot teach. It is the passion we are looking for.

That sorta integrity comes not from just the heart, but from the pussy.



If you close your eyes and listen to Rachelle speak in one of her Tiktoks or Youtube videos, you'd think you were listening to Calleigh Duquesne, the day-shift assistant supervisor in CSI:Miami.

If the boy had any imagination, picturing Calleigh from CSI: Miami while fucking Rachelle would've been the right call.

Regardless, if you are a boy under the age of 18, Rachelle is a decent catch...especially if it is your first time shooting a load into a vagina.

Rachelle might've had this whole "Mrs. Poindexter" thing going on where she is a soccer mom by day, and a freak in the bedroom by night. She has those crazy, "I've got to do it all" eyes that a lot of these female teachers have.

They can never sit still and always have to be achieving something. It's mainly because these chicks aren't getting dicked down properly, otherwise they would be content with life and not be such a Ms. Frizzle, and go bonkers on everything.

Whether it is being a director of Federal programs, PTA board member, feeding the homeless at Christmas, Church choir member, and of course making sure teen boys get their dick moisturized and balls emptied.

As a grown man, the only reason or time I would have sex with Rachelle is if there is literally Hitler nothing else going on, and I needed to empty my balls for maintenance purposes.

When looking through the perspective of a teen boy (we all were one at some point) it is safe to say most of us would welcome playing 'doctor' with her.

As you will see from pictures of her husband, it is no wonder why she was horny and looking for an interested penile party member. The dude looks like a potato. One of those typical guys in every small town that says shit like, " I don't have enough time to work out," and gems like " I am healthy because I use to lift weights in high school."

The simple fact of the matter is this: Rachelle had been clearly working on herself (a lot) since they had kids. She lost a bunch of weight; she loved attention.

This guy never had a chance.

If I had to sum-up Rachelle's overall presentation and looks it would be this: Hottest broad at the Applebee's bar on a Tuesday night at 8:45 P.M.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Rachelle still has all of her social media up and open as I am typing this. She has demonstrated that she wants this, to be great. We applaud this effort and she will be rewarded in the end with a raving review I bet.

The passion cannot be denied here as we can clearly see that Rachelle is owning her horniness with the handle of @mamaterry69.

She has done everything right as far as we are concerned with her presentation.

As a decent human being, not so much.

Rachelle has a large presentation for us today; a full catalogue if you will.

Many pictures, many poses and lustful looks. You will get to see: Beach body ready, Rachelle. POV Bang, Rachelle. Capturing generic sunflower field, Rachelle. Fitchick, Rachelle. Cool school admin, Rachelle. Fundraiser gala,Rachelle. Time travelling, Rachelle, and family vacationer, Rachelle.

That accent is hawt, not gonna lie.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Rachelle went as a dairy farmer for Halloween.

It's a full-time job, milking teen boys.

I definitely knew some friend moms just like her growing up in high school, in a small town. They were hot and the husbands were always typically out of shape and dull.

They would be the "cool" moms who would not only let their sons or daughters have a party, but would be home to party with everyone. Some of them for sure I could tell were DTF and flirted looking back on things. At the time I was just a clueless teen, but in hindsight, could've banged them on the side after seeing their daughter.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

To be fair as per the comment section, her husband most likely won't find a better looking woman.

It was a miracle he even got to breed with Rachelle, thrice.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Her son's number for football is 69. Ironic and very telling since she most likely picked it for him given her TikTok handle.

It's gotta be rough to be the high school chubby kid AND finding out that your mom is banging your friend...

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Rachelle when she was around age 40. Not bad.

Would probably give her the Screaming Seagull.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

This is Rachelle, likely going to Prom night...

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Ten years does a lot to a woman. Time is their greatest oppressor.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Will David still be at her side now? Probably. Most guys today wouldn't believe their wife could cheat on them, let alone, fuck a teen boy. Most guys who think that way clearly have never read my blog or novels.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

We've all seen this photo before. Normally, it is a Twenty-something chick showing her ass off in a sunflower field with the caption, "Take me back."

Rachelle is living in the past and wanting to reignite the emotions she once felt. Happiness is never a constant state, but for women, it has to be or else they go into full-blown depression and head-meds.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Women are front-loaded from age 16-27. If you are a decent looking woman, chances are it is akin to winning a lottery ticket at age 18. The world gives you everything; men take you anywhere you want, pay for everything (including your stupid degrees in Lesbian Tap Dance Therapy). Men aren't cruel because they all want to fuck you.

However, once 30+ rolls around that suddenly begins to drop off. The dopamine fix begins to wane and the addict within a modern woman starts to get angry, depressed and feign like a crackhead for male attention.

When we look at the tally of which demographic is fucking teen boys (students) we can clearly see a pattern over all these years: Mainly married white women from North America.

Women today have been told, sold a lie, that happiness is forever and is a constant:

Much of women's happiness is derived from male attention. Why? It [male attention] is what got them everything front-loaded to them for a minimum, a decade of their existence. Sustained validation and a false sense of superiority over others. Pedestalized and propped up by their youth and fertility window. That [fertility] doesn't last forever. Women have from 18 (legally) to around 27. A decade to capitalize. After that, life for women gets exponentially more difficult as their value model changes drastically.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

There is a reason why the 'beauty' industry is a multi-billion dollar one.

Women never want to look or feel old.

Their lifestyles and happiness depend on it.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

The sun is setting on Rachelle. 40-80 is a long time being an old woman.

Spending 5-10 of those years in prison will do some damage, but let's be real, she's probably going to get suspended and do real estate or OnlyFans.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

Well, she likes a pearl necklace. So there is that in her favor when looking for leniency.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

This is the likely view that the teen boy had when steel plowing Rachelle and sowing her abandoned field for the first time in a years.

If you're a teen virgin it could be two pumps and a bruised cervix for Rachelle the next morning, especially if she talked dirty using that southern drawl of hers.

Georgia school administrator Rachelle Terry

This is probably the best photo I could find of Rachelle. Fake-up and all, she looks good... for 43. What is that pose, though?

It's the "hiding my insecure thoughts that I may have a muffin-top" pose.


Final Notes: A great effort has been put forth by Rachelle. She has done the work and now it is up to the Court system to determine if she is guilty or not.

From our perspective, at first glace, Rachelle was a hard guilty based on the awful, fuckn' mugshot of hers. However, after further Instagram review the call on the field has been overturned: Not guilty.

Rachelle's husband clearly over-kicked his coverage and she returned the punt and scored a touchdown for the other team. It is sad to see, but all the signs were there for something like this to happen. I say "like this" because any normal woman would've just went to the watering hole and fucked the bartender. With that said, we are not here to judge Rachelle as a person of moral highness; we are here to grade her as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

As Rian Stone would say, the husband clearly didn't set boundaries with his wife. She clearly broke many when it comes to being not only a school principal, teacher and esteemed member of the community, a wife, mother and Christian.

Remember guys, women never grow-up; they just get older.

They mature faster than boys on a physical level in regards to sexuality. However they never mature past high school on a intellectual and emotional level.

I think it is right to say that Rachelle has achieved the technical mark and requirement to be called as such. Congrats, Rachelle. We applaud your efforts to go above and beyond, not just in your vaginal quest for young cum to lubricate your 43-year old dusty dick sleeve, but you did the one thing that can set you apart from others who have tremendously failed before you: You kept your social media open.

It always amazes us (not really) that women cannot follow simple instructions when trying to become Female Sex Scandal Teachers. The bar is not high, I will tell you. You would think that a simple request like "Leave your social media open so we can grade, thanks" would be so easy a 10th grader could understand and follow this. However, you have to remember who we are dealing with here: Women.

Women can't even remember to take their birth control every night, so it is no wonder why most times we have these women not being able to follow simple instructions when going for Greatness.

Overall Grade


It's That Time Of Year Again! Time To Spread The Joy Of Hating. Great stocking stuffers for those you want to suffer from...laughing too hard.


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