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Hot Alabama Teacher/Cheer Coach Heartlee Pittman, Sent Nudes To A Male Student And Solicited Him

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

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Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

  • Heartlee Pittman, a 25-year-old teacher at New Brockton High School in Coffee County, was charged on a count of being a school employee distributing or soliciting obscene material to or from a student.

  • Heartlee is a Gymnastics & Cheer coach in the town of Enterprise.

  • Heartlee served on the dance line as a cheerleader for the marching band for Troy University (Sound of the South).

  • She taught at the New Brocton High School in Coffee County; she lives in Troy which is to the north of both Enterprise and the high school.

  • Authorities received a report of “possible inappropriate communications” between a teacher and a student under 19 years old at New Brockton High.

  • The investigation yielded an arrest warrant for Pittman, who lives in Troy.

  • She was booked into the Coffee County Jail on $1,500 bond.


Sweet home, Alabama!

The state is known for it's warmth and of course peculiars: Southern hospitality, barbeque, it's role in the Civil Rights movement... as well as cousin fucking.

Alabama is also rapidly becoming a well-known, great female teacher sex scandal state!

Hot female teacher Heartlee Pittman is on pace at the moment to do this state proud.

Holy shit, try not to cum before she hands in her presentation to us at the end!

That thumbnail I made alone was difficult. We haven't had a hot female teacher in a while and I just stood shocked at how Heartlee wasn't a fat, grotesque and androgynous looking piece-of-lazy-shit like the majority of American women. Credit where credit is due.

I took my time as an artist to truly capture Heartlee as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher here on the Red Island. Sifted through over a hundred pictures in order to pick out the best ones, not just for the thumbnail, but for her presentation. There was just so many (not complaining, but still). Speaking of pictures and social media, it gives us a nice segue.

Heartlee Pittman (Sanders) Was A Married Christian Woman & Wife For All But One Year

25 and married young. During her 'party years', current culture, and peak fertility. What could go wrong?

That didn't take long. Heartlee and her husband were merely a year into their marriage when she decided to start straying and thinking about fucking teen boys. Man, these white women from North America sure don't waste any time now.

She had a lock on her beta provider and immediately began to look for more cocks to gobble on the side and possibly fill her fit (still) pussy up with some warm southern comfort, courteously of some young aspiring Chad.

With her youth still applicable, and with thousands of followers (mostly male I bet) on her Instagram accounts and FB, it would be hard for Heartlee to escape her internal monologue of "What if" and " I think I made a mistake...there's still way too many new cocks in my DM's!".

Correct, Heartlee according to the evidence presented had not fucked the teen boy (yet). However, she was already paving the way, doing the earth works and laying the track for the inevitable train she wanted to be ran on her. That's how it starts, fellas. If you are married, your wife shouldn't have any social media, let alone half-nude pics of her ass and camel-toe all over the place.

Why are you bros, by the way still getting married in 2023? You aren't 'the one', she just made you believe that, so she could consolidate her hypergamous nature.

Imagine being a year into a marriage and your 'wife' already begins her journey of "I am not happy anymore" and is in desperate search of new and exciting penises to put into her mouth; get cum drizzled on her face, back, legs and thighs like a human toaster strudel.

The take-away from this is that men need to understand that all women are capable and are like this. It doesn't matter how Christian she is, how devote and that she attends church every Sunday in her pixy dress. It doesn't matter that she was your childhood sweetheart. Every woman is a woman. Women are all the same. Female nature can be a hard pill to swallow, much harder than her wanting to swallow a teen boy's cum crayon.

She isn't yours, it's just your turn to play a certain role for her at different stages in her life with respect to her fertility cycle.

The Report Card


It's still amazing to this day that such a hot female teacher, 25 years old no less, would embark on a quest for sex with a teen boy. I can understand this sorta horniness and expect it from a dried-up, weathered, and almost eggless 40-year old woman with next to no prospects other than men aged 40+.

However, Heartlee is 25 and fucking hot. Not just hot for Alabama. She's probably a National HB (hot babe) 7 and I would peg her as an Alabama HB 8.5. She is a former dancer/cheerleader, a current gymnastics and cheer coach and I'll be honest, her social media is on cue and we thank her for that. Extra marks will be rewarded for letting us sneak a peak.

Heartlee, a name you cannot forget (and is easily searchable), chose to send her nudies to a teen boy instead of the limitless simps and cousin fuckers in her Instagram DM's.


Was it the thrill coupled with the boredom of being stuck in a marriage for a whole. Fucking. Year? Is it because women never mature intellectually and emotionally past high school and yearn for the glory days of taking loads to the face, neck, chest, stomach and thighs?

The best bet would be on the latter, of course.

An aspiring young Chad had caught her eye at school and made her vag tingle.

A tale as old as time.

Once that happens, women will crawl through broken glass in order to get to your cock and cum.

They get tunnel vison and ignore all peril, including state and federal laws!

It's because getting fucked and pregnant by the right dude (at the time) is everything for a woman and it's all her life. It's all women are good at doing and it's why they do the things they do.

It's all so they can get cum shot up their pussy. It's a retirement plan and a lifestyle along with sport for them. Women don't pursue 'careers' so that they can produce something of value for society; they get them so they can surround themselves in fields/industry that have men in them.

In this case, high school Chads/athletes whom are fit and horny just as much so as Heartlee. Women don't go to college for a degree, they go because lots of athletes are there and men with potential; a buffet of cocks to sit on and ride for 4 years until they find their nerdy, supportive, beta engineer to 'settle' down with and maintain their party lifestyle and standard of living (while they still seek cock on the side).

Heartlee honestly really sucked at being a Female Sex Scandal teacher in terms of planning and execution.

She's good at getting caught. Didn't even get past the initial grooming/sending lude nudes and sexts to the boy. Amateur hour. She didn't let him cook.

The main problem with female teachers as hot as Heartlee is: It's far more risky to start off with nudes because chances are, the boy won't think straight and consider the long game; he'll immediately forward the pics to his friends and masturbate.

Then by the time school is out, everyone including the authorities will have seen them. Heartlee would've been more successful if she had shed her ego/ normal operating procedure with guys her own age (sending nudes) and should've gone with a more tactile approach/hands on. No digital trail. It's called getting your hands dirty (work) for a reason.

But women don't know what actual work is. It's why they've ruined CorporateLand.

This train was off the rails from the start. Heartlee's pussy was the true victim in all of this; it never got satiated. Oh right, and the boy too.



A married Christian female teacher, white woman from North America.

It can't get any better than that. We are suppose to believe all women.

I do believe Heartlee was horny.

I do believe that she wanted this badly.

I do believe I am going to give her an A not just for this category but most likely for her looks/presentation coming up.

I know, it's premature....but so was that teen boy when he was oogling the nudes that Heartlee had sent him before going to bed.

Heartlee switched her Instagram account to 'Private' before we could get to it.

Not cool, bra.

However, she has left her Facebook (wide open) which tells me she still wants to play ball and let us skewer her.

Yet, I do suspect that the reason why she left her Facebook open was because she has herself under the name of Heartlee (Sanders) now, thinking that everyone including myself would not be able to search or find her.

Wrong. I am a professional, I can find you if I just spend a bit more time than I should, and drink a couple more cans of fine ale. The main question for me is this: "Will it be worth my time?" Quick answer was a , "Yes". Heartlee was absolutely worth the time given the life's worth of fucking photos I had to work with.

Again, women are stupid because they don't think, they just feel. It's a good thing that Heartlee is hot because she doesn't have much else going for her at the terms of a career, marriage and of course marks in the first category.

One major point deduction though for Heartlee is for not going above and beyond for her teen male student (not fucking him). That just shows lack of organization and planning overall, but again, Heartlee is 25 and just began her career. She got too excited and didn't do her homework first. Like most women she wanted it all and now!

Fucking for women is the easiest part, and Heartlee somehow screwed that up.

Dumb fucking blonde!



Did I mention the amount of fucking photos Heartlee Pittman had/has of her on the internet?

Like, my fucking God. You ladies seriously waste so much time taking pictures and posting them online, it's incredible.

On one hand it was super annoying to see the endless scroll tab on the side, it just would never end. But, as you all know, once you start scrolling you just can't stop because "what if?"

What if there is a better picture of Heartlee that I would miss? The whole experience is the same as a woman's hypergamy in action. Heartlee was always searching for a better deal, a better fuck and cock. Meanwhile, I had so many options (always searching for a better pic) to choose from when it came to selecting the right photos for her thumbnail and yes, I am not going to post all of the ones I got for the presentation; just do the Greatest Hits of Heartlee.

On the other hand, it is relieving. It's truly great that you ladies do spend your life posting pictures on the internet because it makes my job easier, especially when you keep your social media opened. Heartlee did, and she will get full credit for that as it shows she really wanted to go for Greatness as our latest Female Sex Scandal Teacher!

We do have a full catalogue today, thanks to Heartlee. Everything under the sun, including but not limited to:

Beach bikini Heartlee, Recently married, Heartlee, Casual with friends, Heartlee, Hanging with the hubby, Heartlee, Dance/cheerleader, Heartlee, Winter cabin/leggings, Heartlee. Graduate, Heartlee, Youtube star, Heartlee, and possible camel-toe, Heartlee (always a crowd favorite).

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

We will try to start from the beginning so as to witness the evolution of Heartlee, not as a person, but as a sex object. After all, we are still grading her on personality because a woman's personality is of course her sexuality and sex appeal. This is why they spend an hour each morning in front of the mirror objectifying themselves.

But first, Heartlee would like to take the stage and do an opening number she has prepared for us.

To be honest, you had me at yoga pants.

Heartlee could've just stood still on stage and she would've got a standing-O from me.

Bravo! Encore!

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

I can already see why the teen boy is a victim. He never got to know Heartlee from the inside...

Jesus, take the fucking wheel! What tight body.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

We are standing at attention and giving her a full salute and standing ovation.

Great female sex scandal teachers; Americana at its finest.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

She went on to almost do great things...

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

This is one of two shots we have of Heartlee playing with her pussy...

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

In search of 'foot longs' and 'juicy jumbos' I bet... She cleans up nice.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Gymnast/Cheer body confirmed. Lordy...

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

If I were him right now, I would have such a primal urge to just throw her around the bedroom( In a fit of passion, of course.)

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

For sure either the most or second attractive one out of her friend group.

Good for her. This photo really brings out the perkiness/plump nature of Heartlee's bosom. Nice! Not to mention those "Come-spread-me" thighs she has.

It's looking good so far for Heartlee Pittman. Should we dare move on to some bikini pics? Or do the wedding photos and get those ones over with?

What's that? Keep the tension building and leave the bikini pics until near the end?

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

I smell a cheating whore.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Really like how the dress makes those two big eyes of Heartlee's really pop...

Love is sweet, until she cheats.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Translation: " I found the one... I could fool (around on)."

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

"This one time at band camp..."

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Can't be a typical white woman from North America without the standard tight AF black leggings to show off your ass and

camel-toe to other men beside your bf/husband.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Tyrone in the back can definitely see Heartlee's ass outline and her camel-toe.

He's getting ready to lick his fingers like he just ate fried chicken at Popeyes!

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman

If Heartlee was your gf/wife, you too would be playing pocket-pool with yourself like he is...

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman

Really like the outfit here on Heartlee. The tight black top with the tan teddy bear jacket really brings out her camel-toe that's making a star appearance through her grey leggings...


And now without further delay, I bring you what you've all been waiting for cataloged wise. Yes, it's time for Heartlee to come out on stage and do her bikini lineup!

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman

A bold move to start. Here is Heartlee donning a black and leopard stripe bikini top and bottom without make-up on. Showing us all that even without the ruse of chemical/petroleum based products that she still has it!

Wow, just incredible! No make-up and still a smoke-show.

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman

A tasteful belly button ring that really shines over that bronzed skin; aviators that match her hair color and light blue bikini with white trim. Hopefully the teen boy (victim) has good counseling right now. On suicide watch for sure....

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman

Time to give her a 'Screaming Seagull".

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittmann

Women wearing anything animal print (especially leopard) is a red flag for wife material. However, it is a screaming Green flag if you just want to fuck said party girl.

With that said, this has to be our favorite bikini in Heartlee's closet. The offset between the leopard print top and jet black bottom is sex appeal to the max, not to mention the painted-on tightness.

That extra black strap above the hip that allows a bit of tanned skin to show inbetween... I am sure that teen boy would've came in his shorts if he got even close to having sex with Heartlee.

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittmann

Looking forward to her subsequent Onlyfans to come out...

Hot teacher Heartlee Pittman

Betcha Heartlee's box is 'Magically delicious'.


Final Comments: Like a lot of young women, Heartlee is the typical Gen Z'er that thinks she knows everything and is going to be the best and greatest at whatever she does out of high school/college. Coasting on just her looks, Heartlee never thought ahead of anything past that. She thought that she could use the same playbook on that teen boy as she probably has with many other boys in the past back when she was his age. Sending nudes in order to initiate sexual interest, showing up and not having to do any work.

Sadly, Heartlee, this is the world of being a female sex scandal teacher in where you need to adapt and think outside of your box (pun always intended), be creative and not be yourself.

Critical thinking is a requirement as well as getting the macro read on things. Thinking 3 or four steps ahead sometimes. This is why we see a lot of young women get caught super fast in their quest for teen peen. They are hornier than their 30+ to 40 year old counterparts and thus don't play the slow burn long game that you see a lot of cougar teacher's play.

It's a shame really because Heartlee not only let down her own vagina, but she left that teen boy hanging with hope. Let's just hope he doesn't rope himself. Heartlee is probably the hottest teacher he will ever have, let alone have the chance to fornicate with and she blew that.

Heartlee, you had everything else. Your presentation, my God, it was perfect and just what we look for in a potentially great female sex scandal teacher! However, you prematurely squirted all over your operation and the train never even had a chance to leave the station and do a number on you. Let this be a life lesson for you and any other aspiring female sex scandal teachers out there. You let down yourself, you let down your husband, your community and certainly that teen boy.

Above all else, and this is even more egregious on your part, you let down the rest of America.

Overall Grade


This Scandal Was Brought To You By:

Hot Teacher Heartlee Pittman


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