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Hot Female Teacher, McKenna Kindred, Seduced Teen Student Over For Sex At Her Marital Home

female teacher McKenna Kindred

Original Story at Daily Star

  • McKenna Kindred(24) faces charges of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, a felony, and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

  • Kindred also reported to administration that she was being harassed by someone on social media, accusing her of a sexual relationship with a student that she denied, according to court records

  • Classmates of the 17-year-old reported to school officials that he had been inappropriately messaging Kindred via Instagram and that he’d become defensive when they questioned him about the relationship.

  • The teen’s mother later told deputies that her son had a sexual relationship with Kindred, that he’d been to her house alone with her and that the two had been sharing explicit photos over Instagram.


Female teacher, McKenna Kindred, looks like a 24-year old smoke-show of a teacher; the type that you'd leave your dick inside of all night after fornicating with her. Leave it in, let it prune. Which begs the question: Why did she retire herself to having sex with a 17-year old student?

We all know and understand by now that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to replace a lot of female dominated jobs in the near future, including teaching. Youtube is a better teacher than 99.9% of these chicks for starters. You have men like Aaron Clarey, teaching boys how not to fuck-up in life and saving them a lot of time and money. You have myself, and my books showing you the way, unlike the systemic degeneracy that is the modern education system.

Is that why all of these female teachers are going full-retard send, grooming and raping these boys because they know the clock is ticking on their teaching careers?

Holding-hands, sucking and fucking toward that last midnight?

Or, could it be that we are just witnessing the dark side of female nature on full display and this sort of thing has been going on for a long time?

Technology, smartphones have made evidence trails more evident; women have been emboldened by feminism without borders, checks, and consequences. Hypergamy is allowed to run its course unchallenged.

Women never grow-up, they just get older.

Women never mentally mature past high school; they have the physical strength akin to a 15- year old boy.

Wherever a woman finds herself, that is where her immediate peer group is and will compete accordingly.

Female Teacher McKenna Felt Competition Anxiety From Girls That Were 7 Years Younger Than Her

When women get anxious and jealous, they always resort to using their vagina and sexuality to smother competition. The Court documents don't say exactly how this all began, but it is safe to assume that this 17-year old boy was an aspiring Chad-to-be and that got McKenna interested, wet, and cock-hungry. After all, he is her peer and they are like minded: Horny and both think and act like a teenager.

This exchange of nudes, texts, kissing and sex took place for months. The boy seemed to have been social proofed and pre-selected by his female cohort/classmates. Other boys want to be him; all the girls wanted to be with him...including his hot but insecure teacher, McKenna.

“When other girls talk about you in my class, I could feel myself getting mad," -McKenna Kindred via Court Documents

A grown woman getting mad, emotional because one of her 17-year old students was being flirted with by girls his own age.

Did I mention that McKenna is married?

If you women can't even calm yourself over a teen boy getting attention from other girls his own age, how do you all think you're going to become a CEO in CorporateLand?

How are you ladies going to compete against AI taking your jobs and also making OnlyFans obsolete by rendering life-like looking women that are 100x hotter than your average North American, golf ball dimple legged, lunch-lady armed, poor excuses of women?

It's almost like McKenna should've taken her marriage more seriously and made fucking sure she pleased her husband so he would continue to support her in the long-term and well beyond her sell-by date (age 30).

It's almost like women today are placing massive bids/bets on society and men putting up with their shit forever and technology never replacing them to a degree that will force them back to either the streets or full-pivot tradwife or welfare queen. It's almost as if (shocker) a woman cannot think beyond the next 5 minutes in her life; beyond what her vagina wants; beyond the tingles.

My guess is that McKenna use to be top-tier, grade A pussy back in high school, college, and couldn't handle not being the center of attention in a high school classroom, now at age 24.

Ladies, once again, life comes at you fast. A woman's power (her sexuality) is its strongest between the ages of 18-22. A very narrow window and even though women cannot explain it or notice it, things begin to change for them as they approach 30 with every given year.

Less and less attention, more and more competition. That's where the anxiety comes in and the doubt. That's when the trips to the doctors increase and SSRIs become candy. That's when 'ladies night out' and 'wine Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays' become a "tradition".

That's when a marriage is broken because she wants to see if she can still pull Chad and get him to deep-dick her, rearrange her guts; cum in her pussy and fill it up like a Chevron tanker.

The Report Card


McKenna wasted absolutely no time at all in showing the world how amazing women are at risk analysis, planning and gaming a situation out. Did I mention that McKenna is married, had summers off and had a tax payer salary?

Straight out of college, gets a career, gets married and loses it all because reasons, feels and vagina tingles. Stunning and brave. The world and internet may see a sex addicted degenerate of a female teacher, however, the passion is there. The question remains: How was her execution and dedication to the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher?

McKenna, as mentioned before, was so horny that she forgot about doing some homework, due diligence and risk analysis when making her life altering decisions. Ladies, does this sound like you?

First of all, when you are as cute/hot like McKenna is and decide to seduce and have a months long affair (rape) with a teen must know that he is going to tell his friends, right?

Secondly, McKenna should've known that a teen boy doesn't live on his own and that he has parents...whom are going to be watching his every move and I dunno (shocker) maybe look at his phone or monitor who he is in contact with?

Thirdly, and this is just shooting into the breeze near a ghetto, but inviting him over to your marital dwelling and possibly risking your nosey suburban cul-de-sac neighbors seeing him stay-over while your husband is out doesn't seem like the privacy you both needed. Not to mention, making-out and giving him handjibbers in your classroom after school.

Again, may I remind everyone that women are allowed to vote, have jobs, sign contracts and opinions are entertained in boardrooms. Why is the Western world so fucked-up right now? Gee, I dunno, it's a Scooby-Doo mystery!

“We almost got caught, I really like being touched by you.” -McKenna Kindred via Court Documents

Sounds like true love. Sounds like McKenna liked the thrill of the taboo and almost being found out. Sounds to me like her marriage peaked, husband was too busy for her because he was working too much (paying all the bills) or her expectations of 'happiness' are way out of whack with reality. Ladies, does this sound familiar?

The boy is a true victim here. Everyone was against him, including McKenna's bird brain:

His mom ratted on him, his classmates reported him, McKenna drew attention to their relationship by telling administrative staff that she was being 'harassed by someone online', spreading rumors about her being sexually involved with a student and denying those rumors.

Women are terrible at PR and damage control. They all eventually tell on themselves.

If the rumors aren't true, why draw attention and validate them with a response?

McKenna was too horny to think. Women, even sober, can't think straight.

So, it is no wonder why McKenna got so stupid, careless and flustered.

If women can't even manage an affair with a teen boy, how can they be expected to manage a six-figure stock portfolio, their finances, and driving during rush-hour?

Managing a horny 17-year old was tough for McKenna. Try managing a fortune 500 company, the media, shareholders and your enemies.

Once again, emotions get the best of women and it is why they fail at almost everything they do, including teen boys.



McKenna seemed to have it all and she blew it, just like that 17-year old's penis.

Married young and threw it all away for a chance at Chad again.

Her commitment to being a Female Sex Scandal teacher is solid up until the point where I was looking for bikini pics on the beach of McKenna via her Facebook/Instagram that we'd been hearing all about.

Shortly after the 1-minute it took me to discover that McKenna does indeed not have a full prez for us, I immediately put myself on suicide watch.

Oh don't you all worry, her grade is going to be punished effective fucking immediately.

So, let me get this straight, McKenna. You HAD an Instagram. According to the Court documents, you did. Where is it? Why did you shut-it down? Don't you want to go for Greatness and be considered for the honor roll, put in the Hall Of Famous Female Teacher Sex Scandals?!

Are you bi-polar or just fucking stupid?

You dump your career, you dump and shit on your marriage in order to have sex with a 17-year old with no job, lives with his parents, and enjoys Fortnite with da' boyz on the weekends...but you don't want the attention and the internet to know how hot you are and show all those other girls how you bagged a Chad and still "have it"?

I have to ask, is your heart really in this, McKenna?

You do know that the Looks/Presentation category is the most important, and to be honest, the only grade that really matters. It will determine your fate as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Your life is over as a wife and teacher, so why not go for it and be the best Sex Scandal Teacher, ever?

What is with you women not following through and quitting at the 11th hour?

Why do women earn less than men?

Why aren't their more female CEOs?

Why do women never get back to you in a timely fashion or ever?

Why do women need so much support, yet they all say that they are strong, brave and independent?

We haven't had a patriarchy since the 60's, so what gives ladies?



Forget McKenna grooming and having sex with a minor because she felt angst in her pussy over teen girls flirting with the hot guy in class for just a moment.

The real tragedy here is that judging by the one photo we have, McKenna is more than likely a complete, fucking, stunner. Yet, she made the choice not to share who she really is with the world and for us to get to know her better.

McKenna chose violence, never forget that.

Is she really this insecure about herself, or is she being a fucking tease and about to drop an OnlyFans soon given that her career and marriage are all but finished?

The only people who really know McKenna inside and out (gigiddy) are her husband and that 17-year old boy. Oh, and all the other guys she's banged since she was in high school.

So, realistically there are at least 15 or more men out there that can attest to McKenna's body (her personality).

It seems like that boy didn't want this to end, that's called Cockholm Syndrome:

When a female teacher's pussy is so good, it just won't let you go and you end up leaving it in because you fear for your life never being the same again.

McKenna got the D she wanted and deserved, let's hope she is happy about it.

D (May 3, 2023)

Update/ Regrade

As of March 31, 2024, we finally have some photo evidence of McKenna's stunning figure.

It's what we knew all along but could not confirm nor deny.

Women really are slow and retarded. It took McKenna a whole fucking year to get her catalog/portfolio of pictures out to the public for us to judge. Why are the hot ones always so insecure?

Regrade A( Bonerfide Stunner)

Final Comments: Upon final assessment and not having many angles to look at on McKenna, it is clear that the passion was there. However, McKenna got selfish and only thought about herself, neglecting her duties as an aspiring Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

Ladies, class, does this sound familiar?

With no presentation or pictures to be found of her half-naked body, not even one goddamn photo of her in standard white-girl yoga pants, it does pain me to call McKenna a bitch.

It is understandable that life gets busy while you are trying to fuck teen boys and hiding it from your husband, your neighbors, and the entirety of the school, but somewhere a line must be drawn. McKenna, where was your time management skills?

Why couldn't you produce a presentation for the rest of the class here? We were all looking forward to it, too, honestly. You did all that work, boning that boy and sneaking around your hubby like a commie in the night and then didn't follow through? Do you not know how this all works? Have you not seen the other thousands of Female Sex Scandal Teachers before you?

Do you need counseling and to be put on head-meds? You are suppose to keep your IG opened! This is FTSS 101 you dumb, fucking, cunt. McKenna, to make up your terrible mark you need to email me your nudes, asap! This can be worked out.

Overall Grade (Regraded as of March 31, 2024)


female teacher McKenna Kindred


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