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Hot Female Teacher, Sarah Hull-DeGroat Was Into Cosplay; Sent Nudes To A Boy Via Google Doc

Teacher Sarah Hull-DeGroat

Original Story at DailyStar

Sarah Hull-DeGroat mugshot
  • Sarah Hull-Degroat, 23, has resigned from her Oklahoma school after she allegedly used a shared Google Doc to engage in sex chats with a youngster and upload a picture of her nude breasts.

  • Sarah Hull-Degroat, 23, used the online form to have sex chats with the young pupil, court documents show.

  • A probable cause affidavit filed yesterday (Monday, December 12) showed the pair had been chatting since at least October 2022.

  • School officials were notified of the communication between the teacher. and student when software flagged words in the Google Doc relating to sex.

  • Hull-Degroat was taken into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on the charge of facilitating sexual conduct with a minor, with bond set at $50,000.


Those bags under her eyes are normal for a woman that stays-up late all night, chatting-up a teen boy, whilst simultaneously trying to find her G-spot.

Ladies, when are you going to try and fuck men your own age?

How can we expect women today to run a company, have a job and sign contracts, when they don't even understand basic law and professionalism?

Remember, we are dealing with women. They are stupid.

They are controlled by their giner tingles.

Think about it. Women have all the resources available to them. At 23-years of age, Sarah had life front-loaded to her (every man 18+ would want to fuck her), society bends over backwards for 23-year old women in their prime fertility years. Yet, what does Sarah do?

Did she:

  • Go on Amazon and buy herself a diversified portfolio of vibrators because she is horny?

  • Did she step outside her home and ask the first decent looking adult male to fuck her right in the pussy and shoot cum all over her face?

  • Did she take an hour out of her night, drive to the local college bar; bat her eyes at literally any guy in the room and signal for a quick fuck in the dingy bathroom?


Instead, she tried to groom a 15-year old school boy into having sex with her at some point; bought cosplay outfits off Amazon and wrote poems about her sexual frustrations.

Women are smart, remember?

Women always choose the path of least resistance if they can.

What is interesting here is that Sarah is not ugly, she isn't fat or obese. She isn't old or ancient for a woman (40+).

What else do we know?

Well, one red flag is that her last name is hyphenated!

Suggesting that she is either currently married or possibly divorced recently (soon-to-be I am sure).

If women hyphenate their name it is a red flag. She doesn't respect the man she is with, obviously. Also, Sarah, you're a goddamn teacher (was) for Christ sake. I could see if you were a lawyer, doctor or some esteemed and accomplished person, but a teacher?

Nobody cares. There is no reason to hyphenate your name as you have no legacy clients or business partnerships that need that credential or familiarity with a name. It's clearly a wannabe Bossbabe move. Clearly Sarah is a Libtard, Leftist, Feminist that of course likes to diddle minors. Well, she tried to at least and failed. Failure is what Libtards are known for.

Sarah couldn't even get sex with a 15-year old boy before he ratted on her, or, the school found out because of her sloppy due-diligence and ignorance of cyber tracking technologies.

C'mon, Sarah! Google Doc on the school's webserver...did you want to fail in your quest for a wet, quivering vaginal cum session with a 15 year old hormonal boy, who'd probably leave you with a bruised cervix after two pumps and a high PSI spray?

Again, may I point out the fact that Sarah is a woman?

I rest my case.

The Report Card


Sarah Degroat stands out as one of those young women who may have been the shy or quiet type; the artsy chick. Given her profile and social media presence on Instagram, Sarah appears not as your typical yoga pants wearing, spiced latte drinking, alcoholic-melancholic, white woman from North America.

Her IG is full of her paintings (some clearly Bob Ross inspired) and poems.

It's clear from her last IG poem that 'someone' (15 year old boy) had stirred some moist emotions within her. She clearly wanted that 15 year old boy to fuck her, give her a mountain moving orgasm that would surely turn her face Japanese...

A Hiroshima/Nagasaki of orgasms; this is what was on Sarah's mind since October '22.

Her main account is of course set on 'private' which is a huge mistake on her part in trying to become a great Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Marks will be deducted effective, fucking immediately for that slap in the face.

Whether or not the anime cosplay angle was a tactical move on her part in order to entice teen boys into her masturbatory enjoyment of chatting via Google Doc and sending topless nudes to a minor, it is something to address for sure.

The playbook is solid on that front. What modern teen boy isn't into anime or cosplay. Also, what teen boy doesn't like 23-year old tits and a nice feminine body?

Sarah's fault lay in her execution and a failure to game-out the scenario. After all, she is a woman. And women are not very good at long-term thinking. Only short-term gain (quick sex and to have a quivering vaginal orgasm).



With a hyphenate name, we can only assume at this point that Sarah is married.

That's a good start to her integrity grading as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher; not as a good person, though.

Sadly, Sarah did not achieve penetrative sex with her love interest. That's bad.

It's embarrassing, to be honest, respective of Sarah being 23-years old and not being quick enough to close the deal with a hormonal teen boy.

She didn't have to spend months chatting. All she had to do was show up.

It's too bad because 99% of the time, it's the quiet artsy chicks that are the best in bed. All of that pent-up insecurity gets redirected toward your cock and balls.

Sarah missed out, but let's not forget about the real victim here: The 15-year old boy..



Sarah's mugshot is one of the best we've seen in a long time. It is almost something worthy of posting to Mugshawtys.

Forget the bags under Sarah's eyes. Most women would look tired like that if they've been up all night finger-blasting their pulsating pussy, while sexting a 15-year old aspiring Chad.

Sarah's face is gorgeously symmetrical. Nice cheek bone structure and nose alignment.

A face worthy of being cummed on. As you will see, further to this, Sarah looks to also have a nice ass and legs. She seems fit for fucking. She should be; she's 23-years old.

Sarah needs to get out of the house more, stop with the anime addiction, clearly.

She could've been great out there; She could've gone for Greatness!

If it weren't for my fine detective skills and sleuthing, you guys wouldn't have any pictures today.

Sarah's grade would've suffered even more if I hadn't found that she posted Amazon customer reviews under her own name like a narcissistic idiot engrossed in her own opinions about stupid shit. She may also have slight BPD.

Again, probably great in bed. She looks like she'd give a great blowjibber.

Without further ado, Sarah is about to take the stage and strut down the runway for us, showing off her small catalogue of cosplay fashion.

Cue the music, we are go for launch.

Hit the lights...

Teacher Sarah Hull-DeGroat Anime Cosplay

This Geisha was ready to gush..

[*Narrates into stage microphone]

Back in May 2022, about five months before she started engaging in sexual texts with her 15-year old lust interest that authorities described as, 'sexual in nature', Sarah shared a review on Amazon of a Nezuko costume (whatever the fuck that is). It literally left her screaming... like literally Hitler, guys.

She states that the outfit is "Light enough for hotter days..." I guess that is helpful for female buyers whom are looking to seduce teen boys during the summer!

Gentlemen, this next one in the line-up is sure to dazzle.

Teacher Sarah Hull-Degroat

Psyched about that body...

Here we have Sarah happy and 'psyched' about this Starfire costume.

I don't know who or what Skyfire is, but I am sure teen boys would love this!

Here we can see a bit more of what Sarah has to offer in terms of a sexual object. Nice hip-to-waist ration, a slamming ass. A bit bashful, Sarah admits one of her traits is being 'small chested'. It's great for this outfit, but not great for guys whom are breast men.

That's okay though, having no tits to cum on is fine when you probably have a perfectly good pussy for that.

The Kimono is transparent, a great addition for warm nights in when one wishes to be nude in-front of a computer screen on Google Doc.

Sarah only gave this Kamando Tanjiou 4 stars. It's sad to see a white woman from North America feeling such discomfort and not being 100% happy about something all the time.

It's probably why she needed to try and fuck a teen boy in order to get her spirits lifted. The Tanjiou didn't come with leg covers apparently...she was still thrilled to have it, though! Wow.. Amazing!!

This is what women do with their time when they aren't trying to have sex with minors.

Here, Sarah states that the costume is a bit too big for her.

In an attempt to fish and garner attention from men online, whom are of course crawling Amazon reviews looking for hot women, Sarah gives specs on her body. 5'5 and 138lbs, female. Nobody needed that information, yet, Sarah provided it.

Again, women are such great and effective communicators and always provide relevant information ONLY if it involves them, their bodies and sexuality.

Again, important things first... *lists specs about her body.

Sarah liked this Demon Slayer Kocho Shinobu thingy. She claimed she would even wear it like a cardigan on a normal day. Impressive.

She loved that it is lightweight and feels real (like a teen boy).

She was "super psyched" for the rest of her cosplay to come in and states that she has not one, but yes, two closets. One for cosplay and one for normal outfits.

Sarah is a woman with two closets. So we can safely assume that 90% of her house is closet space; she eats, shits, sleeps, shaves, cums and prays all in one room perhaps the size of a bathroom.

At this point you may be wondering why such the focus on this failure of a teacher's (and Sex Scandal Teacher mind you) obsession with anime cosplay and her Amazon purchases, and their relevance to "facilitating sexual conduct with a minor".

Here is why:

  • Local anime conventions may want to red flag her and put Sarah on a watchlist.

  • Usually women whom are desperate for male attention insert themselves selfishly into male spaces on purpose.

  • It serves as a reminder that posting reviews on Amazon under your real name is never a good idea.

  • It's not as weird as some of the poetry she has posted on her IG about being in love, 'caught in the web of pleasantries and tortuous things'.


Final Notes: I am not a judge or lawyer with 'flecks of honey' in my eyes, but I'd advise Sarah, or any female teacher thinking about fucking her student, to not post artwork on social media that may 1) Allude to that relationship and 2) Confess that you're "Caught in a web of pleasantries and torturous things".

It sounds like Sarah was sexually frustrated and wanted to fuck, but knew she shouldn't or couldn't...hence why she never pulled the trigger and instead kept cybering like a teenboy fine with settling for a masturbation session.

Sarah, you didn't leave your main social media open; your Facebook is closed too.

This is sacrilegious to the whole process of becoming a legit Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

It tells us that you didn't want Greatness. Like with all women, actions speak louder than words could ever. You have a nice face; a nice body. Yet, you chose violence. You think you are above the rules? Think again. Your grade will suffer because of this.

This is unacceptable. You've let so many people down: Your family, friends, students and yes...that horny 15 year old boy. Shame on you. You can't be both a female teacher and a female sex scandal teacher. You have to choose one. You can't "Have it all, sugar tits!

Unbelievable. You could've been great. Fuck you. Detention after class. You can try to persuade me about your grade...wear that transparent Kimono with nothing under for starters and we can go from there.

Overall Grade


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