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How To Survive A Recession: The Crash

The two things you can count on in life are: Death and taxes.

Life and a socialist society is that gay, yes.

The three things you can count on in a recession are: Divorce, Defaults and death.

If you are a smart man, you don't have to participate in this gayness. Let the normie participate. You are superior.

"I've heard there is going to be a recession. I've decided not to participate."

-Walt Disney

The three Ds are what reign supreme during a recession. People default on everything; they lose everything; they kill themselves. This is called being less than zero or 'zeroed out'.

In a society where money and the flow of it is heavily relied upon to keep the system going, the collapse of that very object has dramatic consequences.

The bigger the bubble, the louder the bang.

In a deep recession you can expect people to lose their jobs, their lifestyles and their families. Money is almost everything in this life. Without it, you are immobile.

2.6 million jobs were lost in the U.S during the great recession of 2008.
Today, all of the jobs created since the crash of 2008 have now been wiped-out due to the Chinese virus and the economic calamity that has followed in its wake.

In a recession, those of whom managed to keep their jobs can expect their income to have been reduced. This means that people will be unable to pay off their mortgages or any other debts that they've incurred before, during and after.

There is a rise in panic and in fear.

Not with you, however, since you had prepared for this.

While you are waiting on the sidelines with a bounty of cash on hand, the normies are selling, selling and selling. All the while you, a smart man, are trying oh-so hard not to jizz your jeans at the sight of all the sweet, sweet, fucking sales.

People (normies) are selling their stocks, houses, cars, their dignity in the form of prostitution (Onlyfans / real sex work) in the vein and desperate hope to get by.

They're selling assets that they'd seen grow in value to extreme levels before the recession, to now see themselves selling for peanuts; to buy some tissues to wipe the cum from their faces.

Nobody is even thinking about investing their money at a time like this.

But you are.



"Never miss out on a opportunity like a good recession."

-Jack Welch

You are intelligent; you also coincidentally have a set of balls between you thighs. You are not a bitch; a woman; a pussy.

You are a man.

You've prepared for this, haven't you?

You see, behind all of that panic and fear of everyone else in the media, there is a gold mine of opportunity.


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