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Married Female Teacher, Meredith "Lyndsey" Hill, Had Sexual Contact With A Student

Pottsville teacher Meredith Lyndsey Hill

Original Story At KARK.COM

Meredith Lyndsey Hill Mugshot

  • Meredith Hill is 35 years old and married with two kids.

  • Charged with 1st-degree sexual assault with a minor.

  • Hill is a Pottsville 7th-grade science teacher and Head varsity tennis and softball coach.

  • There have apparently been rumors and accusations going on for a year.

  • Former students from another school where Hill taught are saying this isn't the first time; she had inappropriate relations with students before but was swept under the rug.


I can see why Meredith prefers to be called "Lyndsey" by her peers.

What teen boy, or man for that matter, is going to want to fuck a Meredith?

Women are all about branding themselves, and this was a good marketing move by our girl here.

To become a decent Female Sex Scandal Teacher, you must first think about your victim...sorry...your audience/customer. Mrs. Hill understands that "Oh, Meredith fuck me..yes!" just wouldn't sound right in bed. Even though Meredith is ancient in Girl World (35 years old), still, no guy wants to say their grandma's name out loud while hitting that pussy.

Honestly, it would've been extra rich if her first name was Peggy and she taught Spanish, instead.

Women Never Grow-Up, They Just Get Older

On the surface, Meredith's profile screams Liberal-Tradwife. She has the plow-horse husband with two kids in tow. Her husband clearly doesn't believe in the dark side of female nature and opted for her to work; where she could engage and fraternize with other women (divorced, single moms, and unsatisfied) whom could feed her misery and sow seeds of doubts about her marriage or influence her thinking.

The education racket is full of these types (feminist) and we've all seen it before where these gals go out for lunch and all get it into their heads that they hate their husbands and deserve to have affairs.

They tout the mantra of "free the pussy" become more "independent" and neglect their "wifey" duties in protest as they age; they move into the re-development phase and renew their interest in the Alpha.

The thing with women is that they are like the most responsible teenager in the household.

They never mature (intellectually) past high school. Female teacher's like Meredith never escape it, literally. They seem to want to relieve those old feelings of being in love for the first time and getting Chad again. A lot of it is competition anxiety which runs in the background and subconscious. Yes, boys at this stage are hormonal and a female teacher like Meredith, even though she is 35 (still looks decent) will peak their interest and no doubt some half-baked come-ons will occur. This causes the teen girls to get jealous and women like Meredith deep down, love it.

The cougar stealing the aspiring Alpha seed from her former party-girl self. For women it is all about the collection of status and resources through men. Getting a one-up on all other competition (women). It is also an ego thing, a power trip that we have discussed before with these female teachers. If they see young Chad in their class getting pawed by all the hot girls, it is in her nature to try and compete for that regardless.

If the male is mature (has seed) then the giner disregards and wants to engage. That is why we see a lot of these victims being 15-18 when libido and fertility is raging. It is also why we see a lot of the female teachers being either married or in the window of 27-35; the baby rabies, the last shot at Alpha phase.

Women have minds like teenagers, so it is no wonder how they can do these sorts of jobs day in and day out. They can relate to teens because again, they never grow-up...they just get older. Women also take the path of least resistance; hence it is super easy to form a sexual bond with a teen boy. He is horny (just like these women) and what do they have in common? An interest in sex and are like-minded in maturity. In addition, both the teen boy and a 27-30 year old female's sexual-market value are roughly the same.

It's pretty simple. Teen boys do not have great access to sex and it is all they think about. On the other side, a 30+ female also begins to have diminishing returns on her pussy and access to that pussy-pounding sex from Chad begins to go into scarcity mode.

The mature female presents herself as a path of least resistance given the fact that most girls in high school usually go for older guys (college), the average male or even the high school Chad doesn't care. If you are a boy in high-school, you are essentially trading with woodchips, unless you play sports and are an aspiring Chad/bad boy vibes.

Men have to become; women just have to show up and fuck the winners.

Most chicks in high school can be vindictive and ruthless vampires; the female teacher in the majority of these cases presents herself as the opposite; ply them with drugs, booze, gifts, being a confidant, rides to practice/school...not to mention a bottomless pit of vaginal penetration and blowjibbers.

Aka- the best girlfriend imaginable...but it's your teacher. She's older, more experienced too.

Girls have always been this way. Their power and control lay within their sexuality. Meredith is married with two kids. She has her fuck trophies with her husband and had secured her beta provisioning. It's never enough though for women. They always want more and more of what they don't have. It is a difficult balancing act: Hypergamy.

Women are always trying to optimize their need for security and their desire for prime seed getting shot-up their cum canal. It's why women try so hard to hide all the men they are fucking or trying to fuck. Eventually though, they slip up and get caught because women are horrible tacticians and planners; very short sighted and impulsive because they have a very limited window (ages 18-30ish) to capitalize on their sexuality. Beauty and fertility is a depreciating asset that women depend on. When they finally begin to realize this at 30ish that's when you start to see the hysterics and insane moves like the ones Meredith and scores of other women, pull.

The Report Card


Sadly to Meredith's grade, much is not known yet about how she groomed this student and what exactly happened with her giner and him.

We will have to wait for the court documents to be released. What we do know though is that this most likely isn't the first time Meredith has done this. And with this case in particular, the rumors had been swirling (like Meredith's tongue) for bout a year.

She obviously has a playbook/operating procedure in place. So, with that, we are expecting something good in that regards. Hopefully the details are juicy because Meredith's grade depends on it.



In this category, our girl is firing on all cylinders: Married with two kids and possibly a repeat offender gone unpunished. Maybe Meredith likes to be punished and we are all just threating her with a good time?

Saundra, you need to come forward and give us your stunning and brave testimonial. Email us. More pictures would be a plus in delivering justice to Meredith...bikini pics, yoga pants...anything besides a fucking sundress. Thanks.

The only pictures I could find were surprisingly through the Pottsville Junior High website on Lyndsey Hill's profile. No social media whatsoever, though. This is truly slickening as far as trying to become a Female Sex Scandal Teacher and going for Greatness!



Meredith Lyndsey Hill Pottsville

Meredith "Lyndsey" Hill. I don't know what to say other than that your presentation that you handed in is average at best. Your wardrobe selection is lazy, you had maybe two outfits! None of which are flattering or show of your bosom properly, legs and ass.

This is no time to be shy or timid. I mean, you presumably fucked a teen boy so we know you aren't modest in the slight. This is why I hate covering female sex scandal teachers above the age of 27: They take down their social media or it is just filled with pictures of their kids. Super boring and uninspiring. Average. Just like Meredith. Is that why she wanted some extra fun on the side with a teen boy, one who could power-jack her pussy into the next solar system? Dig that dusty ditch out like the undertaker?

Pottsville, Arkansas is a very small and tight community....unlike Meredith's pussy.

A town of about 3,000 people. Majority white (83%) and some 9% Hispanic. Median household income is super povo ($32,000.00). The demographics favors the young to middle age, so there should've been plenty of men around her age to have pussy pounding affairs with. 37% of the pop is between the ages of 18-44. Again, for women it is all about proximity and who their social group is. In this case, Meredith spent most of her time at work...with horny teen boys, some probably gay male teachers and a lot of feminists.

Let's now take a look at the most important thing that is going to make or break Meredith's grade: Her looks.

Meredith "Lyndsey" Hill teacher

This is Meredith when she first started; most likely before she got fat from getting married and having two crumb-crunchers with her hubby.

Not bad. She has a big sniffer though and a high forehead which seems to be a big physiognomy trend with women behaving poorly in sexual terms. Imagine saving up a three day load and doing 8 ropers on that thing. Wow.

For being a tennis/ soft ball coach, seems like Meredith is the one who needs to do more laps around the field.

She's okay for 35, not hitting it out of the park though.

Meredith "Lyndsey" Hill Teacher

This pic is almost 4 years old, we need more recent ones to determine guilt factor. Had she lost weight and started wearing yoga pants? She is a slump-buster at best here. Fit though for a hormonal teen boy.

If this is the trend, I can see why Meredith neglected to have a social media or keep one active. Truly depressing here, I can now understand why the public is so upset/up-in-arms about all of this. We expect better from our Female Sex Scandal Teachers!

As with a lot of women, everything looks great on the surface of things. Behind closed doors is always a different story. Most of women's lives is what we call 'window dressing' and sales job. Nice looking family, and yet she blew it like she did on that teen boy. All because her pussy gave her tingles.

It's no wonder women make terrible investors and can't stop spending money. Such short-term thinkers and mooners. Why do most female-led and run businesses fail? One word: Emotions.

If a woman runs her marriage instead of the man, failure is the end result. If men are egalitarian and let women dictate the terms of marriage, the divorce laws and the court system, failure is the end result. Women do not care about things, systems or people. The only thing they care about is how it is affecting them and how it either supports and gets in the way of their hypergamous nature.

Meredith "Lyndsey" Hill Pottsville teacher

If you look very closely, you can see that Meredith is wearing hooped earrings. We all know what that means.


Final Notes: We've had a few Female Sex Scandal teacher's from very small towns in America as of late. A very interesting trend. We can understand why the school board tried to keep this one quiet for as long as possible, even going so far as to not get in front of the story and notify parents first. Rather, they let the students find out first via social media. Nice one, morons.

It just goes to show the lengths at which the Matrix and system go so far as to protect women in our society and keep their misconduct in the shadows; the true nature of women and their sexuality.

Meredith, sugar tits. Listen. I know you are 35 and might be ashamed of your body as it begins to succumb to the greatest oppressors (Gravity & Father Time). But seriously, you aren't that bad in some of the pics where you are of reasonable weight.

It is hard to tell the timeline of these photos so, if you truly want to be great and go for Greatness, you need to fire up Instagram or do Onlyfans now! Show us what we are missing here.

Or, hopefully, the victim comes forward and tells us your romance novel-esq life with him. Preferably a slide-show or something with more visuals of you, because we here are visual learners. The class would appreciate more visuals as we are all a tad bit let down by this "presentation" you put forth to us here. It is sub-par at best.

This is suppose to be about you, not your family. This is about you in a bikini, leggings...showing off what got you into so much trouble. What is all the fuss about? Is your pussy tight? Do you give the best blowjibbers out of the whole town of 3k people?

Your homework is to give me 1000 laps around the track and drop 50lbs in a fortnight. Then, we may have a deal about improving your presentation grade and you putting your mouth and sliz around my cock and seeing what all the fuss is about.

Overall Grade


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