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Raychard Brooks Was A Child-Abuser; Our Society Worships Criminals And Feelings Over Facts

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Now that all the simple bullshit is out of the way for all the losers, haters and Low-IQ stalkers out there (we know who you all are, by the way), let us begin.


Since the Left are always about "raising awareness" and "starting a conversation", well, let's start one now!

Oh, but what the Left forgets to tell you is that you must start "the right" conversation....meaning if they[the Left] doesn't like your opinion or views(criticism), it is not the "right conversation". Ironically, that is called being intolerant of others!

The Left are a bunch of hypocrites, we already knew that though.

"Calling a White person a 'racist'[R-word] today is the equivalent of calling a Black person the N-word "

We have a society full of losers, defending child-beaters while at the same time deeming it is OK to protest but not reopen the economy at full-steam.

Nobody even understands what the word 'racism' means anymore. It has become a meaningless word at this point. Anything anyone does now can be considered 'racist' because the Left has now allowed the term to be subjective to how they feel about certain people at that time.

Leftists can go fuck themselves and enjoy the new world that they have created; a world that will eat them alive at some point. Communism always ends in millions of lives lost. Black lives matter? Under communism, only the state matters. Good luck!

All Lives Don't Matter at this point. At this point at least 80% of society needs a kick in the fucking head due to this full-retard display of cognitive dissonance.

Raychard brooks is the latest piece-of-shit to be used by the far Left media to accelerate the evisceration of Western society's once great empire. An empire that produced inventions and technology that came from the minds of mainly Anglo-European men. White heterosexual men mainly produce everything that is great. That is not racist, or hate against anybody else, it's just a fact.

Being great means putting points on the board. The excuse de jure is that Black people aren't recognized or are "underrepresented" in the West because "the White man is oppressing them" and barring them from achievement somehow.

If minorities are truly equal, then why does society have to continuously bail them out, give them 'reparations', diverse hiring practices, etc? Equality of opportunity is all fine and good as long as it's based in merit.

Now, with that said, you are not guaranteed equal outcomes. There will be losers and winners; people who are better than you. You have nobody to blame but yourself after given equal opportunity. So, fuck off. That goes for everyone.

Even when "White" countries (no such thing anymore) come to help with trillions of dollars in aid, Africa still can't get their shit together!

Even Black people in Africa think that things were better under Apartheid!

Just like with women: You can give them all the gimme-dats and opportunity, but they still struggle to achieve success for themselves.

Again, equal opportunity is a lot different than equality of outcomes.

Everyone today has equal opportunity. The problem is, people are all different. That is the huge problem with the whole "equality" movement. It is impossible with humans.

Fuck, women and Black people are given jobs and free rides just because of their skin color or what's between their legs. Which ironically, is sexist and racist all in one go! How progressive!

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. That is all the whining you are witnessing today in da streets. It's losers who don't understand that outcomes are not equal among everyone. There will be losers and there will be winners. However, it seems our society is trending toward everyone being losers and celebrating it. Being a fucking loser is now success!

Being a winner is somehow "toxic" and "racist".

No, you are just a fucking loser. Get over it.

"Fuck you Raychard. Your kids are glad you are dead, you fucking child-abuser, loser, deadbeat fuck!"

- All people, secretly

And fuck George Floyd, another loser criminal who you shouldn't celebrate.

Choke on it. You can't breath? Take off your masks, you idiots!

If you are in the da streets using these hideous men as martyrs, then you are low IQ.

It is also just a fact that Black people have lower IQ intelligence. Again, not racist, just fact. If you think that fact is racist, then you are a moron and hate reality. When a libtard says anything is "racist" or "hate" understand that what they hate is reality.

Black people aren't oppressed by White people; Black people oppress themselves.

What other race kills each other in the thousands over sneakers every year?

Black Lives Don't Matter, Apparently

Raychard Brooks was serving 7-years in jail for abusing his children, and was out on parole, drunk driving (for at least the second time) when he was killed by police for assaulting an officer and putting his life in danger.

Did you read that, libtard? Brooks abused his own kids and put other peoples lives in danger with his drinking and driving. Brooks thought that even his own family's life didn't matter; he abused his kids.

Our society cares more about what is "racist" than child abuse. The media portrayed Brooks as a "loving father"; the facts show that Brooks loved abusing his kids and the bottle while behind the wheel.

Brooks' life didn't matter to him; his Black life didn't matter either. Not our words, but through his own actions.

This man got turned into Swiss cheese. As his blood dripped like ketchup from his mouth to the pavement, the most pressing question one would've had for this loser was, "Would you like fries with that, sir?"

Fucking, loser. That's one less welfare check to send out! That's once less criminal we have to pay for to the tune of $60k a year!

Raychard Brooks, along with his brotha George Floyd, were both criminals. Our society, apparently, loves to celebrate and hold these pieces-of-shit up as heroes?

De-fund the police? How about we de-fund the welfare state?

The other reason why Blacks want the police to be de-funded is because the police keep catching Blacks committing crime!

Blacks want to roam free in the streets so they can sell their drugs and kill each other in peace. Oh wait, they are rioting....and the police are doing nothing about it!

This is what it will look like if you de-fund the police. that's the world I want to live in!

Look at how Black people make America great... a picture is worth a thousand words.

Get ready America, and the West. Take a look at Africa or Valenzuela. That's your future if you keep it up.

This is how mentally-ill our world is.

Our society now celebrates, no, embraces losers. The West imports losers daily, slowing spreading a cancer through the system and causing the erosion of greatness from the inside out.

Low IQ-ism, it's whats for breakfast! Hope you like eating out of a trash bin and calling it "organic" you Liberal fucking cock-suckers!

Atlanta burns to the ground because Atlanta is full of Black people. Remember from our 'Hate facts' that poverty is not a predictor of crime; race is the best measure.

But again, they (white Liberals) have good reason to fear Blacks. Blacks make up only 12% of the population in America, but commit the majority of crime.

Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty. Source:

We have Black people now in Atlanta burning down their own city, which has a Democrat for a Mayor; a city that has only had exclusively black mayors since the mid-1970s. Rioting and chatting in the streets , "Fuck Donald Trump!".

By the Left's own definition of racism, Atlanta is thus racist for only having Black mayors.

We understand that Blacks are angry about how you've failed each other as a group, but what does the killing of a criminal (Raychard Brooks) have to do with Donald Trump?

Let's look at how great these "protesters" are.

Yup, these people are MAGA. 136 x more likely to commit greatness against Whites!

Blacks are 136 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than vice versa. Source:

Hm, savagely beating a White man for just being White! Where is CNN? Where is Skynews? Where is the police? Welcome to the jungle, welcome to your planet of apes.

Oh right, I forgot about the standard Losers Handbook: When anything goes wrong in your own pathetic, worthless life, always blame the White man and ask for handouts from said White man.

You people have your Air Jordan's so far up your fucking asses that you can't even see that even Raychard's Brooks' children are glad he is dead!

Apparently, this man's live didn't matter to why should it matter to anyone?

How can anyone take Black people seriously when they can't do it for themselves?

Did George Floyd or Raychard Brooks deserve to be killed?

Ask yourself, does it look like either of those guys really cared?

Protesting Is The Latest Fad

Fads are for fags, and women.

Most of those 'protesting' are women. In fact, we have noticed a lot of white women (libtards) in the mix. They are the new war-brides. Virtue-signalling to the Blacks that they pure as a survival mechanism.

Women, especially white women, fear Black people. Women are thus racist by the Left's own definition.

Protesting is a fad, now.

Women love fads because they are collectivist in nature.

Did this woman solve anything important?

Yeah, she got attention.

Yup, this woman above sure solved "racism" with her twerking.

Remember, this woman votes.

Democracy isn't the answer. Government isn't the answer. Why?

Again, the woman above votes.

If you allow people with low IQ, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic etc, to vote then expect to win stupid prizes. 80% of society should not vote.

Why are so many women (a lot of White women) protesting?

They have a good reason to fear Black people as White women are more likely to be raped by a Black man.

That's "racist", therefore, white women protesting are racist toward Black people. White women are professionals at cognitive dissonance.

White women are joining the protests, not because they genuinely care about Black lives, but because they care about their own; White women are the most privileged of species on planet earth.

Over 100 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by Black men every day in the United States. Source:

White women are not your friends. Women, in general, are solipsistic. If women ever get behind a "cause" know that it is to serve their own self-interest. White women from North America have the internalized belief that they too are oppressed, just like Black people!

Just like Blacks, women oppress themselves and are their own worst enemy when it comes to progress.

So, what you have are two groups in society competing, side-by-side, for the trophy of apex victim.

In Hollywood, California, the other day they painted "All Black Lives Matter" in honor of Pride month? All of these losers are competing against each other and is the reason why these protests will go nowhere. There will be infighting among the Blacks, women and Gays.

In this display of "solidarity" it seems to me that the Blacks feel that they are superior than the Gays by co-opting Gay month.

Liberals value the lives of Black people and foreigners more than the lives of White people and Americans. Source:

If you value one life (because of skin color) over the lives of others, that makes you a racist. Liberals are thus, racist. Liberals are not about 'equality' if they think only Black lives matter. Liberals are mentally-ill, fuckwits.

In the hierarchy of 'victims', this is what it looks like:

  • White Women

  • Black people

  • Gay people

With the "protests" in Canada, it's mainly White people virtue-signalling. Notably, White women making the most noise.

The same women who told everyone to stay-home-save-lives.

The same women who ratted on their neighbors for having more than 5 people gather.

The same women who applauded the snitch programs and creamed their panties when somebody got fined $1000.00 for breaking 'social distancing' laws.

Young people who advocate for social justice are less tolerant than their peers. Source:

What ever happened to the Covid-19, did is just magically vanish overnight?

Oh right, it's not as deadly as the 'experts' claimed! Yet, all you morons keep destroying the economy over it. Yet, somehow you feel it's perfectly fine to allow people to protest, but not protest the draconian laws and lock-down by freely gathering as you please, have a house party, a kegger, go fucking camping from Christ sake, air-travel like a normal person without the fucking gag-order.

So let me get this straight (not gay), it's still not OK to have more than 10 people gather or over at your house in Ontario, Canada, but OK to have protests of 100's or thousands of people in Toronto?

Cognitive dissonance, to the extreme. Low IQ.

Again, our society has a mental-illness and it is called Liberalism.

There is a clear agenda a foot.

It's called: Pander to the Blacks and minorities; erase everything that was amazing: White culture. Call anything White people do racist because they are White....which is racist.

Liberals view themselves as more compassionate than they really are. Source:

Since the Left have gone full-1984 with their floating definitions of what is 'racist' (anything that is of native Anglo-Western culture), there is a simple solution to this: Beat them at their own game.

If someone, a libtard, calls you are racist, sexist, bigot or any "ist" from now on, simply ask, "Why am I a it because I am White?"

If they say, "Yes". They are racist.

If they say nothing, call them a racist and throat punch them, because from here on out calling a White person a racist, sexist, or bigot is the equivalent of calling him a n*gger.

Stay savage, my friends.


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