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Struggles Of A Zero-Fucks, Author: 2020 Has Been Awful, I'm 14k Shy Of Making Six-Figgys This Year!

Mein goal for this year was to earn six-figures in just the stock market.

Let's hope the next two months are more solid than an iron cross, because as of now, I'm around (call it) 14k short...and I might just gas myself...while I sip on some fine Ale over here at HQ.

Mein Kampf!

Now, to be fully honest, if I included all of the revenue from mein book(s) royalties and the one side gig I do, I would easily be pushing over six-figgys for the year.

But that was not the goal!

The goal was to make six-piggy-figgys in just the stock market.

This is unacceptable to mein standards!

Now I know exactly how a Jew must feel when he is short a dollar....or 14k of them. I feel your pain, Jew.

Jew and I, we are similar in our Kampfs.

You can imagine how much I am fuming right now, burning inside.

How Did This Hindenburg-esq Disaster Unfold?

Around early February of this year, I was in the gassy midst of planning mein kampfy Vegas trip(Hefeweizen makes you fart a lot). A trip I take every Spring and Fall, to then making a month-long stop in Florida for the Christmas holidays.

While planning that trip last Spring, I was already aware of the Chinese flu that was bound to spread into the deepest orifices' of the USA. Like in the Hunt For Red October, The Chinese flu ran silent and deep for a while; like how I fucked your mom last night.

I went to Vegas anyway, knowing that the models would have the U.S fully infested with China-aids by mid-March.

I was correct.

Mein Kampfy Vegas trip was planned perfectly; no more than a week after I returned, the shit-hit-the-fan.

Knowing this was going to happen, along with the ensuing stock market crash, I sold most of my portfolio at a profit and sat on all the dry powder until mid-April, ready to deploy all that cash once the bottom was in.

For those couple of months I researched, and did mein DD (due-diligence for all the morons lurking) on sectors and companies that would go parabolic (like my cock before fucking your wife-stitute) during a health crises/pandemic: Telehealth being a biggy to get me to the six-figgy.

Telehealth is huge, unlike a mangina's clit-dick, and will be for the foreseeable future even if the Chinese Flu magically disappears as fast at it came.

A disappearing act, like my cock going into your 'faithful' gf's pussy that one night you went out to celebrate Biden's "win" with your mangina buddies.

Along with telehealth, obviously online retail stocks win big, home fitness (Peloton), sports betting apps/online gambling, health & wellness to name a few.

From mid-April to now, I've made the most money in the history of my investing life. This is terrible, because even if I wanted to travel, party and be free as one should, it is impossible to fully enjoy the fruits of mein labor.

Arbeit macht frei

Work will set you free?

Not anymore. Not with the Chinese flu, and all the Karens freaking out.

While all the normie-morons were out rioting and "peacefully" killing people in the streets all summer long, I was understand why the vast majority of people were so miserable; whining about being poor, oppressed; being losers.

Now I understand what it is like to struggle, too.

This is Mein Kampf.

I am struggling to make the six-figgys that all those Leftist, commie fucks want, without doing anything.

I literally Hitler, have almost made six-figures this year by pressing a few buttons (and using mein evil man-brain). Sometimes it can be such a struggle to punch in my trading password after confirming my buy/sell orders, all the while making sure I don't run out of beer in the fridge. Thankfully there is an app that lets me ship beer to mein lair's door-step. The real struggle though is having to walk down the staircase to the front door to get said beer from the delivery man.

The kampfs never end!

I asked myself some super-duper, tough questions this year:

Is the stock market sexist and racist?

Can only White heterosexual males invest and trade in said markets?

After spending many hours....drinking and getting my schnitzel sucked-off by any one of the three women I have on rotation in the bullpen, I came to a stunning and brave conclusion: Nein, Fraulein!

So then I asked meinself the super-cereal question of: Then why are all these losers complaining about being poor and hopeless, when anyone can invest and go for greatness? Oh, right....math is a tool of the patriarchy!

Answering this particular question is also super-duper tough, when you are getting distracted by some ditz sucking your schnitz.

Finally, though, after months of deliberation, I came up with the best answer possible: Who. Gives. A. Fuck.

Not mein problem, or responsibility.

I have mein own struggles, obviously.

While The Low-IQ Normie Suffers, I Struggle

80% percent of people throughout this "pandemic" chose to be lazy and not capitalize on a once-in-a-life time, trade. That is one them. Most people this year, instead of using all of this spare time to be productive and innovative, chose weakness and fear, instead of strength; the German and Reich way.

You can see it everywhere; most people have gained 50lbs or more over the Summer and Fall 2020. Women, especially, have gone down hill even further.

Have you been outside lately?

You'd think you were at SeaWorld seeing all those Shamus!

Western women feel oppressed

when their McDonalds order is taking longer than it should

As the normie suffers from obesity and early onset of cardio-vascular disease, which you are far more likely to die from than the Chinese Flu, I then have to struggle via exposing my eyes to these fat, fugly, and rotund abominations.

This is a full-on assault to the senses.

The irony-cross of the Left is: That because of their ideology and lifestyle choices, they will end up sucking the cocks of those they claim to hate (jealous of) for money.

The life of a Leftist libtard never changes unless they change. It doesn't matter who is President, or how many times they get hired through "Are you colored, a post-op lesbian tranny, or have a vagina?" hiring practices, they will always fail because of their mindset, integrity and lack of merit.

Whether that is literally Hitler, or figuratively through the government welfare system, they all end-up sucking on a schnitzel one way or another.

Being poor is a choice. Ideology can never trump reality, universal laws, and sexual dimorphism. Too many people are ego-invested in their ideology and ignore the paths they need to take, given the cards they are dealt.

Make better decisions, spend your time wisely instead of jerking-off to Twitter and celebrating who the next stooge-in-office is going to be. Is your life going to change because of who got elected? Nein.

It won't, because you aren't DOING ANYTHING TO CHANGE IT.

Do you really think that if you suck on Biden's preverbal shriveled, pedo cock, he will "put you on". Big Daddy government will put you on....welfare and into extreme poverty, so they can control you that much more.

Did you really think that Kamala 'camel-toe' Harris, being the first Black-lesbian-Asian-post-op-Tranny Vice prez is going to have any nominal effect on your socio-economic status, and miserable life?

Or does it just make your feelz tingle?

Most Canadians Are Losers, Are You Surprised?

Up here in Canada, you would be amazed at how many people base their entire lives on what Donald Trump is doing or saying, and he isn't even our leader!

If you live in Canada, the only reason why you should be paying any modicum of attention to the U.S elections is either:

A) You have investments or exposure to the U.S (dual citizen)

B) You are a frequent traveler/partier (like I am) to the U.S

Other than those two things, if you are a Canadian, and you deeply care weather or not Biden beats Trump, you are the biggest loser. If there were a case for suicide, that would be it.

Seriously. I have more respect for whiny Jews than Canadians emoting and caring about if Trump gets booted out. If you are a Canadian, and are cheering on (pre-maturely) Biden beating Trump because of muh feelz, understand that is the Gayest thing you could ever do as a person, who is not even a citizen of the United States.

American's already know that Canada is a shit-hole, and most people up here in Canada are Gayer than fuck, and are the biggest losers of life on the world stage, they don't need you proving that any further.

Canada is the U.S on 'easy mode'.

Canadians, especially Canadian women, are severely under-fucked in this country; that is why they hate Trump so much. Only someone so sexually deprived could care that much about one man, in a country that they don't even live in. Trump to women is like an ex-boyfriend.

As for the manginas in Canada who hate Trump, they are equally sexually deprived and hope their emoting will get them some pussy from their equally sexually deprived women.

The only reason why I, literally Hitler has to watch America and the greater West is:

A) I am a writer/triggerist ( focused on Western culture/trends).

B) I own shares in companies (13) with big exposure to the U.S.

Any other Canadian (peon), who envelops themselves, and lets Trump stay in their head rent free, is a faggot.

Any Canadian who cheered the other day because the media 'projected' Biden as the President-elect, is queer, and obviously leads a life emptier than the ovens at Auschwitz, now.

A lot of People (pre-maturely) Ejaculated In American Streets, Yesterday

On Nov 7th 2020, a lot of Leftists jizzed in their pants (pre-maturely). It just goes to show how long Leftists had been wanting to blow their load; four years being pent-up; A Blue wave of cum.

Do you want to know how many losers had a $5.99 bottle of Cook's (all Leftist can afford) chilled in the fridge, to then be popped in the streets?

Do you want to know how many of them went back inside of their over-priced, California lofts to subsequently masturbate to orgasm, until drained of all bodily fluids with the image and thought of "winning".

Nobody has won yet. Nobody will know until it is officially called by the Electoral College. Either way, nobody wins anything. Your life will still be empty and meaninglessly filled with ideology and politics.

The only winner is the government.

You will be sucking the government cock even more when your taxes are raised if those two are officially confirmed for the White House by the Electoral College in a month's time.

Instead you should be spending your time (like I have) in learning how to avoid paying any taxes. Paying taxes is not only GayAf, but it is anti-freedom.

The more taxes you allow the government to take from you, the more of a homo you are.

All of my gains in the stock market cannot be taxed by the Canadian government if it is in a TFSA trading account.

That means the parasites (Government and Welfare snap-fucks) will not see a cent. Women will not see a dime of my gains via subsidies for their feminist causes and non-profit piece-of-shit ventures; the ones I choose to spend time with get my time, and at most a $5 pint of beer...and the Schnitzel (if you know what I mean).

Taxation is theft, literally Hitler.

While you are celebrating in the streets, instead of "peacefully" rioting like you did in the summer, I am making a decent fortune for a minimalist, my dear Leftist commie parasites.

Like many of mein readers (the men, not the fat, fugly, spies) you have most likely been working out, and also trying to attain the other '6': Six-pack abs.

This year I am all about the triple, evil 6's.

6 figures

6 pack abs

6 pack (beer).

People always ask me, "How do you stay in shape all the time... you drink, sit and write all day long?!"

It's called being superior, asshole.

You should try it sometime!

Until next time, auf wiedersehen!


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