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TEENAGE DREAM: Teacher's Assistant, Allyssa Gustafson, Makes 14-year-Old's Fantasy A Reality

Original story at The News Gazette

URBANA — A former teacher’s assistant at an Urbana school for children with behavioral difficulties has been charged with sexually assaulting a student.

Allyssa E. Gustafson, 23, of Mattoon, formerly of Champaign, was arraigned Tuesday on one count of criminal sexual assault, a Class 1 felony. The charge filed Friday alleges that between March 1 and Aug. 32, 2019, Gustafson had sex with a 14-year-old male student at the Circle Academy in Urbana, where she was employed. Alferink said the case was investigated by Champaign police, who learned that Gustafson and the teen communicated through Facebook Messenger, and later via Snapchat. In the messages, Gustafson expressed concern that others at the school may have found out about their alleged encounters. Police also discovered that Gustafson allegedly sent the teen photos of herself in lingerie and a swimsuit.

[Alfernik] said police had information that Gustafson and the teen had sex about five times toward the end of last school year.

The boy’s mother saw the photos and said she remembered seeing Gustafson at their home once but thought that she was a high school senior.

The last messages from Gustafson to the alleged victim instructed him to delete their exchanges and told him she would have to block him.


A classic love story for the ages: Allyssa, with issues of her own (we'll get to those) took a job straight-out of college at a school for children with behavior problems; falls in love with a young thug/future carjacker; sucks and fucks him 5-times underneath the nose of the victim's incompetent mother who lacked the basics in parenting skills.

Before we get into what all of you came here to witness (the cornucopia of pics), we first need to take our seats and learn some key lessons from all of this regarding the mind of these horny female teachers.

Quiet in the back....let us begin. Class is in session.

Allyssa's Profile:


✔️It's complicated/baby-daddy?


✔️Has a kid


✔️Hot bod

✔️Pre-Wall hitter



Summary & Investigation

This case took a bit of time. I wanted it to marinate and drip continual evidence to me.

Like a good steak, you want to wait a bit before you sink your teeth into its tender, juicy contents. Let it sit, stew in its own juices on the plate...much how Allyssa stewed in her own before finally getting a ticket to board the Boney Express; straight to Fucktown for a 5-time layover.

Like any o'l case, I begin like a homeless man... by scavenging and sifting through the garbage pile that is the internet, looking for that one big break; put all the pieces together; paint the steamy Monet that is Allyssa's love story.

At first, I found various pics that were not up to snuff. Allyssa's story had been shamefully undervalued by the media; I found maybe two news outlets that covered it. She deserves better. She needs more attention, I thought.

After all, for a woman, what is life without getting attention? You mine as well end it all.

Attention is a girl's lifeblood; cock re-enforces her existence.

Like the professional that I am, I dug. Deeper than that 14-year-old boy did into Allyssa's throbbing snatch...

I waited....longer than that 14-year-old boy had to in order to see the goodies in store.

I needed access to Allyssa, but would she let me slide inside her private... personal space? Get to know her, inside and that teen?

That was the question, class. Yes, me, a complete stranger who wanted to poke and to peak. I figured, she let some 14-year-old slide in....why not give it a shot?

That is boldness; this is bravery.

So, I fired-up all the parameters: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Youtube.

Here at The Red Island FTSS detective office, I hired a crack team of tech nerds to create a believable burner account: Hot male model with chiseled abs who enjoys travelling for work, often to exotic locales.

Found her Facebook; 'Friend Request Sent'.

Found her Instagram; 'Friend Request Sent'.

Took a walk to the liquor store; grabbed a six-pack and waited. Not wasting anytime while waiting for Allyssa to accept the probe, the fruits of combing Youtube had ripened: I found some old shitty videos of her and a friend attention-whoring back in high school.

Alas, progress was made; the real work would soon begin...

Sliding in never felt so good....

The real work had begun: Staring and scrolling endlessly through pictures. It's not easy being a FTSS detective, but crime never naps or calls in a woman.

Crime is like the Universe: A vast, dark emptiness; always expanding.

Just like Allyssa's vagina.

Her Facebook pics were a huge letdown as she employed the tactic of using her kid as a shield and virtue-signal. Almost like how an armed bank robber uses a hostage in order to wavier the eager trigger-finger of a SWAT sniper.

It doesn't take a brave, strong woman to be a mom and raise a kid. It's called being an adult/responsible. Billions of women have done it throughout all of mankind.

You are not special.

You want to know what strong and brave looks like?: Me, sitting and sifting through a bunch of photos I can't even use from her FB. Talk about, agony!

Too many mom & kid pics; I couldn't pull the trigger. However, like a good sniper you must relocate and find a better 'platform' in order to get those juicy, sexy head-shots (body shots too).

'Friend request'...accepted. You can all thank me later.

It was pure mayham. I was shooting left and right: Bikini pic here, titty shot there, midriffs everywhere!. Allyssa's life flashed before my eyes!

My trigger finger was bleeding by the end of it all: Carpal tunnel had set in. It was worth it, we got what we needed for the greater good.

Oh, the humanity!

The Report Card

Methodology: Combing through her past, it appears that Allyssa had an affinity for the thugs; getting pumped and dumped most likely, numerous times over the course of years.

She had a child well before her real love story even began. With constant quotes and lamenting about her former lover (possible father of her child), Allyssa displayed all the characteristics of a woman scorned by her own vetting process, or lack of. Chose to keep the kid and do away with the primary inseminator.

It is not known when the new boyfriend (or original Babby-daddy?) came into the recent picture, however, judging by the timestamps, he has stuck around even after finding out about Allyssa's wayward moment (5 times) with a minor.

Longing for that past thugcock she once had, Allyassa started to moisten and drip for a maladjusted 14-year-old aspiring delinquent, that was in need of guidance and help from a trusted authority figure. Allyssa provided that help by guiding his cock toward any slippery orifice that yearned to be filled.

The boy needed a warm, wet hug; a female teacher so horny that the only clear remedy was to clear her head by banging it against the headboard of a 14-year old's bed.

Enter, Allyssa Gustafason.

She went above and beyond the job description. Adding the boy on various social media, enticing him (and all of us, frankly) with her sweet, sweet bod and lingerie photos.

Allyssa fooled everyone, even herself. Like a chameleon, our gurl slipped past the inept guard (the boy's mom) by wearing a clever disguise: She looks like she'd be in high school, too. With a fertile wag of the hips, mom just thought her boy was digging-out a HS senior, instead of a teacher.

I am no expert in parenting, but c'mon mom! They never talked?

How does that work, exactly?

“Hello, you fecund blonde. I’m his mom. You must be some alternative, progressive high school senior hanging out with my 14-year-old. You both are probably not going to bang in my house. No need to elaborate. I have no questions. I’m just going to be watching ‘Ellen’. Hope you had a nice visit. Come again soon!”



Allyssa had a kid of her own; she's either a single-mom with a betacuck provider or has the baby-daddy back in her talons. Who knows?

You know how in the ’80s and ’90s they’d make movies where Michelle Pfeiffer would be given a class of 'at-risk' youth and related to them by showing them how poetry is just like rap or something?

Allyssa tried more of a 2010’s approach: By sending this one kid lingerie shots and then banging him at his mother’s house five times. She even met the mom, who mistook her for a high school senior. Never said a thing, didn't come clean at that crucial moment.

There are teachers out there who did more, but none of them have Gustafson’s natural abilities.

Cheats/goes behind the dude's back in order to get her guts rearranged by a dysfunctional, hormonal 14-year-old who'd gladly pump that pussy all day long if he could.

Claims to be a follower of Christ.

Her last encounter with the victim was a request via text to destroy all the evidence off their phones.

Sometimes the dirty ones never want to come clean; Allyssa would rather just cum.

Need we go on?



Why do these police station cameras always have a “Meth Tweeker” filter that gets used all too often? Allyssa’s selfie game speaks for itself.

She will recover, below. Although, we do have to be honest here while we give this most crucial and important grade out of all the categories: She isn't a brown-bagger.....but her face isn't the best we have ever seen here.

Her body speaks for itself, though. No wonder some deadbeat wanted to blow one in there, bare. Very fertile, indeed. The hip-to-waist ratio says, "I am about to drop an egg, fuck me!"

Allyssa, given her well-rounded profile, demonstrates the following: Attention-seeking, drama-filled, Alpha-widowed teen mom (She had her son in her late teens).

Tried to get her life together after being dumped and having a kid, by working out and becoming a fitchick(good on her), was in college and working.

All of that stress will manifest in a woman's loins. She needed excitement again; risk. What is more riskier than banging a teen and reliving your most fondling memories: Banging at your boyfriend's mother's house behind her back when you were in HS.

Women never grow up. Their fantasies stay the same, caught in a time loop of horny-ness. The faces change, the sex doesn't.

Maybe if she'd post more revealing photos, Chad will come back ....

No nip-slip Tramp tat✔️ she going to strip for us?

Such as tease.....Allyssa shows us her 'farmer's daughter' side.

Allyssa...showing us her 'College girl' motif.

Allyssa, practicing feeling The Wall...before she eventually hits the metaphorical.

Feel it, know it, get familiar with it. It is your destiny!

Alright....let's see this "Upgrade" she is talking about.

I am thinking...Lambo?

I am no car expert....but our definitions of 'Upgrade' are at a crossroad.

Is he the 'daddy' or is that what his new title is aside from 'boyfriend'?

Your life is the sum of all the choices you made....God can't save you.

Edit: "Dear God, I don't ask that you make my life easier.....but I ask you to give me the strength to go out and buy a better camera and learn lighting 101 from a E-thot on Youtube."

This is how I imagine all modern go-gurls take their baths....

Let's be honest, Allyssa is both the 'creator' & 'coordinator' of her own chaos...

This one is interesting and it speaks volumes. Her son is her 'little man' in that he fills the void in her life. A woman, regardless, needs to feel that she is valued by men. Her son is a vessel or vehicle to let the world know that another man once broke her heart and that this little guy reminds her of that, everyday.

Her words above are not for you, for me or for the world....if you read between the lines the words she had written are directed toward her ex that got her preggers and left her. Women sub-communicate all the time in this round-about way. It is also a way for her to rational hamster away any regrets she had in getting some guy to shoot cum deep inside her pussy, get pregnant and then fill her life with all the burdens that come with single-teen mommyhood.

Oh right, I the summer outfit.

Let's be real....she stopped her workout to diddle herself...

Instagram never shows the realities...

Lots of girls like to 'cuddle their puppy' to "de-stress".

Wait...did Alyssa watch the movie Lifeguard starring Kristen Bell, to then use it as a blueprint for her own life?

Short version of that film: Kristen Bell's character bangs a teen boy.

Tick tock....hop on teen cock...I wonder when the clock will stop?


Overall Grade




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