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THAT'S GRATITUDE!: Pedo Female Teacher, Brittany Zamora DIVORCES Husband Who Stood By Her

Let's recap.

We first covered the wild and salacious story of Brittany Zamora when it first broke years ago.

We rated, graded and berated her in the classic fashion to which we here are known for.

Fast forward to just a few days ago, to no surprise, news breaks of her divorcing the very husband that stupidly stood by this her throughout the whole ordeal.


This is such a prime, perfect example of how women operate. Their love is not unconditional. Her husband's love was.

Women are the most responsible teenager in the household. I have said this 1000x over. Women are like children; give them an inch, they will take a mile.

Too bad this husband didn't read any of my books or blog, it could've saved him from a life a ruin and now financial struggle.

Brittany Zamora, 29, was jailed for 20 years, but she is now believed to have been grooming a second child victim, promising to send him nudes and asking about his genitals.

The husband, at the first instance of his wife's pedo behavior, should've immediately left her; thrown her shit on the curb; changed the locks.

You knew she was guilty even before the trial.

99.9% of these horny female teachers turn out to be guilty. The mounting evidence alone should have been telling enough. But no, he had to stand by her. Meanwhile he is getting out-fucked by teen boys. Is she that good of a lay; was she even having sex with her husband. Our guess is a solid, no.

And that is the reason why this chump stood by her while teen boys were standing behind her: He thought that if he remained a faithful little beta she would come around, eventually.

My guess is that their marriage was on shaky ground from the get-go; a ruse. She married him for provisioning sake, while she went out a sought her thrills, her gina tingles.

Her affairs with these young boys (there are multiple now) are reminiscent of how a teen girl would behave: Lustful fondling sessions while watching a movie in class; sparks of jealousy and competition anxiety from other girls.

A workplace affair...but with young boys.

At the time of her arrest, he[Daniel Zamora] told cops: "Brittany is an adult. She's the best, the best person I've ever known."

An adult?....please, bud.

An adult is someone who has self-control (usually a man).

A child is someone who doesn't have impulse control (usually a woman).

Your wife has never escaped high-school. She has the mental equivalency of a horny teen girl.

A police report alleged that Daniel coached his wife on how to handle their investigation during an initial phone call between her and her victim's parents following the discovery of her illicit messages to their son.

Would a grown-ass adult need to be lead, coached and prepped on how to handle phone calls during an investigation?

Sounds like you are dealing with a teen girl who doesn't know how to handle or take responsibility.

Save me, Daddy. Save me!

After all that, she divorces your ass.

You have served your purpose of beta chump.

Just look at the photos of this guy and Brittany; cuckface written all over him.

Citing the classic lines of "our marriage is broken beyond repair ("irretrievably broken") and there is no hope of reconciliation."

Ya think?!

Brittany was the cause of all this.

You married a whore; you didn't keep your pimp hand strong enough; you live in a gynocentric society to which lets women get away with murder and rape in this case.

Jailed for 20-years? Hardly a sentence for such a disgusting person. If it were a man who did this, he'd get life and there would be death threats and calls for his death.

Brittany had some serious pussy tingles for these boys. Love letters, text messages galore.


Brittany Zamora is not an adult.

She is the most responsible teenager in the room. Quite possibly the horniest.

In x-rated messages, she told the first child that he gets "sexier to me every day" - adding: "I want you every day with no time limit".

They also swapped love letters and passed each other notes, leading to most pupils believing they were "dating" due to his straight As in spite of doing no work.

Zamora then allegedly had several trysts with the boy - including in her classroom as another student acted as a lookout. The lookout described the situation as "weird" and "crazy" adding "she's not a good person".

She allegedly had sex with the teen at least four times between February 1 and March 8 2018, including one occasion when she went to his grandparent's house to have sex with him in her car.

After all the husband did for her.

After giving her his commitment (marriage).

After standing by her, maintaining his belief of her innocence as she told him.

She divorced him.

A woman who can't even make good on a marital contract between a man and a woman is aloud to have a job. Her job was to simply be faithful and support her husband; be nice, stay thin, suck his cock. That was too much for Brittany, apparently.

Remember, this woman is aloud to vote.

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Sep 16, 2022

I think you are more demented than this Brittnay women, seriously. you need help.

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