'The Girlfriend Experience' Has Been Featured In PunchRiot Magazine

PunchRiot is a literary magazine that focuses on renegade, outsider writing that tends to be rejected by the entertainment and cultural institutions dominated by leftists and cultural marxists.

The special September issue Sex & Sanctimony, which features a select handful of authors—including yours truly— just dropped, and is available for all Treetop subscribers.

Aside from myself, there is fiction featured by Glynnfoxx and Nico Denoir. Dom life by Vincent LaRosa. Poetry by Sean Bronson w/photo illustrations by MasculineGeek. The issue will be available through PunchRiot’s website for general purpose soon.

The Girlfriend Experience is a short fiction piece that carries the weight of around 2,500 words, and has been featured in this special issue. Like with my other short story Tyrone in Issue #3, The Girlfriend Experience is a piece of writing that I deemed “fit for print”.

Writing is never ending.

Being a writer, it's like you have a sickness all the fucking time that needs to come out. And you remain sick or with this itch, disease, whatever you want to call it, until you vomit all over the page; try to work those poisonous thoughts into something that looks less mortifying.

You would be amazed at how many stories I have shelved or on backlog—filed away in numerous folders on my laptop. Pieces that will be either used for future novels, some will be for blog posts or a vague outline/ script for a podcast.

When you write you should be filtering.

Write down every idea; every theme, or character so as to not lose those thoughts that could escape your mind in a flash. Write everything down, because every so often you get ideas that will work, and work really well.

Some stories will never be seen by a reader, and will die with my laptop’s hard drive.

I actually have half a dystopian novel finished that may never, ever, see print because I believe there is no point in publishing it. It's just not the time for it. Not because it is shit, but because we are already living in a dystopia. People want to escape when they read fiction, not relive their own fucking, reality.

Of course, there are the few stories that get put into the “fit for print” folder.

The Girlfriend Experience was one of those stories that had been worked on during this summer, on and off.

I kept coming back to it, reworking the piece, molding it; getting a writer's boner over it; to then subsequently blow the load to PunchRiot, and hope they would receive said load with an open....mind.

If you aren't an author, you don't know what a "writer's boner" is until you become one. Don't even bother asking, it's something that even a writer has difficulty describing. The great thing about getting a writer's boner is that nobody else in the room knows you have one.

I digress...

A lot of times a writer can feel it instinctively, if it’s shit or not. This story featured in this special issue is a slight departure from the savagery of Tyrone, but the message is boldly stated in the themes presented.

Don’t fret, The Girlfriend Experience still has the trademarks of a Frank Cervi classic. It is a story that can be relatable to almost anyone; an experience that feels unique every time, but in the end, has been experienced by almost everyone who has ever lived. This experience is ultimately about femininity, something that men want in a woman just as much as her sexuality.

The story is unique, but is the experience as honest as the story we all tell ourselves?


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