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Dude-Bro Economics: The Rat-Race Trap

The real issue that we here, on the Red Island, take with normies, dude-bro’s, and basic-bitches is that all the information is out there ( on this new, mysterious thing called the 'internet'), on how NOT to fuck up. There are books, articles, economic formulas, experts, authors who don't just write and publish their findings for fun and "something to do".

Yet, the average person would rather watch Dancing with the Stars, buy their new iPhone, work themselves to death for no reason other than to service a unsustainable lifestyle/societal expectations (friends, family, outdated modes of thinking). When you take some time to step back, look at life for what it is, and see what it is you are actually doing when you conform to the modern tribe, you will understand that the normie lifestyle, the rat-race, is a financial trap/time sink. Who is benefiting? Certainly, not you, Bro.

It’s time to grow-up, Bro. And I don’t mean “grow-up” or “Man-up” in the way that our gynocentric and blue-pilled society wants you to (turn you into a work-horse/tax slave and sacrificial peon). I am talking about becoming a person who actually thinks for themselves, and wants to be truly, financially independent. Use the system in a way in which YOU will benefit. Game the system, because the system and society DOES NOT care about you, the individual. It is a machine that runs on auto-pilot.

The problem that the dude-bro from high school runs into later on in life is that conforming, is all he knows. He puts trust into a way of thinking and behaving that had served him well all throughout his young adult life, while in school—which is/was an artificial environment. The dude-bro never learned how to actually critically think. He never worked on himself because he never had to. No need to develop his own character because all the women, THOT's, and aspiring-gold-diggers to be, rewarded him because he was the highschool quarterback: A real Chad. He followed the script to a tee, just like he was supposed to.

The problem, though, is that when you are young, conforming guaranteed safety within the tribe. However, conforming and playing it safe creates a life of stagnation. Yes, conforming and doing as you are told later on in life can get you “success” but at what cost and what gain? In actuality, this “success” (A stable ‘job’, a nice car, a house, a mortgage, bills, kids, spouse etc) will be the same success that everyone (80% of society) else will have. So, what you actually end up with is AVERAGE. That measure of success is mediocre. If anything, the dude-bro and his peers will live a life of minimal growth (both financially and mentally).However, it is unsustainable in the long run because everything that "success" is deemed now in society is, in actuality, a liability. A ticking time-bomb just waiting to go off in your face.

If you look at all the people in the world who have had true success (i.e Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc), you will come to understand that they all have one thing in common: THEY ARE NOT, NORMAL. The greats don’t conform; they blaze their own trail. The greats are not normies. To conform is to ultimately die and live a life of quiet resentment. A resentment of the things you never did or never gave yourself the permission to do. You never want to be dependent on a system, because in the long-run, that system will eventually fail or breakdown; like we are seeing today in the West.

The quote from the book Fight Club is so rich with truth. "On a long enough time-line, the survival rate of everything drops to zero."

The dude-bro who drank Natty Ice, partied all through college, never worked on himself. Yeah, in the short-term it worked; it got him pussy, validation, and the false sense of achievement. However, later on in life he will settle; usually pretty early because he will have nothing tangible to offer. The pussy will soon dry up because the status that he had back in college and high school doesn’t work now in reality. His novelty has worn out. He never worked on his own pursuits, a business, or read anything that would give him an edge or philosophical understanding. He just withered away, got a dad-bod, stewed in some average job, followed football and drank in the shadows of men that he once thought he was. Nobody cares that he was once his high schools’ quarterback, or that he once funneled eight beers in ten seconds that one night. So, what does he do, now? Well, he will do what he has always done: Conform. He will conform because, well, that always worked.

So, the dude-bro, as the story goes, will marry some less than desirable modern ‘woman’. He will do something stupid like get her knocked-up. She will demand they get a bigger home for her and the rug-rats. He will have to now get a job that at least pays $80k a year, buy a fucking mini-van, get a mortgage, buy the kids shit, pay for college, still buy and take his wife on ‘dates’ to keep that ‘spark’ alive and well.

What he will get, though, is a life of entrapment: A vicious cycle of working and paying, then having to work even more to “get ahead”. Yes, these dude-bros with their Dodge Ram Trucks and their leased Range Rovers and 80k a year job seem to be making bank and doing well, but are most? No. The reason is because most of that $80k is taxed right off the bat by the government.

Whatever is left over (maybe $45k if that) is just going to get swallowed up by all of our dude-bro's liabilities and obligations that he now has. Plus, the cherry on-top in the end is the divorce and alimony payments; which has a 50/50 chance of happening given the data and the marriage laws/divorce laws that have been put in place since the 1970’s. Divorce laws that are one-sided in where the man gets the un-lubed dildo up his ass and the woman makes off with all cash and prizes; even if she was the one who cheated or caused the break-up (70% of divorces are initiated by women).

If only the dude-bro would have listened to his fellow brethren, the truly independent-minded ones who can see the forest through the trees. But the dude-bro is so full and high on his own ego that he will dismiss others sounding the alarm, and will continue to march on and be a good little solider for the Feminine Imperative. A cow led to slaughter.

In the end, the minimalist who works less, and maybe even gets paid a salary that is less, will come out stronger in the end because he will put his money to work by, not only investing in himself but in money markets, yielding stocks, land, properties, funds— instead of sinking it into a black hole with no return on investment. He has the abundance of free time to get pussy if he wants, have a bunch of paramores scattered around since he has the means/time to be well-traveled. He has more mobility since obligations are minimal and liabilities, almost non-existent. The minimalist wont need 2+ millions dollars in order to retire comfortably. He might have that much, though, in the end, or more though all of his investments and passive streams of income. The Bro will most likely be either break-even or negative cash-flow (most likely negative cash).

The dude-bro will then try to make excuses like, “Well, we can’t all be free/have time on our hands and have our own money and business like you”.

The minimalist/independently wealthy dude will then say,” Yes, you can. You could’ve. But you’ll never listened or wanted to.” The dude-bro was just lazy and lacked hustle and creativity. That's all.

It is a truly sad story, the one of the dude-bro. But hey, you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. You can’t help people who want to constantly build their own prisons around them.

So, fuck’em. The Bro peaked in high school not realizing that he still has around 70 or so years to go in life. Think long-game, bro. Go Long.

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