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Self-Awareness Vs. Normie Syndrome: How Self-Actualization Sets You Free

Having self-awareness will ultimately prevent you from being influenced by society into becoming a normie. What this all boils down to, is whether the individual has the courage to, or the compunction to—the balls even—abandon tribalism and acceptance from the herd as the main reason for making their life decisions. Instead, the self-aware individual will use self-respect, empirical evidence, and reality as the fundamentals to base their decision-making off of.

You have to understand what a HUGE evolutionary, psychological, biopsychological hurdle that is to do in a world saturated in average and to which rewards normie behavior in the short-term. What you are doing is basically de-programming yourself (which can take years depending on how long you’ve been blue pilled) or over-ride your genetic hard-wiring where you are conditioned to: go with the flow, agree with the tribe, agree with the cult, because your survival in the past highly depended on it.

Whether you thought you should pray to the rain God didn’t matter, because if you didn’t the tribal chief or somebody else would have burned you at the stake, or at the very least, you would have been cast out of the tribe and would have been killed by the elements and would’ve starved to death. So yes, you better have believed in the rain God. We even see this base, and ultimately stupid primal attitude, today with sports teams and franchise fan boys. Go to an NFL football game or even some kid’s high-school game and you will see some fan punch out an opposing fan just because the other guy cheered when “his team” scored. Pathetic. A pure, fucking waste, of energy and time. That is tribalism, which is the genetic programming we are trying to over-ride with taking the red pill, becoming self-aware, whatever you want to call it.

However, today it is actually a hindrance to agree and go with the flow because all the great opportunities can only be found when you take the path least travelled and go contra to the herd. There are three areas, or sub-sections of self-awareness that you have to realize to achieve anything beyond normie thinking, tribalism, Neanderthal-like behavior and to make that transition:

Self-awareness of your Mortality

This is important because you need be aware that one day you are going to die. That is a fact. You cannot change this; it is the most certain thing about being alive that we can say is true. Accepting and knowing this will give you the energy, the fuel, the drive to be better than the rest and ultimately live the best possible life for yourself and a life not directed by others, your peers, and society. You are going to be DIFFERENT and go do the things that interest you and you alone. If others want to join, that is fine. But ultimately, you go your own way and screw what society says because society is NOT YOU. Fuck society. Take responsibility and own your sovereignty. This brings us to our

second, and most important, sub-section.

You Don’t Owe Society Anything

This is a hard one to understand but you have to realize that being the most popular kid in school, or of your peer group, ultimately doesn’t matter because like we’ve touched on, you are going to die one day. So who cares? Do you really want to waste your finite and precious time on this earth by keeping up with the Jones’, impressing your fuckwit boss so you can get a fucking salary raise by demeaning yourself?

Do you want to waste it on the hamster/rat wheel by being in an endless financial loop in where you have to keep working in order to keep paying for shit you don’t actually NEED? Staying on the wheel to feed the current gynocentric order that actually hates you and will stop at nothing to further trap you and feed off of your slavery? A society that treats men like disposable commodities: a means of wealth transfer so that the endless expansion of government can continue, so that the welfare state can be maintained, so that all the single-moms and deadbeats can get their soda and hot-dogs for dinner?

You do not answer to society because society doesn’t give-a-shit about you. Why would you give your life, your blood, sweat and tears for something, or somebody, who DOESN’T give-a-shit about YOU? What is your ROI (Return on Investment)? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

The only thing you have to answer to is the law. Other than that, you owe society NOTHING. Most people will never understand this. Yes, don’t murder and drive the speed limit, those are concrete laws of the urban jungle. However, go get married, where kakis to the office, get a mortgage, buy the latest iPhone, ARE NOT LAWS. Those are what I call Peer Laws and they are non-binding and can’t be foisted upon an individual unless that individual allows them to take hold of him. You see it today, with all the millennial dipshits getting tattoos, piercing their noses, wearing skinny jeans, yoga pants, etc. And at the same time, they claim to be “Independent”, “Unique” and “Critical thinkers”. Laughable. No, you are all the exact opposite of what you claim. You are all conformists, you are all NORMIES.

Back in the 80’s it was that you had to wear cavaricci jeans, leggings, Nike high-tops, listen to Madonna. Today, you have to be a libtard/leftist straight out of college, be politically correct, and listen to Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. If you’re not a leftist and have never worked a real job in your entire life, well by God, they know best and you don’t, right? Ha! Oh, and if you aren’t a fucking idiot like these people, you are just a misogynist, bigot, racist, right?

These people are a disease and will ultimately collapse society. It’s happening now and it is just a waiting game before the fiery plane makes its doomed emergency landing, right into the fucking ocean. So yeah, if you want to be a normie, just make sure you’re a leftist, irrational douche bag and base all your decision-making on feelings and emotions because reality will definitely accept all of that. Reality will and is punishing these people, so don’t you worry. Society is in full collapse and the lesson will be taught. Enjoy the show. Just look at Venezuela—a leftist shit-hole. That is what you have to look forward to: Women giving out hand jobs and sucking dick on the street for a cheeseburger; men mining digital gold in the game World of Warcraft in order to sell it and trade it for their own worthless currency— Detroit on steroids.

Society is One Giant Illusion

You might be asking yourself; well, what’s wrong with liking sports ball, and keeping up with my peers by doing what they do? Well, it’s the conditioning. That's whats wrong. It is all preparing you for a life of slavery, and ultimately, to make sure that you are a programmable work-horse that will do anything, suck anything, bend-over, just so that you can make sure that you FIT IN with everyone else. That is what society wants from you, psychologically. It wants you to be its bitch and it preys off of human psychology and the primal urge to BELONG. This NEED to belong is man’s greatest weakness and flaw in my opinion. It makes him suffer, makes him cuck himself, makes him debase and erode his own dignity for a trinket.

I hate to sound so conspiratorial, but it is absolutely true. You will, if you follow the life of the normie, through vanity, enslave yourself to the state; by way of taxes, and corporations by spending endlessly on stupid shit.

Think about it this way, why do women have to have the Range Rover, and not just any Range Rover, but the newest XL series? Why do guys have to have the biggest Dodge Ram truck? Why do people insist on having the latest phone or the biggest house? It’s because they have been conditioned to think this way by society, to always be better than their neighbors, their peers, or to look like they are doing better. Why can’t you just buy or lease a car model that isn’t in the current year? Why do you need the newest one?

The 2014 model works just fine, why do you need the 2017 model that has one extra cup-holder yet costs an extra 10k? Why do women insist on getting the latest clutch or hand-bag. Why can’t you just get a fucking bag that just works (i.e can hold your useless shit in it)? Oh, right, because it has to say Prada on it or Gucci, or else Stephanie down the street will laugh and think that your man doesn’t spend money on you or that you are not high-value enough(aka the price of your vagina) for a guy to spend X amount of dollars on you.

That is what it all boils down to, peoples insecurities about what other normies think about them. Fucking pathetic: A waste of goddamn, fucking time, money, and resources.

Ask anyone who has worked as an adviser for a bank and they will tell you that 80% of their clients that drive up with their leased BMW’s or their Range Rovers is all smoke and mirrors. These people either have ZERO savings or are in extreme debt; because they are trying to project a lifestyle that they can’t even afford. That is how far the normie or how these people will go to enslave themselves—so that they can go to parties and tell all their friends that they have a Range Rover, have a big house, wear the latest clothing, signal high-value.

Yet, if you could just look at their bank account you would see that the homeless man on the corner probably has more change in his pocket than Chet McThaduas III and his bimbo of a wife with the fake tits and dick-suck lips. These people enslave themselves to the government by paying tons of taxes since they have to get jobs that put them in a high tax bracket (salary goes to paying for the McMansion, Range Rovers, and boob jobs), they enslave themselves to the banks because they had to take out a loan or several to pay for the McMansion at interest, and enslaved themselves to every major corporation from where they bought frivolous shit at—all financed through credit card debt, never cash.

These people do all of this for what? Well, one big and giant pissing match. It’s about who has the biggest dick and who can shoot the biggest load onto their wife’s big, fake, fucking tits. It’s about which wife/girlfriend can get the most resources without having to be the biggest whore.

The Take-Away

If you make the same decisions that everyone else makes, guess what, you are not an “independently minded” person. Your results are going to be AVERAGE. You are going to become like everyone else: A NORMIE. Congratulations. You are going to be nothing special, you are going to get the exact same miserable existence that the majority of people have lived for decades. If you follow society's “rules” and worry about what other people will think, well, then you will get nothing but an O.K life.

The choice is yours. It’s either the island life or the life of a hamster on a never ending wheel to nowhere. Do everything you can to achieve the island retirement. It’s that or bust.

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