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Going Your Own Way: Why the 8-Hour Work Day Needs to Die

If there ever were such a thing called Suicide Fuel it would be the 8-hour a day, 40hr work week; along with mid-level managers and the psychopathic bosses that seem to plague this fossilized part of our modern economy that still exists for some reason.

We live in a tech-driven, online world now; there is no need to be stuck in an office or at a job for 8 hours a day, 40 hours or more a week. It’s stupid, inhumane and a waste of your energy and time. There is no need for it in today’s society in where you have the internet and can earn your own paycheck and passive income.

My Disdain for the 8-hour Work Day and 40 hr Normie Work Week

It’s not normal; it’s stupid and a waste of your finite life. I am pretty sure, when we were all knuckle dragging cavemen that we didn’t hunt for 8 hours a day, every day, for 40 hrs a week.

Have you ever notice that at your meaningless job you actually only do 2-3 hrs worth of quality work; while the remaining is used to look like you are busy or wasting time in meetings, on your phone, and just dealing with other peoples stupid bullshit? If anything, the work day should be 4 hours, not 8.

The idea of ‘job security’ and a ‘job for life’ is also baked it idiocy. It’s a dinosaur model and it is about to be permanently buried and fossilized soon with the new surge in the entrepreneurial economy. In this day and age, companies themselves are no longer STABLE or PREDICTABLE, so how can this model function?

Society has us convinced that the ‘sensible’ thing to do is get a reliable and secure job. But in fact, the exact opposite is true.

How on earth can a 40 hour a week job be considered secure, when somebody else has the power to cut off all your income in an instant – simply by firing your ass? In reality, you have no control – and that means you have no security either.

Put simply, there’s nothing reliable or secure about having just one income stream. Especially when it’s one that’s controlled fully by somebody else.

The smart thing to do is to build multiple passive income streams. This approach will give you real security. If one income stream goes belly up, you’ve still got plenty of others to keep you covered.

Time is no longer the currency of productivity. The number of hours you spent at a ‘job’ isn’t important anymore and it is not worth the squeeze when you make your TIME equal your MONEY. It is a losing financial model in that you will not become successful, wealthy, or grow as a person. You will become COMFORTABLE and eventually lazy and set in a routine. You will always break even as your time is equaling your money.

‘9-5’ Is An Outdated Model

At this stage in our culture, the 9-5 rat-race is now over a century old. It was first introduced by Ford Motors over a hundred, fucking years ago. It was used to make FACTORIES more efficient. Where are the factories, now? They are dead and gone. Where are the brick and mortar retail stores? They are disappearing and dying as I type this, with the current Retail Apocalypse happening.

What a shocker, right? Shit has changed a lot in the last 100 years. Not to mention the last 2, 5, or ten years for that matter.

Your Energy is More Important Than Time

You could quite easily sit at a desk all day, for 8 fucking hours and lose your soul in a sea of inept co-workers who are lazy and lack any ambition in order to just receive their SlaveCheck and go home to watch mindless TV in order to medicate their meaningless existence. Sure. You could sit there and do absolutely nothing of value and get money. The fact that you did that for 8 hours of your finite life actually makes it worse.

Time should never be used to measure how well we work or how much more productive or better we are than our peers. You always see these morons bragging how many hours they work and at what pay grade. It’s really sad and pathetic that someone would brag about working 50 hrs a week v.s the guy who only works, let’s say, 24 and makes less active income but earns WAY more in passive income. But again, as you know, people are stupid and they don’t see the bigger picture. Everyone just narrows their (and your) identity down to what you ‘do’ for work (they mean active income).

If you think this way, congrats! You are a Grade A, moron.

Energy is the main ingredient in overall effective performance. NOT TIME. I have seen people at work do absolutely nothing in 8 hours of the day except gossip, pick their asshole, talk about their husbands or kids, complain about said husbands or kids, complain about the job; be fucking useless.

Whereas, I for example, can write for 8 hours a day and have a novel done in 2 weeks if I really wanted to and had the free time to do so. I wrote CorporateLand in 2 weeks while on vacation in Florida over the winter holidays back in 2016. Oh, don’t kid yourself, I relaxed by the pool, drank and did nothing for most of the day. However, I would get up early everyday (7am) and go to the pool from 10 am-1pm or so to get my sunshine and booze, then would hammer it out on the keyboard after lunch until the early-late evening sometimes throughout the 2 weeks there. Most people wouldn’t do that. I am not most people, though.

The thing was is that I had so much free energy to use on vacation and it was easier to maximize that energy there instead of being back home with all the suck that comes with being in my city. No worries, no idiots to deal with, meth-heads or welfare snap-fucks, no pollution and nobody to bother you with their normie, horseshit.

Trading Your Time For Money Makes Zero Sense

From a financial standpoint, here is my fundamental grievance with the 8-hour slave day; you only get paid when you’re working.

Would it not be much sweeter and more divine to get paid around the clock and all the time for the value you give—while you are sleeping, eating, shitting, fucking, travelling and breathing?

But selling your time for money makes this very hard and almost next to impossible.

So, instead of selling your valuable time for money like a whore, you need to trade your VALUE for money.

Smart people build things or systems that sell value to others. These systems generate what is called passive income on auto pilot, all day long.

Examples of such systems include creating an awesome product, selling information or experiences, starting a business or getting royalties from creative stuff or content you create. Once this system has legs or is up and running it works for you continuously, earning you passive income. AND the more you spend time on it, the more stuff you build and create allows it to grow even more.

With ‘jobs’ you are capped at a salary and pretty much have to beg your slave master for a raise like some bitch, pet dog. When you work for yourself, if you want to make more money you can just give YOURSELF permission to do so! You are never capped at an hourly wage or salary because what you earn is up to you and how much you put into your product or work is up to you.

Do You Like Being Someone’s Bitch?

There is a very limited amount of self-worth you can actually feel by working for someone else and earning them more money that you will ever know or see. It is also impossible to reach your goals and true potential as a person on somebody else’s payroll and time schedule.

In fact, most people working 8-hours a day are treated like a small child or someone’s pet.

  • You must dress a certain way

  • You must speak a certain way

  • You must follow orders and rules

  • You can’t be disobedient

  • You will be punished is you are disobedient

  • You might be rewarded if you’re good

  • You answer to somebody else and follow their commands

Does this sound like humane and great working conditions for a person?

Psychopath Bosses & The Culture of Laziness

All 'jobs suck' and most of your co-workers and peers are lazy, incompetent idiots.

Most bosses today are just complete and utter psychopaths; who have a weird and sick fetish in getting-off on your misery. These mid-level managers think they are big-shots when in fact they aren’t (because you are a mid-level manager—aka you are nobody and just another slave). You have not accomplished anything noteworthy in life except do what everyone else does—conform. Female mangers are the worst because they rule with their emotions and have no business sense.

All their decisions are emotional based. They are lazy. They keep their workplace/station like they do their home (messy and disorganized). They use their male subordinates like they do their husbands; as tools and a slave horse. Just like their marriages they don't want to do the job; they want to have the job (collect a paycheck). I’ve noticed that most[female bosses] are of the feminist persuasion and tend to favor female workers over the males; use the men as disposable tools and work them harder while they give the females all the breaks and easy tasks—even though everyone is paid the same wage if we are talking strictly retail.

It's OK if Suzy called in ‘sick’ again and has done so almost every shift for the last month…will just make the men pick up the slack.

Get out of the workplace, let the women do what they do best: self-destruct.

I have seen this first hand and so many times. You would think most managers and people in high positions would be professional and are actually good at what they do, but chances are they got there like how anyone would in this culture; nepotism, sucking dick, conforming like you would a high school teen, and pulling the company line.

All examples of why the workplace is just high school 2.0 and how all the morons are running the retard farm. Most of these people run their businesses into the ground eventually because all they do is micro manage and nit-pick stupid problems instead of focusing on what is causing the symptoms to the problem.

I have also notice that, in today’s work culture, the people who are ‘victims’ or who are the worst workers, never get the blame and that the hardest workers always get the shaft. It’s like if you were the oldest child in the home and you have to take all the blame for your other siblings when shit happens because “You are the most responsible one…why did this happen on your watch?” Or, that your bosses ALWAYS criticize and focus on all the negative or wrong things you are doing and never give accolades to all the times you’ve saved the company or had done exemplary work.

Hard work and being competent is not rewarded anymore; being a victim and a lazy fuck, is. If you work hard today, people hate you for it; because it shows how slow everyone else is working. It’s a culture of laziness.

If you are ambitious you have no business or growth potential in the ‘working world’ or ‘work force’. You NEED to be in it for yourself and go your own way or you will be miserable.

You Get Taxed Out The Ass Anyways

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how much you really earn in your 40 hour per week job?

I don’t mean your salary or your hourly rate. I mean your take home, Net pay. Take a minute to look at your last pay check to see how much you actually get to keep.

Now multiply that figure by 12 if you get paid monthly and by 52 if you’re paid weekly. See how much less that is than your salary figure or hourly rate? Well, the sad truth is, that’s what you really earn.

The rest goes in taxes. And guess who pays the most taxes? That’s right, the suckers working the 40 hour week. The people in the upper income bracket; the people who need those jobs because of the kids, the wife, the mortgage, the depreciating assets they own.

Business owners and investors on the other hand, get much sweeter tax breaks.

The good news is that we live in a time where it’s never been easier to become an entrepreneur or a business owner.

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