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Why You Hate Your 'Job': Reasons Why You Are Feeling Unfulfilled As A Slave

We have covered a variation of this topic before on The Red Island in a post titled All Jobs Suck: Why ‘Dream Jobs’ Don’t Exist. What I would like to touch on today is what the average normie feels about their job, why they hate it vs. why the unfulfilled budding entrepreneur/intelligent individual hates their job.

Why Normies Hate Their Cube Job

Getting a CJ (cubical job) is like getting a bad blowjob: your expectations were too high, the pay-off is sub-par; you could have done a better job if you went at it yourself.

We can all agree, that the VAST majority of people dislike or have a disdain for what they have to do for a living. I stress the word: Have.

Most people hate their jobs because they have to be there. It’s not necessarily what they wanted to do in life, but they do it for many reasons. One of those reasons is because they took on too many rocks in their life bag—i.e had kids, got married, got divorced, have debt, love to swipe that credit card in endless motion.

I am sure nobody wakes up one day and is like, “I always wanted to work in accounts receivable” or “My dying wish for a career is to sort mail in the basement of a federal building”. Regardless of whatever bullshit people say in their interviews about how much they are thrilled at the opportunity to answer phones all day long or to take abuse from the public, people ultimately never choose independence over their time and earnings. They would rather do the easy thing: Become a prostitute for a paycheck and to be a bottom bitch for some corporate pimp boss.

Most people hate their jobs because they most likely:

  • Hate themselves for giving up on their real potentials, skills, true calling in life that could very well become monetized if they would just TRY.

  • Hate what they do because they are chained to it every day due to all the depreciating assets they have to pay for—house, mortgage, wife, kids, car, another car, vagina. Never getting anywhere in life.

  • Don’t mind what they do for a job; but hate that they have to work with incompetent, lazy fucks all day long who don’t pull their weight.

  • Hate their job because, simply, they are lazy and don’t want to work, period.

Reasons Why You (the outsider) Hate Your Job

I’ve spent 15 years of my life working various jobs, and I never felt right about it. Have you ever noticed this? I am not talking about hating work because you are a lazy fuck; I am talking about a deep seeded feeling inside of you that just doesn’t sit right with your energy and trajectory as a motivated, highly effective person. Not once did I, or have I, felt like I was doing my life’s work. The work that you do in these corporate gigs or just anywhere is mostly pointless. It doesn’t matter to you, it only matters to your boss (who gets the vacation bonuses) and ultimately to the corporations that you serve.

There is always this little voice inside of your head telling you, ”You will never be happy working for someone else. When are you going to get the brass balls to try working for yourself?”

I guarantee you, everyone has had this thought. Yet, maybe 5% of people actually put any plan into action.

Why? Mostly because of these reasons:

  • Fear of failing.

  • Fear of what people will think or how they will be judged

  • Not having a good business sense, accounting skills, understanding marketing, branding, content creation—if they don’t understand these things, they don’t even try to understand them and give up.

  • Would rather take the easy money and work their slave job—forgoing potential future stability and fortunes; not to mention freedom from the 9-5 grind, abuse and the culture of laziness that plagues the modern day workforce.

  • They don’t have ‘time’ due to having; kids, a wife, partying, their lazy and would rather rationalize why they shouldn’t.

Most of these reasons are based in F.E.A.R. Fear is an irrational reflex. It stops you from doing and paralyzes you from achieving anything noteworthy with your very short time here on earth. You are going to die anyway, soon, so why not give it your best shot? Why would you want to waste your time making other people’s dreams/goals come true? Isn’t that insane?

People fear the unknown.

However, why would you fear becoming better than your current self?

Why do people have such a distrust for anything better?

There Must Be More than CorporateLand

I always knew my life would be incomplete until I at least tried working for myself. To see if I could do it and find out what life would be like without the rules everyone else lives under. For some reason, it took me a long time to realize this and take the plunge into the unknown.

Finally, I said to myself, “Why in the fuck should I spend close to 50% of my working hours during the most healthy and vibrant time in my life at a job, doing pointless shit, contributing far less value to society than my true potential?

It was mainly fear and comfort that held me back.

Why You Should Focus on Your Own Pursuits Instead of ‘Jobs’

Listen, if you enjoy your job(s), that’s cool. I know there are people out there who are fulfilled or don’t mind their jobs. Hell, I still do some gigs or part-time work as well because I don’t mind the work. However, it is always OTHER PEOPLE that make that work very annoying.

Other people will ALWAYS be the main reason why ‘jobs’ suck. Other people get in the way of your charging; they slow you down, they restrict your movements and pace, they can go fuck themselves.

If you as a co-worker insist on being a lazy, incompetent fuck who has no ambition or drive in life to be better and would rather come to work to collect a paycheck as if it were welfare so you can go do whatever stupid shit you do on the weekend, that’s fine. You stay THERE, us creative and intelligent people are going over HERE. They can enjoy a life of mediocrity and arrested development.

Most people I have worked with or know absolutely hate their jobs. They complain about the work, the people, the commute (moving from one cube to another), the pay, the hours, the lack of vacation time and CONTROL over their lives.

They talk about their former selves in high-school, their dreams and hobbies and “someday” as if it just isn’t in the cards for them. Let me say this, it is NOT LUCK which makes these hobbies turn into stable careers or dreams come true, it is hard work; toiling, tinkering, learning new skills, surrounding yourself with the right people, and believing in what you are doing and giving it an honest ‘very best’ from yourself.

99.9% of these people will work a job for life (live to work) until they retire or die. Most just accept that having a job and being someone else’s pet all day long is just something you simply do in life. You’re born, you grow up, you work at a job, and you retire and enjoy yourself for a couple decades until you depart from your flesh sack.

Some of the poor and middle-class whine about corporate control of wealth and power, and yet most of them work for those companies and spent all of their money on their products; they buy what they sell them, watch what they create and accept their vision of the world. If you ever want to see what this looks like, watch the series, Mad Men.

Mad Men is a show that explains this phenomenon in great detail and art.

This isn’t about society and what other people do. No, this is about YOU.

It’s about asking yourself what you want out of your short existence here on earth and what you want it to mean and ultimately be about.

Do you want the next decade or two to go by, only to feel like you never really grew or tested your own capabilities? Do you want to live under your rules, or the invisible rules of someone else that could care less about what you want and need to be happy and fulfilled in providing society with value?

I am not saying quit your job tomorrow, but at the very least, make the effort to slowly transition from that baby bottle, the soother, safety net of conformity and dependence on another’s capped hand-out.

If you have the entrepreneurial bug like I did, you’ll NEVER be completely satisfied until you try working for yourself. You will always feel like I did; completely miserable.

If you feel like your job is keeping you from living the life you truly want to live, here are three reasons you should never take a job again.

1) Working A Job Gives Someone Else Control Over You

These aren’t feudal times; we have the goddamn internet now which connects you to billions of potential clients with the click of a button. If you love freedom and live in the free world then there is no reason you have to work for someone else. The freedom to pursue life and happiness and live the life you desire is the greatest gift of modern society, yet most choose to piss that all away.

When you work a stupid, pointless job, someone else is reaping the rewards and fruits of your time. They have control over how much they want to pay you and how high you will fly. They control how you work, when you work, what you work on and cap your worth to an hourly wage.

Click your heels and Sieg Heil, bitch!

If you truly love your job, perhaps giving up that amount of time and energy and control is worth it. For some people like myself and you, it seems insane, idiotic, and masochistic to accept those terms and conditions.

2) Working a Job is Severely Comfortable

When you work for someone else, life is just comfortable and OK enough to keep you from asking any meaningful questions.

Sure, you feel like your soul is being crushed ever day at work, but at least they gave you your SlaveCheck, right?

How much of that SlaveCheck is spent on vices and entertainment to just numb the pain and the void, to make yourself feel better or to mask the fundamental reason for the lack of fulfillment you are feeling that day?

Fear and comfort is what keeps most people from doing extraordinary things in life.

Most people choose to stay in jobs they hate because they are scared shitless of any other altrernative.

The truth is, if you get past this fear and laziness, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish what you want to do in life because you then HAVE CONTROL. You are no longer the back seat driver.

Jobs keep you on a comfort drip so you never have a stron enough reason to leave and live your life properly.

3) Working for Yourself is One of the Most Challenging and Rewarding Things You Can Do

During the early days(usually the worst days), you will be terrified, worried, anxious, and full of self-doubt and frustration. You will constantly re-think everything and think you have made a huge mistake and your evil comfort angel in your head will try to convince you to give it up and to go back to being a bitch because its easier.

However, even those days will be better than the best days at your old job and when you were working for some psychopathic douche/cunt. Maybe not on the surface, but deep-down there is still a sense of purpose and reward that can only rise due to pursuing self-reliance, excellence, and not being a normie.

Tigers in the wilderness seem more alive than tigers at the Detroit Zoo.

Do you want to be a caged animal or would you rather be in wild, scared but alive and free?

Would you rather be scared and afraid that you will regret your entire life? Or would you rather be afraid of NOT being the best version of yourself?

Say no to being a normie and start saying yes to freedom; yourself and your purpose in life whatever that is.

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