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Spring Break: The Week Your Current Wife Blew Out Her Vagina

Spring Break 2019: Aging American Party-Gurls, aspiring sluts, & future marriage-desperate hopefuls.

If there were ever a time period where you could determine, with pin-point accuracy, when a girl's cooter transitioned from a sweet little pink pocket into a mincemeat pie, it would've been at Spring Break.

When the average person looks at the stock of photos taken by media covering all of the Spring Break shenanigans down on the warm beaches of Texas, Florida, Mexico and elsewhere one would find amazing sunsets, palm trees and cheap booze, he/she will view the panorama of degeneracy as: Typical fun, fucking in the sun.

This is true.

It is fun to blow your bag into some sluts. It is fun to get your vagina blown-out like it's the end of the world and panic sex is the best possible, last minute activity. Spring break is a microscope on the devolution of the current culture.

With each passing year, all you have to do to understand how much further society has fallen is to watch the behavior of the next generation attending Spring Break—All the chicks do now is twerk like baboons, shoving their ass and pussy into guys faces.

Guys have a sixth sense when it comes to detecting whether or not your pussy is suffering from Blown-out-itis or will be a nice slice of heaven... slipping down over your Johnson.


Such a refined culture, indeed.

The worst part is, most of the asses I am seeing are dumpy-as-fuck.

Every heard of the gym, ladies?

You know it's Spring Break in the current year...because there is a sea of chicks with dumpy-butts

and zero firm forms...

With that said, yours truly loves Spring Break more than any slut out there, that’s if we weren’t in the current year.

Most of the chicks who go to Spring Break parties now are hefty, tatted-up, garbage bags; not even deserving of a paper-bag fuck. Feminism has lowered the bar for women in terms of beauty standards: The 'Big is beautiful' mantra.

Spring Break is a tropical setting. It should be expected that you bring your A-Game to the party. It's about the experience. Spring break is about escaping into an exotic paradise for a couple of weeks: Fucking beautiful people, drinking scores of booze, and not getting an ounce of snooze.

The Fucking Order: Back row; (girl with nip-slip). Front Row; Red bikini, Blonde with white bikini, Brunette far left (yellow), Brunette far right (yellow).

Back in the day, both men and women seemed to have a semblance of social responsibility when it came to this time of year: They made sure, throughout the winter, to hit-the-gym, eat healthy and attain that fuckable, beach body, that would make any dude foam at the dick like a rabid zombie for poon.

You know it’s Spring Break 2019 because there are no hot chicks to be found (very few). It seems that with each passing year, the quality and stock of hot sluts—there is a difference between sluts and sloots—seems to fade. Sluts earn the right to fuck. Sloots, however, try to come in with their mediocre merchandise; make an attempt to loot the dick(s) without putting in any effort.

Every year now there seems to be more Landwhales and sloots, beaching themselves onto the shores of Daytona and South Padre Island, TX—tattooed-up sluts with unnatural hair color and more rolls than a bakery.

The sentence for being fugly at Spring Break: Forced to masturbate in the sand (nobody wants to hit that cheeseburger of a pussy).

What is the point of spending money if all you are going to get to look at/fuck are chicks you would find at ANY dive ANY town or city?

These chicks—your typical Western hussie—are great for pumping and dumping.

The sad part is (for them, not you): They will be America’s future spinsters, former party-gurls at Thirty, desperately trying to find some guy (hopefully rich and successful) to write a check against their used up vagina that has been blown out like a tray of lasagna that had a fire-cracker in it.

Guaranteed, almost every chick you see out on Spring break, will be clamoring when she hits Thirty—after she has followed the feminist mantra to a tee—trying to get pregnant, failing, and then having to purchase the expensive IVF treatments. In this day and age, women can barely survive alone as an Independent Woman™.

Every single, unmarried chick out there is broke, broken, and bitchy. Why? Well, it’s because being poor, unstable, and unfulfilled will make anyone a miserable person. Contrary to feminist ‘logic’, women are most fulfilled when a man is around to guide them—To stop them from making horrible decisions with their lives.

Women are also the most fulfilled when a man dumps a hefty amount of jizz’m deep inside their beef petunia, causing them to become pregnant with child—fulfilling a woman’s natural, biological need.

Notice how the women whom seem the most happy around you are the ones who are: Married, have children, stay-at-home (less stress) and the husband makes more money than they do?

It’s because that is the natural order of things. It’s a universal, internal law among the sexes (there are only two genders, by the way.)

Their future: Lots of hugs from their girlfriends; cats and dildos.

Both men and women can experience true success and happiness when they are in harmony; complement each other instead of competing against each other. Women make terrible men.

Men are better than women….at being men.

Do you need proof? Well, look at everything around you…it was put there because of a man; likely destroyed because of a woman (Equifax, Yahoo, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity pedestrian bridge, etc.)

Why is there a ‘wage gap' (earnings gap)? It’s because men are better than women at earning money (resources).

Men, however, are terrible at one important thing in life: Getting pregnant; nurturing the children. That is what women can be great at, if they choose to be. The worst thing to watch is a woman who is 30+ years old trying to be a woman at 18-27 years old (fertility wise).

It’s just not going to workout.

Trying to get pregnant between 35-40+ is like hoping your horse comes in first at the track on Sunday. Trying to get a high-valued male to wife-you-up at 35+, is like a 14-year-old boy trying fuck his 22-year-old, hot baby-sitter.

Men who are successful at ages 35-50, don’t have to settle for a used-up, washed-up, aging American party-gurl—who’s vagina looks like an Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich—because they can afford to have their pick of the pool.

It's not about 'refusing' to's because men are biologically programmed to

seek-out and fuck young, attractive, and fertile women.

This is something feminists (old and ugly women) and morons don't want to accept.

Every guy out there, from the day they get a boner, to the day they need the blue diamond, want to fuck women between the ages of 18-24 (22 being the most desired). This is because women whom are 18-24 are the most fertile, which means they are at their peak attractiveness to the opposite sex.

When you are a 22-year-old hot chick in America...dudes will finger-blast you until their hand breaks. Just ask the dude-bro with the blue reflective shades!

If you are a woman, you are setting yourself up for failure if you choose to get your vagina blown out for 12-years from the time you turn 18, and then expect some rich dude to wife that pussy up for the long haul.

Just like how women don’t care about how they look for their husbands, women today could care less about how old and worn out (mud-flap pussy) they will be for their future husbands.

The average ditz in our current culture waits until she is about 29-years-old to start finding a husband—suddenly that day becomes ‘tag, you’re it’ day for the first guy she deems beta enough to put up with her bullshit.

If you are a woman and just 'starting' your hunt at 29-years-old, you mine as well get an Amazon Prime subscription and start adding those dildos to your cart, along with kitty litter and food for little Muffin.

This is because, on some deep subconscious level (women are not very self-aware creatures), she understands that the 'party is over' for her—her vagina has diminished in purchasing power.

She needs to switch-up her sexual strategy and find long-term provisioning….because her vagina is not the Amex credit card it use to be….her limit has been lowered.

She has used up all of her cunt credit.

Apparently, the 'Ass Luge' is the new, cool, and 'hip' way to take a shot of Vodka!

She used her youth (once, tight vagina) to get into exclusive parties, going past the lines at clubs, getting free dinners and drinks, getting guys on Tinder to come over and do yard work for her, and other various assorted Sugar Daddy treatments.

All of this was handed to her because of the scam women pull over most guys: The mere possibility of her giving you a quick fuck (reserved for the high-status males, only). But then a funny thing happens to princess: Her well(cache of allure) starts to dry-up; her pussy too.

Suddenly, she has now become the equivalent of the horny (desperate) nerdy boy in high school, whose value is almost next to nothing.

She then will ask herself why all of the Chads and Tyrones won’t fuck her anymore.

Not realizing that all the guys she still wants are now fucking chicks that she once was….back when she was their age. The cock-carousel eventually kicks old women off because the newer, tighter, and hotter chicks need to get on. It is their turn, now.

Look, she can hold her own beer; Strong & Independent ™

Women have an expiration date.

Like milk in the dairy department, they need to come off the shelf because its just gross at a certain point—Kinda like 40-year-old cougars at the bar.

Hotter women at ages 35-45, though, are like canned food: There may be an ‘expiration’ date on the product, however, it will probably still taste fine if its 6 months or a year past expiration.

That is the brutal and honest truth.

If the above offends you, go fuck yourself and die; send me an email about it... because it will entertain me.

Happy Spring Break 2019; don’t wear out that vagina too much, now.

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