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The Red Island Podcast Ep #12: Rachel Homan's Ass Is Better Than Your Dyke-Cut

In this episode:

  • It's difficult having a 7-day weekend; My summer vacation consisted of watching hot female golfers, drinking beer and going to parties.

  • Nobody is paying attention during the month of August; people are camping and trying to fuck their hometown lust-interests before going back to college.

  • There is a 'Performance Gap' with regards to men's and women's sports; women need to up-there-game in order to attract more money, viewers and advertisers; taking your top off would be a good start.

  • It's free to watch your local high school soccer team; Why would I spend hundreds of dollars to watch the US Women's soccer team perform at the same level?

  • I spend 5+ min fantasizing about Rachel Homan and forget that I was doing a show on air in the studio.

  • The US Women's Soccer Team needs to adopt the WWE platform of theatrical performance; hire hotter players,play semi-nude.

It isn't easy solving the world's problems; we do it here in less than an hour.

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