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Womanese: What "I’m Tired of Playing Games" Really Means

During your quest for poon through the hot garbage chute that is online dating,excuse me, fucking apps like Tinder, you will undoubtedly have come across a plethora of bio’s citing the phrase ‘I am done playing games’. Or variations of such code phrases women use to signal which half of their sexual strategy they are trying to capitalize on.

Even though apps like Tinder are strictly meant for fucking, in recent years there has been an influx of retards, mainly women, who are washed-up and are too stupid to read the sign on the door which explains: Your decade old deli meat, weathered and chewed-up snatch, is not wanted.

Apps like Tinder were made for fucking, not for trying to find your beta bucks meal ticket; trying to become a wifestitue; scamming men into playing someone else’s saved video game if you are a single-mom with three screaming kids from three different Chads or Tyrones.

Ever heard of the 12+ types of birth control not to mention putting a 'closed' sign between those legs and shutting down Sally's Sliz factory and cutting down on production? Ever thought that kids are expensive and require a lot of economic stability and a good father to raise a successful family? Oh wait, the state (other men's money) will take care of that!

Just look at how good the public school system (government) is at 'raising' children! You can just put your bastard child on head-meds, sanctioned by the government when your kid gets out-of-hand due to no proper male authority in the household!


Tax the system into oblivion instead of raising your own goddamn child. Instead of vetting for a good man, let your fucking cunt make all the wet, tingly decisions for you! Let your vagina vote for you as well!

Everything Will Work Out Just Fine, Oprah Said So!

The View, told you so. Cosmopolitan taught you to think with your throbbing clit; the tiny heartbeat, pounding for more good-times and feelz. Oprah and Ellen showed you the path to bliss by feeling your way through the world with your vagina. Telling you that you don't need to be responsible or to adhere to the ways and traditions to which worked so well in the past. The biological roles and commitment to universal laws which helped foster one of the greatest economies of scale the world has ever seen.

Yes, the patriarchy was so evil in course correcting women and guiding them. Life is obviously a lot better as we can see with the decaying reminiscence of the West when we have women getting their immature and amateur hands in control of the media, public schools, political discourse, company board rooms and in the Courts.

Yes, women are strong and independently minded people. They think for themselves and would never blindly follow the herd....

Women today just don’t seem to understand context: When you arrive at a certain party, tailored for a certain demographic and crowd, you are inclined to dress appropriately for the evening. The vast majority arriving to the Tinder party today is the equivalent of some chain-smoking, trailer trash thot donning a pair of ripped jeans making a grand entrance to a cocktail event; semi-formal attire would be wise, thanks.

The hot garbage being left around Tinder, discarded into the ‘Left’ pile, is adding up to the point of climax and rage. For this pile of used and abused, former party-gurls begets a life of continuous, "Where are all the good men!?"

I guarantee there were some 'good men' whom along the way, found their cock's balls deep in thy lamenting woman's cavernous cave of cumulated catacombs of cum. Yet, for whatever reason, dumped or pushed off these men in search of an even bigger, better deal. Whilst unbeknounst to the woman in question, little did she know, these 'good men' during her Twenties were the best she was ever going to do.

It is near impossible to quantify the level of stupidity of most women in the modern era.

For a woman to ask such a question, 'Where have all the good men gone?' when she has hit her menopausal window, post-Wall mortem, indicates a severe lack of self-awareness and the ability to asses one’s current sexual market value going forward.

A complete lack of hindsight into past behavior, not realizing that their former self, one who was young, hot, fertile and tight could have locked-down and high-statues male while they[Their former, hot self] was trading with gold instead of wood chips.

On the flip-side, the men whom they[post-Wall'ers] seek to bed, snag for stability in their wine and dildo haze-days, are now the one’s trading with gold; men who enter their 30’s-40’s have become the equivalent to the hot chick in high school that they couldn’t get while in high school themselves back at that time.

Of course, it takes me, a man, to mansplain all of this wisdom, because women are much smarter than men, have larger brains, can think rationally and adhere to universal biological laws that can’t be broken by social idealism, right!

The world still has me, TheGreatOne, Aaron Clarey, Adam Piggott, Rollo Tomassi and Terrence Popp to name some of the greats.

Women are stupid. And that’s OK.

It’s a good thing I don’t dream about fucking a woman’s diploma in Lesbian Tap-Dance Therapy or admire her academic credentials, nor wish to fondle her Masters in Communications, touch her politics and suck on her thoughts about gender equality.

I’d rather not get a paper cut or migraine. At least a warm sliz can avoid such agony.

Women Traded Cooking, Cleaning and General Pleasantness In For Debt, Paying Taxes and Blowjobs

To suck the day’s dick at the office, for another man in lieu of a husband (your boss, who is probably a White heterosexual male); so independent; So brave. Such good practice in smashing that patriarchy!

Sucking the day’s dick, for pennies on the dollar due to a huge influx in the labor pool now that women have entered the workforce en masse, has now driven wages down or have made them stagnant; They [wages] are the equivalent, when factoring in inflation since the 1980’s, of working for the same hourly wage as one did 30-40 years ago, yet producing more value for the companies. Hence, the huge wage-labor gap we can see today.

If women would’ve just stayed home, shut-the-fuck-up and made me a roast without burning the fucking thing, they wouldn’t be complaining today on Tinder about why there aren’t as many ‘good men’ (wealthy men) to go around like there was in the past.

But again, putting your warm mouth around a penis, be it the day's dick or an actual one, is a lot easier than doing the hard work: Being a real woman to a man.

It's easier to sexually tease your boss or supervisor in order to get a whole dollar raise on your salary than to go to the gym, stay thin and know how to prepare a meal that doesn't have instructions on the back copy of a box. It's easier to then use the new femcentric laws of today's Court system to then accuse a superior of sexual harassment or assault in order to get cash and prizes than to actually use your vagina and parlay it with your fertility in a useful way to society.

Congratulations, ladies! You caused your own misery!

Wow, like we have never seen that before!

Who knew that adding the other half of the population, whom is less productive and skilled mind you, would drive down costs for companies (Why the ‘wealth gap’ is growing among America’s 1%) and keep wages low and stagnant to the drum of the 1980’s equivalency. Who knew that diversity hiring would push out more qualified, skilled men for the job (meritocracy) in favor of hiring a Twenty-Something ditz with tits or a single-mom with a sob story and create a society that has less ‘good men’ in the dating pool.

Again, women are stupid. Just stating the facts as we continue to go a long. If it weren't true it would just be my opinion.

Who knew that constantly voting for socialism, idealism, equality politics (especially in Canada) would turn your economy into the biggest, steaming pile-of-shit the world has ever seen; household debt at 170% (women spending their brains out), credit card debt (women spending their brains out), student loan debt—women spending other men’s money (net tax payers).

Canada, at this point is so broken beyond repair that it's only hope right now is for another country to bomb, invade and smother the living fucking hell out of it as a means for a mercy kill.

Canada is like that old, sad dog with cancer and glaucoma that is just begging to be fed a cheeseburger for a last meal; taken out back and shot twice for good measure.

Just get it over with, already.

Most Canadians don’t even have $200 worth of savings and are on the brink of financial insolvency if a crisis were to hit them. You can thank socialism.

You can thank your Liberal government. You can thank Justin ‘faggot’ Trudeau. More importantly, you can thank your women for voting. The majority of voters now in the West are women. Women overwhelmingly will vote for socialism because it is in their biological nature to do so. The men [cucks] today allowed this and didn't protect against this.

The West has let their women vote. The West is now, fucked. Canada was the social experiment of all this diversity bullshit. The rest of the dominoes will soon follow suite.

Congratulations. You have let the equivalent of children, who base their decisions off their emotions, the right to vote without sharing equal responsibility of a net contributor to your society. You have allowed a person who will choose a candidate for office because ‘He makes me moist in my panties’.

Like Arthur Fleck in the film 'Joker' said, "You get what you deserve."

And the West deserves the sandbox of children shitting their pants and complaining that their stomachs hurt, yet, still continue to eat ice-cream before bed. It's way past bedtime.

Women just cannot, for the life of them, understand the macro view as to why they can’t find ‘good men’ anymore. Not to mention why they can’t find them post-Wall while they’ve spent their entire youth in a cubicle or career that was meant for a man better than them through meritocracy. Women only care about themselves and what is in it for them within the time frame of 5 minutes from now; never looking forward, never assessing the past.

Women are like children.

Women are like drug addicts.

Children Like to Play Games; Women Like to Play Only If They Are Going to Win (fair) And The Odds Are In Their Favor

Women cannot feel any discomfort.

Women love to play games during their prime years (16-27) because winning is easy for them. They had no problem ‘playing games’ during that time in their life. But now, oh nos, she has hit the Wall: Has begun to notice that the phone is starting to ring less and less often; her beef-box has been fucked to the point where it is now farting on its own without penetration.

Thus, the call-to-action sign on her Tinder profile; the screaming campaign to eliminate all the ‘players’ and to find her high-quality knight in shining armor that she is entitled to at the end of her cock-riding days. Or so, she thinks.

The men whom these women are still getting hits from on Tinder, are men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who are now able to capitalize on their peak in terms of sexual market value: Hence, why these men are playing the games that these post-Wall women were playing on men when they were in their sexual prime.

Again, the tables have turned, ladies.

However, where as women only have roughly a decade to capitalize on their sexual peak, men have roughly twice as long to capitalize on theirs.

Men age like fine wine; women like deli meat. Nobody is going to want that beef-petunia, those mud flaps, after Father Time and the constant pounding from various pint-sized penis’, dildos and vibrators, have minced, rammed, jammed, weathered, grinded and sand blasted that thing into the next solar system: A black hole.

Yes, the used and abused post-Wall whore in her college days had no problem parlaying her pussy, and high SMV in order to snag not only men for ‘good fucks’ but ‘good men’ (nice guys) for free dinner dates, drinks, vacations, concert tickets etc.

A life front-loaded: Experiencing highs without experiencing the lows. Winning the lottery without knowing what it is like to be in poverty. Not understanding the value of a dollar is the equivalent of a chick in her prime years not understanding the true power and value of her youth, beauty and fertility.

These women didn’t have any qualms or problems playing games, dumping guys, screwing around, cheating on their partners, ‘bread-crumbing’, ‘ghosting’, and manipulating men when they had the best hand, every turn, at the table.

It comes as no surprise that infidelity among women in their Twenties is higher than the men in that same age category. Yet, infidelity among men in their 30’s-40’s is higher than women once they get to that stage in life. It is due to the fluctuations in both sexes’ sexual market values: They start to flip.

Again, it’s like women have never heard of menopause…

Women are stupid.

How can men today take women seriously if they [women] can’t even understand their own biology?

Men are attracted to women with peak fertility and this so happens to be women whom fall into the age range of 18-24. So sad, go cry about it with your ten cats; fire-up the dildo/vibrator and use those tears as lube since your muff by now is void of the virile slickness that a 18-24-year old pussy would have.

Men DO NOT want to check-out women whom are in their 50’s-60’s. There may be that ONE chick that is still ‘hot’ in her 40’s. Thing is, she is going to be pump-and-dump practice for men.

You won’t be getting a man’s commitment because, again, you are most likely barren or will be soon. The value has been tapped (literally) like an old oil well. A validation-fuck is all you will get. If that is your wish, then more power to you. We will play Picasso and turn that face into a lemon meringue pie; add our own color (White) to the canvass across your lower back.

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Nothing beats shooting a wad down a barren barrel of fun and knowing that your white helmet soldiers are just practicing a military drill for the real thing!

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. However, what we are taking about here in terms of the women whom are lamenting on Facebook, Tinder or writing articles on Huffington Post about why they can’t land a whale at 30+, are the post-Wall, secularist, hedonist, post-Christian, feminism imbued, Hollywood culture inculcated women.

Like the sorority-gurl who doesn’t realize that college ended a decade ago for her; the aging, former American party-gurl type of chick.

So now, when these thots start to approach their thirties they all of a sudden start to panic and pine for a man who will pick-up the tab; her student loans she hasn’t paid off, credit card bills, rent, etc. These are the scandalous skanks that will push for a guy to ‘move in together’ not because she wants to fuck your brains out all the time, but for economic reasons.

You have to imagine for a minute that you are one of these chicks whom have spent 12-years of their youth, partying.

Partying on their daddy’s dime and the tax-payers through student loans in order to get her Masters degree in I-Have-A-Vagina-And-It-Feels-Good-To-Rub-It, studies.

There comes a point where the looks and ‘talent’ in her dries up; the money is running out as well (male attention)—men giving-a-fuck about her and front loading her life. At this point in her life she is now panicking and realizing that paying $2,000.00 a month for that nice apartment (standard of living she is use to) is going to be tough when you are slinging coffee at Starbucks, part-time.

Of course, she is not going to find a better way to make ends meet, to find a better paying job or, heck—heaven forbid—downgrade her lifestyle and rent an apartment in the shitty end of town that she can afford!

Oh no, you see, that would require hard work, sacrifice and taking responsibility!

What would her friends think, though! Oh, she can’t move back in with her parents. Not princess!

Who Will Wipe Thy Vagina?

Remember, for her, there has to be a prince at the end of the orgasm rainbow; to clean-up all the girl-cum spilled from her youth; to pay the cleaning bill.

Someone is going to bail her out. If it isn’t going to be a man, then it is going to be the government (other men’s money). She will vote Left; she will vote for the government to put a gun to the producer’s head and force them to give pity-pennies to this former cock-carousel riding idiot who couldn’t foresee that a youth spent diddling herself and taking in pounds of cock without asking for commitment in the form of marriage first would result in the remaining two thirds of her life being old, poor and powerless!

Yes, women are just so smart, brilliant and amazing. So brilliant and amazing that an asshole like me has to sit down and spell it out for them....

I just don’t understand why there aren’t more female CEO’s!

Why are there no great female writers? Why are there only shitty mommy bloggers and feminist writers who spew out some of the dumbest diatribe the internet has ever stored and now has to add to the countless of other wasted gigs of space?

It is simply amazing that I, a man, can make a career out of writing about women and do it successfully. Yet, there are tons of ‘female writers’ all over the internet who have their own columns in magazines, newspapers and web sites that haven’t got a single clue about all of this!

It is almost like all of them are touting lies, propaganda and are brainwashed!

It is almost like all of them truly don’t understand what critical thinking actually is!

It’s almost as if, women are stupid!

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