Jessica Allen At CTV’s 'The Social' Is A Bigoted, Racist, Sexist, Worthless Leftist Moron; T

Jessica Allen clearly doesn't like hockey, or men who play hockey, or men in general. Why? Well, probably because nobody wanted to fuck her.

Sometimes life, psychology, is just that simple.

Just days after Don Cherry— A white heterosexual male who’s accomplished more in a lifetime than Jess will ever have even if she had a set off balls and a penis (she probably does)— a female fluff piece-of-shit that nobody would listen to or watch on a normal day, proved the double standard that leftist ‘progressives’ project on a daily basis.

What Jessica Allen did is no different than what Cherry was presumed to have done. Cherry didn’t say specifically whom ‘you people’ meant.

He probably just meant all the people who didn’t wear a poppy! But no, CBC/CTV needed an excuse to dump him because of their politics and wokeness.

It also doesn't help that CBC is the mouth piece, the cock holster of Justin Trudeau who is their pimp. CBC/CTV are Justin's whores; Jessica Allen is definitely not his bottom bitch. How's that Trudeau cum tasting these days, Jessica?

Side note:

Do you women (sorry, you people) not understand that wearing those types of glasses and looking like a frigid cunt of a feminist makes you as attractive as masturbating with sandpaper? I am willing to bet that Jessica Allen hasn't seen a hard cock in decades, let alone her feet.

What Jess Allen said was far more divisive. She singled out a specific group of people—white boys who play hockey— called them privileged and bullies.

Twitter her twat @Jessieaeallen (Show her what free speech really means)

If Jessica Allen doesn’t get fired for that, then the writing is on the wall. CBC/CTV is racist toward white heterosexual males; if you have a vagina, or suck Trudeau’s cock, you get to keep your job, though.

In Canada, it seems to be OK to be racist toward white males who play hockey, but not OK for a white heterosexual male to defend war veterans by shaming people for not wearing a poppy and assimilating to our culture and society.

Let’s recap: 85 year old Don Cherry uses the term ‘you people’ in a campaign to raise awareness for our country’s military, whom by the way get very little support and funding from Trudeau and the Federal government (Gee, I wonder why?). Then, days later an inferior middle aged, closet dyke, fucking ugly cunt of a woman who needs to kill herself effective immediately for her low IQ, Jessica Allen, calls out the entire hockey community by stereotyping “white males” on national TV.

Jessica Allen, a woman so evil, disgusting (physically and morally) that she even went as far as to insult children who play hockey.

Jessica Allen And People Like Her Need To Kill Themselves In Order To Eat Their Own Words

Jessica Allen needs to kill herself, or, needs to be exterminated from this planet. Not only because Jessica Allen has an IQ that is below the level of a retard, is visually disgusting, and repugnant beyond repair, but because the world doesn’t need one more feminist moron who can’t even comprehend that you can also be racist toward white people.

Again, Jessica Allen is a person so worthless and brainwashed by the school system, that she actually thought it was OK for her to spew bigoted, sexist and racist comments toward white males, simply because they were white!

Please, do the world a favor and replant yourself into the ground so that some good may come from your fat disgusting body; push-up some daisies and green the earth.

If you leftist fucktards actually cared about the environment you would all kill yourselves, like Jessica Allen should. If you all killed yourselves then we could cut down on all these greenhouse gases that I have been hearing about.

If all you morons would just slit your own throats then you would kick your air addictions and stop releasing all of this C02 which, by the way, is natural.

If you all just killed yourselves you could really do something worthwhile with your worthless lives; pretty the earth with all the daisies you'll be pushing up!

If Jessica Allen truly believes that Don Cherry should've been fired, then Jessica Allen effectively believes in killing humanity and all that is human. Denying someone free speech and twisting his words to fit your agenda means that you too are OK with that being a standard for society (denial of Freedom of Expression And Speech).

Denying a man of integrity, a man who is expressing a Canadian value that is in our Charter of Rights and then firing him for doing so. Firing a man for standing up and supporting our veterans who died for that right. Can't you see how fucking evil, bizarre and twisted that is?

You people, you Left-fucking-tards actually need to be exterminated. I could see if you were just plain old stupid, but holy-fuck, this level of retardedness makes one want to have a full-on abortion for this 'society' we live in.

So, by that token you too should be fired. More importantly, you should kill yourself because at that point there is no reason to live if you cannot be human and speak what is true. So again, kill yourself. Show us all how to save the world.

Jessica Allen believes that only white men can be sexist, racist and bigoted; only toward blacks and other minorities. Jessica Allen is a fucking moron who needs to kill herself for such dishonor to one's own race—a self-hating white woman—but needs to kill herself because to move ‘forward’ and ‘progress’ in society (Just like how the libtards always say) we do not need another inferior piece-of-fucking-shit like Jessica Allen sucking on our clean oxygen.

You, Jessica Allen, are the prototype, the poster-cunt of liberal feminist politics. Only inferior and worthless individuals, like yourself, would choose such a blueprint for life because you are sub-human and inferior. You need the government, you need to be dependent on Justin Trudeau’s cock ramming down your throat so you can have a paycheck at the end of the day. You are a worthless cunt who I wouldn’t even fuck for practice.

In fact, the only sound you should hear is the screams of all the dying knuckle children, drying up and crusting on your face, after some dude sprays his jizz onto that fucking ugly mug of yours before he knocks you out with a donkey-punch.

The fact that people like Jessica Allen exist in 2019 is baffling. The level of stupidity is so off the charts that it is difficult to even comprehend that we allow these people to breath, exist, and more importantly, vote and have jobs.

Jessica Allen, is so worthless that if she gets fired from CTV, I am afraid to say that she wouldn’t be able to fall back….well… on her back and become a prostitute; to suck actual dick(instead of the metaphorical) for money and to continue her miserable existence as a worthless, inferior, cunt of a woman.

That’s the thing, women like Jessica Allen always have the government or prostitution to fall back on as a last resort. Men like Don Cherry don’t have that luxury. Instead, men like Don Cherry, who are heterosexual and white, have to spend decades building a career, producing something of value and noteworthiness to society in order to survive. And yet, it can all be taken away from them because someone doesn’t like the fact that he is white, a male and spoke the truth; all things that leftist hate.

All I Want For Christmas Is For Jessica Allen To Get Rejected By A Homeless Man For Sex; Die An Untimely Death From A Perforated Colon Via Beastiality

Jessica Allen, you have been added to my Christmas ‘Wish List’.

This Christmas, all I want now, is to hear that Jessica Allen had been fired from CTV and turned to prostitution in order to eek-out a meager existence on this planet. To then find out, in a short order, that nobody, not even the thirsty homeless would dare fuck that fat, disgusting, pussy.

To hear that Jessica Allen then had to turn to cam-whoring herself by letting a horse fuck her in the ass (again, because no guy would want to fuck her) on camera for money and subsequently dying from a perforated colon, would make me cum, so fast, my balls would explode from the psi pressure.

If I heard all of this on CBC news on Christmas morning, my jammy-jams would be a mess.

The thought of someone as worthless as Jessica Allen experiencing a perforated colon from having to turn to cam-whoring (Beastiality due to nobody wanting to fuck her) and then having a team of forensic investigators trying not to laugh while they put her lifeless body on the coroner gurney, is spontaneous orgasm worthy.

Fuck you, Jessica Allen. You aren’t even worth a practice fuck.

You aren’t worth much at all! Unlike Don Cherry, who can crush you with his wallet and won't need to stand beside you at the unemployment office you fucking commie, cunt licking, Trudeau's cock up your snout, piece-of-shit.

#ToxicFemininity #BasicBitch #Humor


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