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The Struggles Of A Zero-Fucks-Given, Author: Fucked-Up And Made More Money Than I Said I Would.

Since last year, I've needed a wheelbarrow to carry my overburdened sack around town. This is my struggle.

It's been a little over 365 days to "flatten the curve". Remember when it was suppose to be 15 days to flatten the curve? The only thing that had been flattened last year in 2020 was the stock market, and thank Christ on a cracker, it was.

Without the Wuhan Scamdemic, I wouldn't've been able to make my life's fortune; a Black Swan event that only comes around maybe once a generation; early retirement for those who had cash on hand and bought that fucking dip with both hands along with both balls.

You see, yours truly had been waiting years. I am talking almost a decade for something like this to happen. While others were spending and leveraging (still are it seems) themselves to the hilt, I was saving and waiting for the right moment. That's the difference between peasants and the wealthy: Poor people are impatient and impulsive; rich people sacrifice and wait for the right moment to strike. Poor people believe that being rich is the same thing as looking rich. They spend all of their money on things, but at the end of the day have only depreciating assets, liabilities and no points on the board (money in the bank/positive cash flow).

Poor People Make Poor Choices, That's Why They Are Poor

I fucking hate, losers.

Poor people overbreed, over-spend and over leverage themselves then come crying to people like me to save them with my tax-dollars.

I hate stupidity.

Which is basically 80% of people in modern society.

Stop spending the money you don't have, you parasites!

Stop producing more children than you can afford, to which you then cry to us tax-payers to subsidize your poor choices in life. You can all rot, choke on our fucking cocks and die for all we care.

Poor people don't listen to people who are better than them, that is why they are poor. They look at the rich as 'oppressors' and would rather "eat the rich" (be a fucking parasite) than to learn from them, read their books and try to go for greatness themselves. But you see, going for greatness is hard and takes effort. Poor people want nothing to do with productivity.

They are usually fat, lazy, pieces of fucking shit that need to be exterminated so that I can pay less taxes on my productivity. The more poor people we have, the more government is voted in. Both the government and welfare needs to be exterminated.

I was initially waiting for an organic economic crash, one that normally is cyclical in nature and often rears its ugly face every 7-10 years, almost like the 7-year itch divorce stat. I had a lot of dry powder when others did not. Everyone else was partying like it was the 1920's, while yours truly was quietly preparing for 1930.

That is how you do it: prepare when times are good so that you can live when times are bad. Sell when things are booming, buy when it's dooming. Buy the pain, sell the gain. A play on Rockefeller.

Seriously, thank you chink, fucking Goddess. Jah bless. Namaste. Additionally, we must also thank Karen for freaking the fuck out in her own life's choices to add to this entertainment package of the ages.

Without the Scamdemic, Boomers and fucking women freaking out about a 99% survival rate, yours truly wouldn't be struggling to figure out a way to drag his full nut sack around without spraying the money-shot all over the place.

Last month in January, to add to the 124k bounce from 2020, I managed to top my hot poppers off a get another pound of flesh out of the market to the tune of another 25k. A profit per month that I said was an outlier as on average I can usually do between 5-10k, give or take a few silvers and coppers.

Pleased to say, it has been another month of shipping the hippies to greener pastures. Those holding in the end will be rewarded for perseverance. I got February's call wrong. BIGGLY. Sorry. Like seriously. Like Whitney Houston sorry.( insert the theme from The Bodyguard) let's all just gather our wits. Like I said back during last month's end, I didn't expect to earn anywhere near another buzzer-beating 20k+.

However, I did.

Could've made more, but as you all should know, the fucking NASDAQ decided to ass-rape everyone at the end of FEB and into early March, because the US 10 yr bond yield showed her fucking tits and everyone jumped.

Poor People Have Never Tasted Champagne, It's OK Because It's Nothing To Get Excited About

The Champagne Campaign is still looking sweet and sexy at this point, however.

We are only 2-months into 2021 and I am already half-way to 100k earned in the stock market. That bottle of Veuve Clicquot might be purchased and opened sooner than you'd think this year.

Just put it to you this way: In 2 months I have made more than Karen would in an entire year; she "works" 40hrs a week at her low-level managerial job.

Fuck you Karen, you fucking fat cunt. Karen also, on the side, runs a MLM Ponzi scheme in where she tries play herself off as a Health & Wellness Goddess, even though she is obese and an unstable mess. Good luck, peasant! Trying to sell health and wellness when you are nothing but healthy or well, that's going to be a tough grift!

It's no wonder why Karen hates men like yours truly, even I can't stand my success half the time. Again, I need a wheelbarrow to support my ever-growing, overburdened, heavy sack around all day long. I have to spend time rubbing it in the faces of the fucking peasants because they deserve to hear it. They need to suffer through it. It's the only way they could ever get close to success and greatness: By living vicariously through yours truly.

I swear, the month of March is not going to be anywhere near as good as Jan and Feb. I am confident...because the NAS-DYKE decided to take a hot, wet shit at the end of Feb, and the first couple weeks this March. You should've seen the portfolio last week, yessshh! Talk about a woman on a heavy flow in the bathtub, that thing was bloodyAF.

The markets looked like the beaches of Normandy right after the tide rolled out, bodies everywhere.

I think one day last week I was down double-digit K's; didn't give a solid fuck though, because I knew this bond yield fit was just as temporary as a child whining over a brain freeze from having too much ice-cream.

Everything has come back nicely this week and we are back on track.

Fucking cunt of a Big board. Yes, late Feb-early-March, she decided to go full-Karen and fuck that Silicon Valley dildo along with the rest of equity markets, all because of Boomer bond yields flashing their tits on the runway, wearing nipple tassels and distracting investors with a flight to safety via shoving dollar bills up her snatch.

SCR, one of my biggest holdings, has exposure on the NASDAQ, but we are holding fast even though she decided to dive faster than a fluzzie in the bathroom at Barcadia. SCR is now in recovery from getting dicked-down and her tonsils buttered in the bathroom, by Chad Thunder Bond Yield.

In fact, my portfolio of "Vice stocks" took hot shits along with the route in tech/'risky' assets due to the 10 year US bond yield throwing a petulant tantrum, and every inexperienced snapfuck trader out there losing their collective cool like women.

You know there are a lot of inexperienced retail traders in the market when shit like two weeks ago happens; paper-hand Nacy's panicking because they fear they might lose their lunch money, or stimmy checks from Biden the pedophile that they threw at the market. Their stock goes down a few coppers and it's like the JFK shooting all over again; all hell breaks loose.

I can't imagine women in the stock market. If they saw one of their stocks get ankle bit, bled a measly 1.00%, they'd probably panic, curl up in the fetal position and shit their pants goodnight.

Love holding stocks that bottom out of control yet when I look at my account I am still up literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's akin to when they pop hundreds of thousands just different. Ebb n flow fellas. The ocean tide comes in and out. Finding the bottom and being down is akin to a dance with the ugly sister. That's got to sting. Getting in early and scooping dips is what got me here today. Pretty good feeling to be long sometimes.

Short-Haired Karens, Short-Selling ((Jews)) & Short-Sighted Peasants

The weeks I am down 11k feel no different to the weeks or days I am up 11k. Karen would probably lose her mind if she were down 11k on paper, because 11k is probably all that she is worth.

This game requires Zen and a zero-fucks-given attitude. Be smart, when you can, sell your principle and use "House money".

Karen, who sits on her mat all day long, who "meditates" by taking a selfie for Insta and then two seconds later goes back to sitting on the couch, shoving potato chips down her fucking gullet, wouldn't even have the stomach to ride out what the NASDAQ did a couple weeks ago. Why? Well, Karen lives paycheck-to-paycheck and is an impulsive, impatient, emotional fucking cunt who can't do math because it is 'oppressive' and a tool of the patriarchy.

Karen, instead of competing and trying to be great would rather falsely accuse men at work of harassment; try to get them fired. All of this done for the petty purpose of not having to be reminded every day of what a complete fucking failure she is at life.

Karens of the world need to be exterminated.

Karen would probably panic if she had any actual skin in the game, and then as therapy would go and spend the rest of her stimmy on essential oils to rub her fat fucking cunt with in order to produce a mild orgasm to sooth her salty attitude.

The stock market isn't for women and faggots who fear. Fear will get you killed in this place. That's why you protect yourself with stops and limit orders.

My port is on fire, still. The amount of times I've released my loins looking at my dashboard is, incalculable.

We still are speaking moistly over here about my picks. Hot-popper stocks like SCR are virtual ATM's. Added some choice Vtown property to my port this week. Will be buying a Yale Loft to brush up on my poshness.

Just kidding, minimalism is how you become truly wealthy and beat the ever living shit out of the peasantry, the normie-fucks envy with green regarding my greenbacks.

All those who had shorted SCR, you can all go hang yourselves now that you got burned. If you short a stock, you are a Jew and a faggot. Only Jews would short a stock because that is what corrupt faggots do; bash on bullboards, artificially drive the price down so they make money by hurting a company unnecessarily.

Guess what? The market can stay Long, longer than you can stay short on a stock. I fucking hate people who short; shorters need to have their throats slit.

When I go to dinner parties, I usually like to ask people if they have ever shorted a stock before. If they say "yes" to me I usually smile and be like "Oh is that so?" and then I excuse myself while pulling out my Mad Max list, write their name, address down and beside their name write "Jew shorter" and "needs throat slit, asap". That way, whenever the SHTF(shit hits the fan) and the Rule of Law is suspended, I know where I need to go for Hockey Mask season and who needs to be exterminated immediately from the gene pool, so we can "Build Back Better" of course.

Short-sellers need to have a penis packed down their cock-sucker of a mouth, so they can choke on white excellence; slit their throat when it's time to pull out; don't give'em a chance to even breathe.

Boomers Need To Fuck-Off & Die Already, You Had Your Chance

The renegade life is not for everyone, especially Boomers and Karens. Both of whom are not going to be getting any capital gains tax from my earnings since I will be avoiding paying any of this up here. Thank you, TFSA trading account.

You fucking Boomers need to suffer, just like you've made all the generations after you suffer due to your childish behavior. All you entitled Western feminist ( real women aren't cunts/feminists), who try to get successful men fired from their jobs because you don't like the truth, will suffer through this scamdemic and out the other end of it. I guarantee it.

Fat feminist cunts need to suffer. Lose the weight, or the Wuhan virus will kill you because just like the flu, fat people with diabetes are more prone to death.

Why? Because you are an unhealthy, human sack-of-shit that needs to be exterminated anyways.

Nature hates you.

It's Science!

It's what the 'experts' are even saying!

It's the fucking, flu. Lose the weight, eat well, get your immune system up and you can be that much closer to being superior.

It's all your fault, you wanted safe spaces, you wanted 'equality', you got it!

Almost 60% of the jobs lost were to women (restaurants, bars, hospitality, HR, etc.) because they all majored in non-essential areas of study like Lesbian Tap Dance therapy and teaching people how to breath in front of a statue of Buddha.

Boomers, as selfish as the women they clit-kiss with their woke policies, were still hogging-up the workforce even before the scamdemic. Boomers just can't seem to get of the pot and let others take a fucking shit, because Boomers never saved for retirement. Thusly, they have to keep on working until they drop dead on the sales floor at Walmart right after they greeted their last customer of the night underneath the flicker of a broken ceiling light.

Boomers consumed, and consumed; stole from every generation beneath them thinking that they would never die and the sun would never set on them. Never saved, never invested (or waited until it was too late). Took on endless credit debt loads, over leveraged themselves trying to keep up with the fucking Jones'. Boomers who pushed for open boarders, feminism, and diversity, Boomers in the colleges, media and education systems indoctrinating this horseshit into the minds of Millennials and Zoomers.

Raping society of prosperity and growth, you fucking Boomers will now not have enough young people producing for your social security that is about to run out by 2035. No wonder why your kids shove you into bacteria invested nursing home to die in, because why should anyone care about your fucking entitled, selfish ass.

"C'mon baby light my fire"--Some fucking Boomer at Woodstock, 1969.

Oh, we will light a fire, when you are shoved into the ovens and exterminated. The nursing homes right now mine as well be death camps.

And here I was last year around this time, scooping up fire sales with my diamond hands, cheap assets and blue chippers on discount.

Now I am in the top 10-20% of earners: points on the fucking board, no debt, no wife(financial vampire), no kids, no worries except for how much fucking fun I am going to have watching all of those who deserve it, suffer immensely.

This is the era in where us men will be enjoying the decline.

Seeing Boomers who are afraid to die; cum in my pants.

Seeing Karens lose their minds; jizz in my jeans.

Watching Leftist voters cry about not getting a $2000 stimmy and only getting $1400; creaming my Khakis.

Seeing a woke department manager, who tries to get White heterosexual men fired from their jobs because she has no life, start-up a 'small business' that is doomed to fail from the start; a load, shot in my shorts.

Karen, a brow-beating, barren butchy-bitch, fat fucking cunt, sub-human, piece-of-worthless infertile feminist shit, who needs to have a nig-nog nine incher pounded down her cock-pocket; choke on it and suffocate.

She loves 'diversity' so much, mine as well serve an Amazonian anaconda straight down that fat fucking gullet of hers and prevent her from emitting Co2 into the atmosphere because cLiMaTe cHaNgE.

No fat chicks; just going to be fucking your trophy wives, girlfriends, young daughters and granddaughters heading off to college.

College: a magical place where girls paint on their clothes and major in giving blowjobs most nights out of the week after their fempowerment lecture on 'Slut shaming'. A course given by some hack dyke professor telling them to read up on some "world famous", "first-lesbian" modifier poet from the 1930's, talking about how her snatch itched one night, and in applying a lubricant, discovered that she could still rub her cunt-off even with an aggravating STD.

Pay as little tax as possible so that stupid fucking Boomers, and worthless Leftist women, will get minimal hand-outs or social security checks in the mail. Starve them the fuck out.

Work a small gig on the side and have multiple streams of income that cannot be taxed.

If you have to work in CorporateLand, you follow what yours truly "Troy McAvoy" has done and what he talked about in the book.

You boys have been misguided and lied to like every other man out there for decades.

Lied to by your single-mothers, your parents, your female teachers, politicians, media, corporations and other institutions of influence and power. You have been lied to because it was for their benefit, not yours, or mine.

Most of all, you were lied to by the fucking Boomers. Why would you listen to an old, piece-of-shit Boomer, dried-up turd of a has-been, out-of-touch dinosaur, when said Boomer can't even afford to retire by the age of 50, heaven forbid you know a fucking Boomer that was able to retire by even 70, today.

Get out of the way you fucking Boomers, you had your turn and you blew it like you did at Woodstock; blew each other while you smoked fucking dope(AND EACH OTHER'S PIPES, PUN INTENDED) and were high on shrooms.

Funny enough, thanks for doing all of those drugs you Boomer fucks, because now I am making a killing from my 'vice' stocks, two of which are in the Shroom sector.

Thanks for being lab rats for me, turns out the shit actually works at alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety and other 'mental illnesses', which all thanks to Boomers will be a trillion dollar-a-year industry, once this all shakes out and is FDA approved.

Who caused mass hysteria, anxiety, joblessness and depression?

Boomers, cucks and women.

Mainly Boomers. Who, even before the pandemic, caused the delay in young people not being able to find a decent job because they never saved enough for retirement? Answer: Boomers.

Yeah, I wonder why Zoomers and Millennials are depressed. You fucking Boomers never leave the goddamn fucking workforce and then when a fake pandemic rolls around, you are all afraid of a 1 in 2 million chance of dying from the Wuhu-flu. Selfish fucking Boomers, need the government to lockdown healthy people and make them lose a year and possibly more of their youth.

You had your youth, you fucking Boomer. That's how selfish you fucks are. Die with some goddamn dignity or else us young people are going to start removing your masks so we can shove our cocks down your shriveled throats in order to listen to the sound of progress; you fed the youth loads of BS, we will feed you loads of white hot rope to choke on, instead of you hanging yourselves the honorable way.

Go. Fuck. Yourselves Boomers...if you can still get your ED-ridden cocks to inflate enough, or produce ample lube from your depressed, long gone are the days, Motor City pussy in order to get your shriveled nub of a clit off.

Rape & Pillage CorporateLand Like How The Boomers Force-Fucked Three Generations Out Of Prosperity

So, if you boys have to do a stint in CorporateLand (which is still being ran by Boomers) in order to make your dough, you need to learn some of the basics first:

  1. Stay single, no wife, no kids; all of those are liabilities + money sinks just like the Middle East.

  2. Don't consume like a woman; cash is meant to used to build a castle around yourself; the world is full of fucking vultures and Jews.

  3. Work a decent paying job for about 10 years; stack cash.

  4. Become a 1099'er and join the superior race like Aaron Clarey calls it.

  5. Put said stacked Benji's into well thought-out investments.

  6. Once you have a war chest, tell everyone to fuck off and kill themselves; pop smoke for your EVAC.

  7. Live the island life; enjoy witnessing those losers/haters, who never listened or mocked you, suffering around you by poolside; watch them all drown without water wings.

  8. Surround yourself with other winners; gather a harem of young beautiful women that are pleasant on the eyes, that are a joy to share experiences with.

  9. Punish your enemies; crush their wives' pussies, pulverize their realties.

  10. You will find that one of the most satisfying things to watch are your enemies suffering in agony while you are finishing down their throats; the best orgasm ever possible.

If you do this all correctly, you can be out of the Game by age 40 or earlier.

A bachelor doesn't need a lot of money to live, however, the more the better.

For a normie who has two cars, a mortgage, a wife(second mortgage), 2 kids, three dogs, 2 vacations a year (one for him, one for her), he is going to need at least 2.3 Million put away in dividend paying funds to live a modest retirement. We are talking capped, fixed income Folgers coffee in the morning type of boring shit here for beta Boomer Bob.

This is assuming he[the normie-conformie] doesn't get divorce-raped by his fat fucking wife and has to pay vaginamony and child support. The odds are not good as a little over 50% of all marriages end in divorce; the other half are just miserable.

For a bachelor, on-top of being a minimalist, the first threshold of "made it" money would be around 230k.

Depending on your lifestyle, where you live, the cost of living, etc, you may not even need that much money to call it quits; to tell people to go fuck themselves anytime you'd like; to watch your enemies keel to suck your cock, and make that thing shoot ropes of cum, blinding them in the process.

Yours truly is shooting for around 1.3 million as the threshold for "fuck you money." This is the marker, for me personally, in where I can immediately begin to start truly being an asshole to everyone that has ever double-crossed me in any way.

If you think I am an asshole now, I am just getting warmed up.

Let's get something straight, you as a man have every right to shove your excellence in the faces of your enemies and hater's when you get to this point. It is a right-of-passage; it is a privilege. It is your duty.

Being a success is not a right; it's is a privilege.

It has to be earned.

Commie Karen, who tries to get successful people fired from their jobs, doesn't understand privilege or how to earn it. She just feels entitled to it, or, if she can't get it herself, she tries to destroy anything and anyone that is a success. A true Commie-fucktard thinks: "If I can't be successful (because I am a lazy, fat fucking cunt with a low IQ) then everyone else has to be as stupid and lazy as me so I can feel better about my inferiority!"

Again, Commie Karen needs to be scalped, have a nigga donger dunked down her donut hole, kicked in her dusty bread-basket (which has no Easter eggs for the Lord), and shoved to the curb so the buzzards have something to eat.

Karen is all about animals and the environment, so why not feed her fat fucking body to it? Go Green, Karen. Kill yourself and feed your worthless organic matter to the earth and save the enviroment.

The question is: Would nature even accept her?

To shove your cock down their[inferiors] fucking throats so they choke and die on it in agony while you finish, adding to their humiliation, is justice served.

You have every right, no, you have the privilege to do this for yourself as the final reward. Inside of every Commie-cocksucker is a Capitalist dying to come out. They can suck your fucking cock and taste Greatness for themselves! Fucking cock-suckers!

Any Leftist fuckwad who tried to witch-hunt your ass or burn you at the stake, you have every right to take a speculum to their mouth, produce a hot steamy shit down their throat, and watch them die of "natural causes".

Your fecal matter is an organic compound and is of nature. Pack it down their throats tight and watch them try to cough-up last night's bean salad, honey-almond garnish; sided with the cilantro crawfish gumbo as the main.

Everyone who tried to bring you down along the way, whether it was via envy or their lust for control over your life, control over what you do and say by your own free will, you have every right to make these people watch and suffer.

You have the right to force-fuck their lives into a miserable hell.

Every infertile Leftist feminist, woke-gamma faggot or cucked-beta, they all need to choke on your magnificence. They all need to hear the sound of success: Your load whizzy out their nose and ears at max psi, before you donkey-punch them into a nice coma.

If you haven't been saying the word "no", it's never to late.

You say no to fat, fucking dykes.

You say no to feminism/womanism.

You say no to cucks and fags.

You say no to woke.

You say no to being broke.

You say "yes" to excellence and getting your cock rightfully sucked and fucked.

Kings don't bend their knees; peasants will bend theirs for you; get your cock sucked, stay savage.

Real women aren't feminist; feminism has nothing to do with femininity.

Feminism is Communism behind a pussy.

These people do not realize the privileges they have of living in a relatively civilized world, enforced by beta males and the the rule of law. All mind you, hang on a very thin thread each an every day. If it were any other time in history, these losers and haters would've had their throats slit effective immediately for pulling the kind of shit I am talking about.

However, the most effective way to get back as these sub-human pieces-of-shit is financially; living a superior life to them. Starve them out, let them cause their own suffering by being dependent on the wealthy, you.

In the future, if there is ever an event or time that forces the world into real chaos (not the scamdemic, but a real threat), where the Rule of Law is suspended, you can damn well bet that yours truly will be partaking in what I like to call "Hockey Mask Season" up here in commie Canada.

Canada is in a desperate need of some Purge action, that's for sure. The amount of stupid and poor hapless, drug-induced, slow-witted fucks that walks around these parts in through the roof.

Losers need to suffer and need to be exterminated from your life.

Those fat fucking Karens in CorporateLand who rub their clits to the thought of falsely accusing you of some asinine charge, because you exposed their true nature: The truth that they are an abusive, dictatorial cunt.

With each passing day and each passing milestone on the way to "fuck you money", the assholery will only increase, and build into an arousing symphonic orgasm of "shove it up your ass, suck my fucking cock, I will crush you with my wallet if I want to."

The great thing is, I am so close to it I can taste it off the quivering pussies of Boomers and Karens.


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