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Why You Disdain Normies

We have covered the topic of the 80% before, the normies as we call them; the type of people who spew stupid proverbs, first thing in the morning, on a Monday at work.

“Well….another day another dollar”.

Fuck off with that depressing, shit. Seriously.

Yes, maybe for you. For us though, the creative and financially savvy, it’s more like, “Sweet, another day….another bag of money being zipped into my portfolio and bank account—because we have passive income.

I am not trying to butter you up but if you read this blog and my books, you are smarter than the majority. You have an IQ north of 115. How do I know this? Well, would a normie come on here and read about finances, philosophy, human nature, sexual- dimorphism, gynocentrism, hypergamy, the stock market and Western civilization? No, they would probably be on Snapchat sending dick pics to some THOT(That Hoe Over There) or looking up Justin Bieber lyrics whist daydreaming about being one of his gang-bang groupies.

Satire, also, is humor meant for the more intelligent; because it first takes intelligence to understand what is being mocked. If you get all emotional and offended, especially at my Teachers Worthy of a D segment in Hot For Teacher—about the current epidemic of hot, young female teachers playing pedo paddy-cake with their male students—you clearly have some issues and no sense of humor.

I try to turn such a serious issue into one of humor; because doing it any other way wouldn’t be A) Fun for me, firstly. B) Fun for my readers, secondly. And it would just be a waste of my time, because if I didn’t present it in a laugh-riot way, I would just leave the Dailymail up to reporting the story in dull fashion.

In short, you are smarter than the rest of society, half of which is so nauseatingly stupid and so far removed from you intellectually, you simply cannot relate to them or understand their normie-isms. In fact, you may be one of those people that cringe or simply want to blow your brains out when around more than 5 normies in the room.

Society Caters to the Average

So why do you, the intelligent one, care or try to appease society?

One of the main reasons why you cannot relate to normies is because you most likely have a life. You have hustle or a great career. You may own your own business. Perhaps you are one of the few that has a nuclear family that is still intact. You do not have five different step-sisters or brothers, two step dads and a whore of a mom who is still trying to find Chad on Saturday nights. You might be a writer; you might play in a band. You might fix up cars in your spare time or travel to exotic places in search of wonder and amazement.

You simply don’t lie around all day watching Oprah or soaps, grinding against the Hitachi you got on Amazon; whilst collecting coin from Big Daddy government.

In addition, to not being a complete lazy fuck, you probably have some kind of regimen or routine/work out schedule; because you actually give-a-fuck about how you look, how you maintain a healthy weight, and want to offer the opposite sex something north of a dad-bod, butter-chicken belly.

You understand that women get wet for fit and muscular dudes, so you hit the gym and lift. You, if you’re a woman, realize that men don’t want to second guess where your vagina is amidst the maze of rolls hanging from your BIF (Butt-in-Front).

Ladies, hit the gym, please. Sexual attraction is a two-way street. The level of fugly out there today has hit levels, so large, you can’t even go anywhere without seeing 10 Penningtons in a 5 block radius, wanting to vomit and wish they would invent time travel so you could go back pre-1990’s when women didn’t ruin themselves with the dyke-cut, calorie infusing Starbucks lattes, trashy tattoos and a lack of understanding about what men want to stick their dick into.

Hint: Men go to Sea World to see whales, not the club. If we wanted to stare at cottage cheese all day we would go to the dairy section at Publix.

Finally, if you read this blog and others like it, you have independent thought or are at least, able to be truly open-minded and face reality. This blog is unfiltered, unapologetic, and will not censor it’s self. You most likely, through your child-hood and adult years, didn’t believe what most of your teachers were selling you, politicians, professors, and now media personalities. You make up your own mind about the world you live in via observable reality; the best teacher there is. You know enough not to watch filth like “The View” or reality TV or day time television in general. You also know that a fancy new car, McMansion, or brand name clothes will NOT bring you success and happiness; only give you the illusion of such.

Now, take all of those things that I mentioned:

Purpose in life

Work ethic

Purpose and Drive

Independent thought

And do the complete opposite. When you flip the mirror over what you get is a normie and inferior being.


A normie is a person who is; Stupid (or tremendously conformistly average, has no point and purpose in life, is lazy, and is easily susceptible, if not perfectly susceptible to manipulation, indoctrination, brainwashing and conditioning.

Now, even though it is impossible for people with an IQ of 115 or above to understand what it’s like to be one of these people, just try for a minute. For them, it’s probably as hard for them to understand us; so much that their response is to fuck up their lives even more by snorting coke so as to numb the senses from such a colossal overload.

Just, put yourself in their shoes for a bit.

Welcome, you are in a normies shoes now. You’re not smart enough to have a profession, craft or career that is going to amount to much. Worse, you’re not smart enough to avoid life-crippling mistakes that will essentially enslave you to, ironically, people smarter than you—i.e. creditors, bankers, mortgage lenders, loan sharks, etc. So, as you flail about like a fish out of water in Lesbian studies, culinary school, turf management class, you make sure to get yourself pregnant by the first bad-boy you let squish a load down your silky slit, or, get your girlfriend pregnant—even though we now have TWELVE different forms of birth-control methods out there. On top of all this fun, you manage to incur tens of thousands in student loan debt.

Of course, you are not independently minded enough to resist the marketing and brainwashing thrown at you by corporations, colleges, and marketers. So you borrow another cool 20k to buy a new car, clothes, and trips to Cancun you cannot afford: Making this situation not worse but now IMPOSSIBLE because you’re LAZY. You don’t want to work hard you just want the government/other men’s tax money to pay for your mistakes. And you certainly don’t want to hit the gym and the treadmill to work on those biceps for Stacy or keep a nice tight ass for Chad because that might actually make you an athlete, like the ones you worship on ESPN or make you, at least, physically appealing to the opposite sex.

So what is the ultimate result?

You are forever stuck in life being a loser with no direction, point or purpose; nothing to look forward to because you have no goals that you’ve set forth. And you are now forever in debt because you’re too damn lazy to work a second job, a night shift, or get a side hustle that would make the first one suffice. You are even more financially crippled because YOU chose not to use a condom or get an abortion or take your pill before bedtime—which, if you can’t even remember to do such a thing like that, how could you even remember to get up for a job anyway? And since you are overweight and don’t take care of your appearance—which is part of your personal brand—adds insult to injury.

The one big problem with all of this is—you are not going to die tomorrow (slim chance).

If you were to die tomorrow this misery would end. It would be so easy. But, life isn’t that easy and convenient. The creditors calling, the bill collectors nagging and threatening you. Explaining to employers why there is four bankruptcies on your credit report. Getting pissed off because your co-worker got a .25 cent raise and you didn’t because you are ghetto-minded. Not having enough to retire before you are 70. Choosing between food or your Dodge truck. Choosing between feeding your 4 bastard children, or hitting the club in order to find another deadbeat to dupe into squeezing another hamburger out of him from McDonalds for a blowjob—to first feed yourself, your nagging vagina, and to hope he stays at least the night this time…maybe he could be ‘The One’?

Oh, and those student loans you got from the highway cosmetology school. ALL of it would just poof, disappear. But, unfortunately, you’re going to have to live the next 60 or so years of your life as an indentured slave to the government and its welfare system—that is running out of other people’s money by the day now (thanks feminism).

But, what can a lazy, dumb-fuck, conformist person do to give themselves a point and purpose in life?

Well, the key word in that problem sentence is “do”. That requires work, toil, and thought, of which the vast majority of people are incapable of doing for themselves. Their own thoughts scare them because all day long their phones distract them with music, dicktures, snap-fucks, media whores and pop-gossip.

People like this ten turn to what is easy and the easiest way to get a point and purpose or worth is to then live vicariously through other people; mainly celebs, sports athletes etc. Instead of achieving their own success and accomplishments, it is thus easier to envelop one’s self in the sunshine of others. Live in their shadow.

I, thankfully, don’t concern myself with the future of our current society and take a much darker approach to the matter of just not caring anymore what happens to humanity after I leave this place. Matter of fact, the more I run into people in the dark hours of the night or during the day(of all political stripes, gender, race, orientation) the more disdain and disrespect I have for them, to the point I am almost thrilled and happy they’re rushing forward faster than ever off the cliff, hand-in-hand; one last midnight for all.

Society has scorched it’s self so bad with all of this pussy-ass, politically correct, pandering to the Punjabs, gynocentric fail state, that it is just too easy to laugh at and enjoy watching the mayhem unfold. I just love sitting back, drinking my Ale and maybe lighting up a cigar and just whispering “I told you so” to myself. So you know what? Go ahead, normies. I fully support your idiocy.

I encourage young women to go pursue feminism (*Snap-snap to the eight, to the six, to the nine)

I encourage soy-boys and the tight-slackers to major in stupid shit and be “nice” and “sensitive” to the ladies.

I encourage smarter-than-thou teens and snap-fucks to believe they’re special and a victim of everything.

I encourage welfare recipients to keep having as many kids as they can fit in their section-8 unit, that they (and society) cannot afford.

I encourage minorities and women to get triggered and enraged and obsessed about division politics along with reality and facts.

I encourage career obsessed women to get masters degrees and PhD’s and outsource their kids to daycare.

I only ask my readers and the very few out there, which are smart enough to see the shit on the stall wall, to just relax. It will all be over soon. Have a drink, light up a cigar, and watch the shit-show from poolside.

Uncle Nick understands your pain...
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