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Escorting Hypergamy

Without a doubt, the invention of yoga pants and its explosion onto the mass market, has increased a woman’s (not a fat woman's) ability to advertise her assets to the highest bidder—not to mention harvest more attention as a whole. A woman’s ability to optimize her hypergamy, today, has never been easier.

With the advent of social media, apps like Tinder, and cell phones that can filter out blemishes, the world now endlessly caters to a woman’s sexual strategy. Today, I would like to delve into and contrast two worlds: The modern female's world and a stripper’s.

Before the advent of today’s street-hooker wear that many women endorse, female sexual desire was mainly kept bottled in places like strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, bars and back alleys. Today, that environment, although slightly different in context, has been filtered and transferred to the every-day woman on the street; at work, at the gym, in the office, and even at home. All women, even the fugly fat ones’, are able to hypersexualize themselves like a stripper in order to reap all the benefits of said ‘profession’ without the stigma and shame of overtly doing it at one of those still stigmatized joints for direct purposes.

To explain this further, we must go into the strip club and observe what is actually going on. Then we can contrast to what is taking place outside of the club in an everyday setting.

Exploiting Men As The Consumer, Women Objectifying Themselves For The Highest Bidder

From the moment a man walks into a strip club, he is being exploited. Everything around him is staged, and artificial in nature; interactions, music, and lighting are all manufactured. The women who strip have all of their assets amplified: High-heels get the ass tighter, the dim lighting/stage lights hide any blemishes or imperfections; her nude body becomes a black-hole for your money-shots. Drinks are over-priced. Most strip clubs let women drink for half the fraction because more women pull in more men which= more drinks being sold and bought for the women, by men. This is the same for bars and clubs as well.

Dancers and strippers hop from one guy to the next, only for what is in his wallet. Then they move on. No emotion, zero-fucks given.

Sound familiar?

I want you to watch the opening to this video below and pay careful attention to what the girls think about the men they entertain on a nightly basis. Even some of them are delusional about what they do for a living.

Ask yourself this question after you watch: How is what they are doing in the club any different to how the modern woman behaves outside of the club?

My favorite is the one girl in the black bra and Ugg styled boots. She is the classic stripper who's main motivation and trajectory in life stems from her 'daddy issues'. She is even delusional about what 'selling' your body for sex is all about. She even denies it, or at the very least, questions it. Which is dumbfounding to me, because she is a stripper/dancer.

Now, what women don't seem to get (or men even) is that you don't have to be a stripper or, think one needs to be a stripper, to sell her body in today's world. Most women today do that as soon as they step out of their front door to go to work, to their college campus, or to the grocery store. They do it on Tinder, they do it on Youtube for Patreon shekles. They do it, everywhere.

As I have said before, the Western woman's definition of 'sexy' is the Mexican street-hooker's definition of business casual.

Women today practically dress like street hookers and dancers on the reg with the array of tight clothing/revealing clothes that are available and considered, 'fashionable'. Women go out to night clubs with their stripper skirts on in full-show, not just for attention but in hopes of a free night of drinking. Women go to the bar/club for a few reasons:

1) To have fun with their friends, dance and get attention.

2) To drink for free (seriously).

3) To get fucked by Chad if possible.

If you think number 2 is not a valid reason, then you sir, are a moron. Tons of women do this but will never admit this. It is so easy for them because men, like beta Bob, make it easy. I have witnessed and seen, on numerous occasions, women claiming they 'forgot' their money and purse at home when going up to the bar for drinks. How do you forget the most important thing when you know you are going out?

Answer for the Daily Double:It's bullshit.

They do it on purpose because they know some White knight pussy will pony up. Lots of women will go out to the bar simply to get free drinks if nothing else, and the ego boost. They just have to look pretty, sell their assets (look but don't touch) and the drinks will pour themselves. Weak men fall for this all the time. It's a trick and illusion; a show women put on to take your money. Women aren't smart, it's just most men choose not to use their brain because that's hard. Most men today are lazy and choose not to self-actualize and face reality and female nature because doing so would shatter their blue pill comfort zone. Women are not hard to figure out if you just pay the fuck attention.

So, instead of watching the 'game' on TV, do something infinity more productive and life-saving like picking up my books on Amazon. You can either choose to lose all your time and money to worthless women, or you can spend an infinitely smaller fraction of your time and money in order to save yourself a lifetime of misery and living in the dark. You can thus learn to become Chad or Nick if you prefer. Get pussy, live your life on your terms.

Zapping Energy, Transferring Wealth & Focus

Skimpy or tight clothing is meant for an energy zap. Zapping attention and transferring male energy onto her and also resources if possible.

With a society that embraces and openly flaunts hypergamy, women will use any and every means at their disposal in order to attract Chad, or to siphon as many resources from beta men as possible. The Chad supply is extremely low due to feminism's unrelenting mission to emasculate men and destroy masculinity. What you get is a bunch of thirsty men, and a lot of thirsty women. However, women will thirst for quality while men will thirst for cheap sex and a dropping where they can get it.

Women are aware of the beta safety-net that has a wide cast today, so dressing provocatively in order to attract Chad all through her twenties, becomes priority. However, doing so, she will attract most, if not all mens' attention. This is the consequence of going full-suburban White gurl (i.e yoga pants without panties, midriff exposed, Tattoos, and seflies with the dick-suck lips). Granted, women can just filter out the beta's and use them for ego boosts and value enhancers while they sift through all the facebook 'likes' and Tinder swipes for Chad's approval. For the modern gurl, though, this can be 'frustrating' and 'tiresome'.

Like the stripper/dancer, though, she will use the betas for their provisioning and take advantage of the 'thirst'. They will buy her meals, concert tickets, trips and the like, all the while she is searching for Chad's coke-can donger. The money these dudes spend and give to her will be used by her to purchase more make-up, more yoga pants, manicures and pedicures, high-heels, and a new hair style all in hopes of landing a bigger and better whale. All of the items mentioned are to enhance her sexual marketplace value.

Yoga pants constrict everything and give the illusion that she is tighter than she is. Tightness signals fertility and youth. Make-up hides wrinkles, crows feet, and weathered skin; youthful and healthy looking skin signals fertility. Lip-stick (red) gives the illusion that she is aroused or in heat. A simple trick that no other species can get away with on our planet, as it is impossible for a female to be in constant heat, every single day.

Lip-stick and the daily use of it on a female, thus tricks men into believing that a woman is in constant heat and in a state of arousal: which is impossible. This overall package and illusion triggers a man's provisioning instinct as well as their drive towards her sex. That's why waitresses (like strippers) wear tight-ass pants, make-up and the like, in order to trigger more tips out of men at the bar or restaurant. That is why women, when they go on dates, will usually try to amplify their assets in order to get a man to cash a check toward her.

Women will use a man's resources to enhance or prolong her beauty, men will use their resources to enhance their ability to get said beauty. A woman's youth and beauty (women between the ages of 18-27) are the most sought after commodity on the face of our planet next to oil.

She is not dressing up for Poindexter. Like a company looking to shine it's self up for a big take-over or merger, she is dolling her self up in order to receive a huge endorsement from Chad or Tyrone's company. Even so, women today are actually going on apps like Tinder and charging men money just for a conversation. That is how much male attention is out there and at a woman's disposal. Her Tinder box is flooded with hundreds of thirsty dudes. Poindexter gets charged, Chad doesn't. It's that simple. Pretty soon, women will have control over who gets to message them on Tinder. Preventing low value men (who they deem) from contacting them and allowing only HV men (who they deem). Further proving that apps like Tinder and social media in general were designed specifically, or are being redesigned, to make it extremely easy for women to optimize their hypergamy. Women are the majority users of social media, so it only makes good business sense to cater to a woman's needs.

Yoga Pants: A Second Skin

There was a time and place for the fedora. The time was in the 1930's. The place was a dark urban alleyway next to a dead hooker.

Likewise there is a place for yoga pants and that place is the gym and wherever you go to eat after the gym. The stipulation being that you are not allowed to wear heavy makeup and yoga pants at the same time. 'But like that's racist against women!", Sara objects while flipping her bleached hair.

Regardless of what you do in the gym, the whole point is to force your body to adapt. The only way that's happening is if you train with very high intensity. If you can text while doing your workout, your doing it wrong and don't belong in the gym, and you don't deserve the honor of wearing yoga pants.

But like... Yoga pants are comfortable

Yes, because being nude or the feeling of being naked, is extremely comfortable. With yoga pants, women can almost look nude and be nude, essentially, without breaking the law.

All workout clothes are comfortable, that's the whole point. Active wear was meant to be like this in order to cut down on wind resistance, and enhance mobility. Do you need to cut down wind resistance when working at Domino's? Do you need to enhance your mobility when you have to walk 5 feet from your cubicle to the break room? Do you need the ability to run fast when pushing your cart through the grocery store at an even pace in search of 2% milk, avocados and Swiss Chard? No.

However, I bet you want the ability to peak Chad's interest in your tangled-up labia and tight ass that is hanging out by the meat counter, as you bend over in an unnatural fashion to fetch a ham out of the bunker.

My stringer tank is comfortable because it lets my lats do their thing. However, I would be a huge douche if I let everyone at my place of work, or out in public, see my sick chest separation.

Men, when they flaunt their shit are deemed 'try hard' in today's gynocentric culture. You will hear it from beta men. Or, you will hear it from women who can't obtain a quality guy because they are fugly. Women in general won't mind, however, your workplace will mind if you do this as a guy. Yet, on the same token, it is somehow OK for women to dress like tramps in the office. Women, have no problem parading their visible labia into Civil Procedure. If you criticize or question this 'right' and a woman's 'choice' you will be considered a bully and a 'slut/body shamer'. A 'misogynist' pig you will be, for sure, in pointing out this double standard.

Women today, with their hypersexuality, are the most base, feral, and primal they've ever been in recent memory. As society continues it's steep decline into a Venezuelan misery, this will further progress as it always does when a culture begins rapid decent, as more and more resources continue to be concentrated in the hands of the top 20%.

Access to Christian Grey's golden cock, Chad's Pringle can of-a-dick, and DeShawns nitro penis, will become ever the more, scarce; women will have to keep devaluing themselves in order to compete (cheat) against other women for the top prizes. Even if that means just for 5 minutes with Chad. Tournament mating at its best.

If women could have it their way in totality: All they would do all day, is wear their yoga pants, crouch down on all fours in a downward-dog, present themselves, and wait for Chad to show up. We are not far off from this silly scenario as women today think that if they just stand around on their phone, wearing next to nothing, magic will just happen. For most, it does.

Women using Tinder and social media platforms, today, is basically the equivalent of a woman going outside in a public space, bending over in revealing clothing; awaiting Chad's endorsement. This, in the real world, would look silly and stupid if all women did this. However, its the same thing (in digital form) when women go on Tinder, Instagram and the like and post shots of themselves; sending nudes over their phones all from the comfort of their couch at home. It's easy and effective.

You really don't have to do much at all. Before, women would have to go out to places in order to meet men. Now, they can just stay at home and have access to more men than ever; men from around the world and not just in their home town. All they have to do is throw up some bikini shots and reveal a bit of cleavage, then BAM: Inbox flooded. Then the sifting through all the garbage begins in order for her to find the gems. Point and click harvesting.

Yoga pants are sexy!

If displaying your labia in front of the general public is your definition of sexy, you are probably a Western woman. Feminine clothes like sundresses are sexy, an anatomy lesson on the location of the clitoral hood is not sexy, it is slutty.

However, what we must understand about the female mind is that what's considered by them to be 'sexy' isn't always 'slutty'. Yet, at the same time what is 'slutty' is always sexy. Women are hypocrites.

Yoga Pants are Lazy: Men wear fedoras because they think is a cheap easy one size fits all way to show sophistication and class without having to reevaluate their wardrobe. Its an obvious, unfashionable move to get attention. Plus, if you're a man and you wear your hat indoors, you don't even know the man-hat rule. I hereby confiscate your fedora. A woman exposing her genitals is an equally lazy unfashionable move to get attention.

Yoga pants make women lazy and allow them to put zero effort into anything. Yoga pants, like mentioned before, give the illusion of fitness. Yes, they can enhance an otherwise already attractive woman's assets, however, even the less attractive women can look 1,2...or 3 points above their current when garnished in these. That's why we call it the 'second skin' for a reason.

These pants provide a uniform layer that hides (for the most part) what is really underneath on the first layer of skin. Yoga pants provide a smooth uniform surface that helps pull and tighten the ass and thighs of a woman; amplifying the hour-glass look that is objectively attractive to men.

The same goes for yoga pants or similar styled pants in the workplace. When you think about it, they serve no real function other than a vehicle for women to use in order to drive their hypergamy straight into Chad's cock; no brakes, slam it into neutral, reverse, and slam it again.

In the workplace, like in retail for example, it is always good to have pants that contain pockets. Women wear pants, like leggings or yogas, that have no such thing. They are not functional. So why do they wear them? Well, we all know why: Attention. Women do not go to work for the same reason a man goes to work. Women treat the workplace differently. They go their to have fun and do the same shit they did in high-school; gossip, back-stab, talk about Chad, try to fuck Chad, do the absolute bare minimum to get by and through the day; skating on the backs of men.

The reason why women love yoga pants is due to the fact that they offer the path of least resistance in terms of optimizing their hypergamy. Instead, many moons ago, women were held to a higher standard and had to actually be accountable, contribute to the home, and their hypergamous instincts were held on a leash and constrained. Constrained for the very purpose of maintaining a balanced social order and a prosperous society. Women will always, if allowed, take the path of least resistance in order to maximize return on their assets. Throwing on yoga pants takes all but a few seconds. You are now nude without being completely nude. A second skin.

Modesty is now shamed, whereas promiscuity is celebrated: 'Empowerment'.

'Empowerment' today means the ability to gain what was once difficult by means to which have been used for eons: Prostitution. Prostitution is the lowest common denominator. Yet, the legal prostitution we see today is now praised and encouraged. There is a reason why it is the oldest 'profession'. It has never died, only recycled in new legal forms.

The Prostitute As The 'Empowered' Female

Today, women treat themselves like prostitutes. Women set the standard. To add to this, women are constantly, as we have discussed above, giving off the illusion that they are always in heat through dress and behavior. That is what a prostitute/escort does; gives off the illusion in order to take your money.

It's not men's fault that they pump-and-dump you when you are giving off this vibe. The 'vibe' being that you are giving off feral signals and are thus making men think (illusion or not as we have discussed) that your in heat and eager to be pumped. These signals or amplifications convey to the male brain that the woman is in the period of her menstrual cycle to which offers the best chance of success for a man's DNA to be passed on: The Ovulatory phase (Days 10-18 withing a 21 day cycle).

It has been proven by science over and over again that women will naturally or subconsciously dress more 'provocatively' when they are approaching or at this point in their cycle. They are also more easily aroused and are often more horny than usual during this time frame. Their biology and body wants them to find a mate as their egg is about to drop harder than the beat at a rave.

It thus becomes an issue when women dress this way, all the time. This is how women exploit men's sex drive to their advantage; through constant trickery and mixed signals. Just like how the stripper at your local muff hole operates.

Today, women are all like miniature Apps; branding themselves and searching for eye-balls. Everyone knows that, to be a successful App company, your main driver of revenue stems from the amount of eye-balls you can catch. The more eye-balls you capture begets a larger funnel for your conversion ratio. Women, like an App, want to eventually convert all that male attention into some sort of return, whether it be monetary, dick, or an ego boost. Their ad's are their tits, ass, labia and dick-suck lips(duck face) to which are captured and displayed for all to see; shared on Twitter, Instagram and facebook.

The worst part about all of this is, ALL women are privileged in doing this. Even fat women; whom should be barred anywhere near a pair of yoga pants.

Since all women can do this, it has consequentially driven down the price of sex. Sex today is given out like candy on Halloween.

Women then wonder why fewer and fewer men now (beta's) are willing to marry them when they turn Thirty. Women do not understand this, that sex is a commodity like anything else. When you flood the market with your cheap-ass currency it thus becomes, devalued.

With the advent of the second skin, yoga pants have done a great job in escorting stripper culture into every echelon of society. We have essentially taken the stripper culture from one box and dropped it into the larger box. All of society now is one big strip club. It may not have all the dim lighting, the poles, the music, the smoke and the muggy smell, however, it is just presented in a more subtle context when you are walking about the urban jungle.

The Slippery, Greasy, Slope

I believe that we are fast approaching a state where all women will have blanket restraining orders against all men. It'll get to a point where we treat all women like strippers in a club; hands behind your back, no touching; except you can touch if you are deemed part of the 20% of males (Chad). We are already starting to witness this when you see women wearing revealing clothing, yet, at the same time will shame certain men for starring, cat-calling, or making advances toward them in bars, on the street, at work, or even on social media.

A woman's sex and beauty will only be available or allowed to be accessed if A) She is being compensated in some way (beta$$) or B) If she deems the man to be worthy of entry (Alpha-Chad cock). This is a woman's instinctual goal for total optimization of her sexual strategy.


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