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Why Don’t You Go Get A ‘Real Job’?!: The Words Of A Loser

Losers are everywhere today. Pathetic inferior individuals, who at every turn in their life seek to waste their finite and valuable time here on earth trying to get successful people to fall into the trap mindset of the 9-5; commute until you die and live paycheck-to-paycheck, wondering why they are still not wealthy even though they are making 50k +> a year in their cubicle pen.

These same plebs will then waste their time by emailing people like me, or leaving fake reviews on my books, because they are miserable individuals who got triggered like the little snowflakes that they are; they read some of the truth that had been spewed from my genius mind, books, blog posts and interviews online.

Hearing the truth today for some people seems akin [for them] to mushroom-slapping them in the face; they get offended and angry over reality. Hearing the truth for them is like rape; crushing their soul and pulverizing their delusions.

These petty people, instead of listening to sound and logical advice, will instead double-down on their shitty lives as if it’s some sort of noble endeavor that the poor and the stupid wish to accomplish. This Ghetto-styled martyrdom is fascinating to me and baffles any entrepreneur as to why this internal masochism unfolds within these morons.

The Societal Trap & Why Losers Want You to Amputate Yourself Along With Them

As I have written many times before, if you want to become AVERAGE go ahead, join CorporateLand and live among the sheep.

When losers say the words “Go get a ‘real job’!” to those whom are crushing it in the much more lucrative world of the i-economy (internet economy), what they are really trying to say is this:

“I don’t like the fact that you are doing better than me at something that I, myself, are too lazy to go and fucking do because it’s hard….so I am going to invest all my energy in trying to bring you down to my level…like crabs in a bucket, so that I can feel better about my life…knowing that I don’t have to get off my ass in order to try and better myself.”

Be gone, peasants!

These pathetic pieces-of-shit see your success as something as “unfair”. They see the freedom you have; the time you have freed-up by earning PASSIVE income on-top of ACTIVE income and are insanely jealous to the point of attempted sabotage. They want your success so bad, but they don't want to put in the work.

Instead, they would rather waste their time trying to take it from you or to sabotage you all together. That is the way of the loser; an inferior human, who by the grace of the welfare system, should have dissipated from this planet a long time ago through Darwinism. Instead, our society keeps these tards around for some reason; gives them money and allows them to breed like rabbits by incentivising such behavior via welfare and baby-bonus checks.

What happens when you get a ‘real job’ is that from the get-go you have already handicapped yourself and have limited your potential earnings.Not to mention you have limited your freedom. Your time is now your money; your time is now given to a company or to a boss who will then profit off your labor. Why is this seen as such a glorious achievement by losers? Want a raise? Well, better be prepared to suck a boss-dick.

This is a glorious pursuit by losers because they have nothing else in their miserable lives to call their own. Their ‘job’ is now their identity. They view other people this way as well and they compartmentalize their friends, family and aquientences into little normie boxes because it’s easier for these stupid people to make sense of.

When a normie asks you what you do for a living, what they are really asking is, “What is your social and economic status?” They want to immediately put you into a category so that they can decide how you will fit into their shitty little normie-conformy world view of things.

Women, especially like to do this to men, so that they can make a judgment call on status.

Drinking On the Job is Part of My Job Description

When you work for yourself, you can forget about reading those fucking stupid Indeed Jobs descriptions that spew a bunch of lies about what the employer expects of you. Almost all the time, what is listed on those descriptions isn't anywhere near the other bullshit they will tac on once you get the job. Like hidden fees, employers will try to pull one over you and slip in extra duties because at 'real jobs' you are essentially a slave to someone else.

I get to write my own job description; choose the hours I want to work and how I would like to work. Nobody tells me how to run this site or write my books or what stocks to buy and sell because they don't pay the fucking bills for it. Do you now how many times I show up to 'work' hung-over and or with a beer in my hand? It's a lot. And you know what? I still can do 10x the work in a day than any cubicle rat can do during their 9-5.

However, it really throws people off when you tell them that you make your money independently; a drop-shipper, an author, a day trader or whatever.

The reason why this sends idiots into a foaming frenzy of jealousy, anger, frustration and hate is because:

  1. They were told by society that the only ‘jobs’ in the world are ones in where you are given permission to have….by other people (employers).

  2. They DO NOT know how to process and CAN’T fathom earning money any other way than a capped salary.

  3. They can’t digest that you can wake up whenever you want, write a post in your PJ’S, drink beer and get LOADED while you write your next book and earn a stream of income while you’re taking shits, traveling, or maybe working some other gigs on the side.

  4. And lastly, but more importantly, they are UNABLE to know or access how much money you make because you don’t work an hourly wage that can be found out by searching ‘the annual salary for a [insert job title into google].

In other words, you appear as a complete enigma to these people. It fucks with their small tiny brains. They are not able to put you into a little fucking box for them to play with, make judgment calls on and to gossip to their friends about; because they can’t search your income online and understand what the fuck it is you do all day long. Well, I can a sure you, one can work pretty hard while getting loaded at the same time. We are a different breed.

The other thing, for these deranged individuals (the jealous ones), is that they can’t get you fired from your online pursuits.

You are your own boss; you earn your own money. They cannot process this fact and it pisses them off. It especially pisses them off if they believe you need to go to school for such things or have to earn a degree in order to make money. Not anymore!

You just have to be creative, have a bit of natural talent (which most people do not have), and are willing to not be a fucking lazy piece-of-shit; put in the hours and research in order to do your pursuit correctly.

Lazy and inferior people will not and cannot do this, because they are super sloths and believe that things should be done for them and to them. The world happens to a lazy person, that’s how they see themselves in society; everything happens to them. Instead, successful people make the world bend to them. It’s a lot easier this way.

When you get a ‘Real Job’ Your Life Starts to Become Smaller

Again, when people say this insanely idiotic phrase to you, what they are telling you is that you need to:

A) Get a job.

B) Get married

C) Spend all of that money into a black hole of consumerism.

D) Be poor like them.

They want you to be in their cult of misery.

It is a cycle of monetary violence that never ends. You get nowhere in life if you follow that model, as there is no return on investment. However, losers want you to join the cult because if they have to suffer, YOU HAVE TO SUFFER AS WELL. How dare you try to be better than the Ghetto! How dare you not be a lazy fuck and not parasite off the government like the rest, or spend your entire paycheck on over-priced worthless pursuits and shit all the time!

The main thing, however, for men is that these people want you to join the trap because it will benefit THEM (people who are dependent on the tribe and system). You see, when you get a ‘real job’, get married, have crumb-crunchers and spend all your fucking money at the Apple store, you will be feeding the gynocentric beast of today.

You will be giving your tax dollars to the government, who will then use that to fund the welfare programs; daycare workers (women), teachers (women) etc. Not to mention you will be helping in keeping all the drug dealers, addicts alive in Section 8 who deserve no such treatment. Pieces-of-shit that, instead of throwing into the garbage, we instead have to throw money at in order to keep these zombies alive for just one more day before an OD. There are simply no real consequences for people anymore; people who fuck-up and continue said fuck-up trajectory.

If you don’t get a ‘real job,’ women won’t be able to screen you; if they can trap you into a marriage and take half your shit when it is convenient for them to do so (alimony/welfare). How is a woman supposed to be able to size you up as a beta provider when you tell her you make your money through the internet? She can’t use her little mouse brain to search Google for the ‘average salary of a [insert obscure career/pursuit].

To women, this is a form of assault on them, because it is unfair as it impedes the optimization of their sexual strategy with you. Are you someone she wants to use for a good o’l deep-dick’n? Or can she potentially use you for provisioning, or both?

I bring up women because it is mainly this gender who write these emails to me, or comment on my blog using phrases like ‘get a real job’ or tell me how 'nasty' I am. They of course, don’t take the time to read anything correctly.

It’s all a knee-jerk emotional response as usual because they are emotional and stupid: Just like a 9-year old who knows nothing about the world. Women are children, and they confirm this all the time when they write in or leave emotional rants and tirades all over the place that are akin to some drunk child trying to solve their own psychological puzzle.

It's funny how the plebs of society would rather waste their time instead of using it to make more money. Then they turn around and complain that they have no time in the day and have no money. Who's fault is that, I wonder?

Maybe they would be less miserable with themselves and be happy. But, what do I know, right? I hope Amazon did the right thing and suspended your account after I provided the libel case to them.

Hockey Mask Season Will Eventually Come To Canada

Hockey Mask Season, for those of you who don't know, is the most joyous time during a Mad Max scenario; when society falls apart and the rule of law is no longer there. It will be a fun time for fit and well armed individuals, whom like in the spirit of Halloween, will put on all the gear and seek justice on those who did harm to them in the past.

The season usually begins about a month into full collapse; where there is no more food in the grocery stores and people begin to raid, pillage and panic. When this happens, when it is Hockey Mask time, be sure that 'some people' will have their list of names out for seeking justice, as they don their goalie masks and head out to pay you and others like you, a 'friendly' little visit. People's idea of 'justice' today is nothing like actual real unbridled, justice. It is a more satisfying type of justice; a justice you can really hear, in the cracking bones and in the screams of your enemies. The type of justice you dream of all the time.

Real justice happens in environments as described above, during Hockey Mask Season.

The Moral of The Story; How to Avoid a Mad Max List

You see, its so easy today to go on Amazon and write libel lines of abuse because you want to sabotage someone's success (you're an emotional retarded child).

There are minimal consequences for you; you get your account banned or suspended; the libel rant is taken down for its blatant violation of Amazon's 'Terms of Use'. Your shitty little life goes on with your cats and dildos.

Yet, people don't think ahead. They never ask themselves if one day the police wont be there to protect them and that people, smart people, never forget their enemies.

They never ask themselves, "Would I say these things to this man, who is a lot stronger than me, during a time where rule of law is suspended and its basically battle royal out there and I am a woman who is physically inferior (and mentally)?"

No, people wouldn't because they are short-term emotional thinkers.

People like don't understand human nature and how different people will behave when societal collapse is in full dick-swing. If you were concerned about 'toxic masculinity' in today's pussified culture, you haven't seen anything near what will happen when the shit hits the fan and it's back to a hard patriarchy. And believe you me, Canada in full Hockey Mask Season is my wet-dream if it chooses to continue down it's socialist path of destruction. Enjoy your fucking sand box while it's still sunny outside!

The Internet is The New Workplace

It’s all a projection of how weak and pathetic these people are. It’s really sad to watch, but more importantly, it’s hilarious.

Now, my actual readers and followers are not stupid. They are the exact opposite and are most likely on the far end off the bell curve toward genius levels. For non-readers or lurkers, there is a sign on the door for my books and website. It perfectly states that this is a place of masculine solitude and that my style is not for pussies.

Yet, like at a 'real job'….these people will come to your place of work and harass you because they have nothing better to do with their lives due to not having one to begin with. Also, when you are on welfare you can do these things like harass working people who pay the taxes for your miserable shitty life on welfare. Just because I happen to work online makes things no different.

So enjoy wasting your time trying to make me feel bad. It won’t work because I don’t have any feelings or sympathies for losers; I only have feelings for those who try to strive for better things in life. That is what life is all about: Being better than your yesterdays self.

If we lived in an ideal world that operated on logic, not on feelings, you [all the lazy and stupid people who parasite off the hard-working] would all be put on naval vessels set to be decommissioned out at see; Tomahawk missiles would be launched at your ship and we could progress as a society once again into a new Golden age of prosperity. It would be a far better use of tax-payer dollars (funding the War on Stupidity) than to fund the welfare to which you receive.

Losers will lose, all the time.

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