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The Average Person Spends Their Life Waiting for Their Life to Happen

The trap that most people will fall into is waiting; they wait for others or the world for that matter, to do things for them. Hopelessly waiting for their lives to start.

The average normbreed will wait out their entire lives until they are 60 for their 'actual life' to begin. They will go to school (K-12) only to spend another 4+ in post-secondary where they will achieve absolutely nothing by the time they are in their mid-Twenties.

But wait...there is more.

After spending nearly a third of their life in the artificial environment of educational institutions, they will then seek to join the ranks in CorporateLand because that's what they've been told is the holy grail: Degree's, careerism, materialism, liberalism, feminism, isms, isms and more isms.

The average person seeks out things, instead of freedom. They fall for the trap; a life of continuous toil until death. The rat-race gets you on the fast-track to nowhere if you use the track in order to pursue things instead of freedom.

You can use CorporateLand to your ADVANTAGE, however. There is a way to survive cubicle warfare and profit from it.

Raising Awareness about 'Raises'

A 'raise' in the workplace will only raise you to where the next waterline is at.

Example: You currently make 80k a year and spend 80k annually on stupid shit the wife wants. You then ask for a raise that you dont need (your wife needs it). You are now making 90k a year....the wife and you are now 'all of a sudden' spending 90k annually on 'stuff'.

You just raised the waterline 10k; still trying to stay afloat and not drown in a sea of red ink.

Waiting for a raise. Hoping for a job that will lead to a 40-hr a week, soul-sucking experience, only for the chance at doing what everyone else is doing: Buying things they don't need to impress people who don't care about them; getting loans and houses they can't afford; buying cars they could never pay for with cash; spending, spending and more spending.

Why do people wait for a raise? It's probably because they are waiting to put that new pool in or that new fucking deck. Or, wifey-poo wants more than one vacation a year or wants a new Lexus SUV so that she can 'run errands' (grab Starbucks, do Yoga, fuck Chad who lives across town in a loft, talk to old flames on Facebook while she rubs herself off after getting a steamy text from your son's baseball coach; all day long while you waste away in your cubicle. Or, wifey-poo wants a crumb-cruncher, or two.

That's going to cost you, on average $350,000.00 to raise that child from diapers through college (that's if they become a stable adult by 24). If your 'loyal' wife then chooses to divorce you (1 out of 4 chance) then you will be working until you are fucking dead; never to enjoy the fruits of your labor because those alimony and child support checks won't write themselves; your wages will be garnished.

That's why most people are 'hoping' (there's that word again) for a raise and a soul-sucking job for 40+ hrs a week, for 52 weeks out of the year, for 45+ years of their entire finite life. People who are minimalists, who aren't materialists, who don't give-a-fucking-shit about keeping up with the Kardashians, don't need fucking raises!

We don't need to work as a slave for our entire life. What we do is work smart and try to accumulate and stack cash (save and invest) so as to EXIT stage right AS SOON and as hu-MANLY as POSSIBLE.

People spend their lives waiting for money, just so they can throw it away as fast as they received it. Never planning, never contemplating why it is they are doing all of this.

They never come up for air.

Just looking at what other AVERAGE people are doing; copying that formula to only complain on a daily fucking basis to non-normies as to why they live paycheck to paycheck; never getting anywhere financially or achieving success. Their lives are just O.K at best.

Think about the modern conveyor belt for a second: You are told to work your whole life, slaving away for other people (so that they can live) until you are about age 60 (when you are old as fuck and still broke), so that only THEN you can start to live your life!

Finally....You are Old-As-Fuck (Time to Live?)

By the time you are 65 you will not be 'living the dream' if you followed the rules and did what a good little 'normal' does.

You want to know why?

Well, this may come as a shock to you, but by the time you are 65....your life is two-thirds over with.

Having sex with old-grandma pussy isn't exactly what I would call 'living it up'.

Struggling to get out of bed to take my meds isn't exactly what I would call 'having a blast, man'.

By the time you are 65, you wont be out partying until the sun rises; you will probably be exhausted by 9 PM. You won't be able to bang hot chicks anymore because a man's prime years are roughly 30-49. You won't have the energy to do much, except complain about your back problems and how your farts just 'seem to happen' now. The most strenuous activity you will engage in all day will probably be driving out to dinner, in order to take advantage of your senior discount.

This is not to say that life is over beyond 60. Not at all.

Life and the quality of life can still be amazing in your twilight years. What I am trying to get through your head is that your BEST years will be behind you. The lie that has been sold is that your GOLDEN YEARS are somehow in your fucking 60's?

As a man your GOLDEN YEARS are in your 30-50's. If you are a woman, your BEST years are 18-30 (sorry, but your window is not as wide). Hence, why women are more miserable than ever because they have chased careerism, feminism instead of family and economic progress.

How much life are you going to be able to take-in when your balls are wrinkled as fuck and your bedtime is now the same as a 5th grader's?

Following the gynocentric rules will not get you laid; it will not get you rich either. More importantly, it will not give you FREEDOM. More important than money, is freedom.

Why? Because the more freedom you have, the more time you have. The more time you have means you can use that to do whatever you want.

Do you want a little more money in your wallet? No problem! You have time to go make more if YOU WANT TO.

Do you want to go drift around Vegas and find some young, tight pussy to plunge your dick into?

Great! You have the time AND the money now to do so!

Do you want to write that book you've always DREAMED of writing but couldn't, due to all the time being wasted on a boss and women who seek to rape your wallet and attention?

Well, now you can!

Are you tired of women seeing you as just a wallet and a boring beta boob?

Well, now you have TIME to hit the gym, travel, read, write, and become an interesting man! Now all they see is a hot cock they want to sit on and get orgasms from.....oh my god...sounds so horrible...don't you wish you were back in the rat-race, trying to show women how super-rich you are and triggering the opposite side of their hypergamous desires?

Why do people blindly follow this notion that you have to wait until 60+ to retire and then 'enjoy life'? I have never understood this moronic concept of: Work (while spending it all$$) will set you free. This phrase "Work will set you free" is what hung over-top the gates of Auschwitz. Let that sink in for a moment. Working as a slave for someone else will not set you free. What it will do is keep you distracted long enough so that you don't realize that you are slaving away for nothing.

Work until you are years away from your death bed, THEN you can enjoy some of that LIFE everyone has been talking about all those years.

Here is a fucking concept for ya: How about you enjoy your life, now?

When you are young, start investing and save some fucking money. If you are 60+ and you are just now starting to are screwed. You mine as well just work until you drop dead on the job site.

This is not to say you shouldn't work when you are young, however, you should be building a plan so that you can escape ACTIVE work as fast as possible so that you don't waste your finite life waiting to die.

When you are young you have something more important than money: Time. You have TIME to build a plan for your ESCAPE. You have time to build a side hustle to supplement your ACTIVE income.

Depending on Hope is the same as Hoping to Fail

The biggest issue that leads to people slaving away their entire life is this: Dependence.

Hope shouldn't be a process for you.

Hope is what the homeless do.

Hope is what people on welfare do.

Hope is a time sink for the non-action takers.

If you are hoping, you have already failed.

If you are trying, you might just make something happen. In fact, you might just make everything you had dreamed of, happen.

The dependence on others to make life happen for you is a toxic strategy and a recipe for failure.

The problem with these new up and coming generations is that they have been told that they are already amazing; everyone got a trophy therefore everyone is special. All the parents think their kids are fucking special because they are breathing and farting like all the other kids. It's amazing to watch.

College kids think they are so fucking special, yet, none of them have done anything noteworthy, yet. They all come out of college thinking they are hot-shit even though they have never worked jobs or have built a successful business on their own. They wait for people to recognize their 'awesomeness'; waiting for jobs and a handout.

The real world recognizes results, not what your social studies professor thought of you.

Waiting is the same as hoping; nothing productive comes out of it.

I could hope to write a book. Or I can just write the fucking book already....

I hope I can stop myself from buying useless shit I don't need. Or, I can just stop spending money because I can make choices like a fucking adult.

Are you a fucking child? Children are aloud to hope and wait. You know why? Because children are helpless. They don't know any better and they aren't capable of much, yet.

Are you a goddamn child?

Speaking of children...

Modern, feminist indoctrinated women by age 30 will be 'waiting for their 'prince charming'; wondering why fewer and fewer guys by the day are calling them and hitting them up on Instawhore and Fuckbook.

Waiting and wondering why their are no 'good men' out there who wants to marry them and put a kid into their almost-dried-up womb. They spent their entire youth and fertile years sucking and fucking the Chad with the pint-sized penis and gang-banging with Tyrone the drug dealer; getting their pussies pumped like a gas-station racking up that dick-debt on their V-Cards; dimension the value of their pussy.

After wasting their youth, beauty and vagina on miles and miles of pump-and-dump dick, the modern female is in a scramble by age 30. Hoping that she can still get pregnant, let alone, find a 'quality' man who will cash a check toward that worn-out, sock-puppet of a pussy.

Women will wait around for 'Mr. Doughboy$$'; just like they have made him wait since they were 18, while they went out to clubs and sucked on Chad's dick until they got lockjaw.

They['strong' and 'independent' women of today] will wait around for someone to marry them or heck, women will even wait for someone to come and fuck them.

Women, compared to men, are the one's who wait the most for life to happen. Hence, why more women depend on the welfare system. If life won't happen for a woman, she can just wait around for a welfare check and lay on her back; pumping out bastard children to fed the ghetto and the criminal justice racket.

Instead of taking any responsibility and initiative, women will wait around for a guy to ask her out (even if she is 30+ and time is running out). Women wait because they are cowards. A modern woman cannot experience ANY discomfort, remember, so even considering rejection can be very uncomfortable for the modern female.

Sadly, this inability to experience ANY discomfort will ultimately leave the modern female in an endless state of frustration; wondering why life isn't happening to her like they said it would.

These same women are the ones who are all over CorporateLand; taking the jobs from better and more qualified men, on the basis of 'diversity' and 'inclusion'(not on merit or experience); because Vagina; the 'future is female'. These very same 'career women' will then turn around at 30 and start screaming, "Where are all the good men?" (aka: Where are all the men with good jobs and money?"

Never to bat an eye-lash or even consider that the reason why there are no good men around is because:

A) You turned all of them down during your prime years 18-27 and they have all gone their own way.

B) Feminism and our gynocentric society have forced men out of universities and the workplace (false rape allegations, misandric policies and agendas, pandering to women and minorities before profits).

The 'career gurl' will thus be waiting....waiting forever because guess what? If you haven't figured it out by age 30, that men find young, thin, pleasant and non-cunty women have no hope. Well, you can hope...but as we all know, hope doesn't get you anywhere.

If you haven't figured out basic human biology, that women only have a narrow window of fertility, by 30, then you will not be having that family you now desperately and suddenly wish to have...after fucking around (literally) through your entire twenties.

CorporateLand ruins women and it also will waste the modern mans time. If you are a man today ask yourself this question: Why is it that you wish to go to CorporateLand?

If it is because you wish to impress a woman, buy a car (to impress a woman), buy a house (to impress a woman), find a wife (because women won't marry broke men), to have kids, you need to then ask yourself: Why would you want do all of that for a MODERN woman?

A modern woman, who will most likely not appreciate ANY of it, will: divorce you, cheat on you and take all your money and kids away because you didn't fold your underwear properly (no-fault divorce).

What kind of life is this and why would you want to wait and hope for it?

Why would you want to wait to become broke; live paycheck to paycheck?

Why would you want to hold off on what you are truly good at and throw it all away so that you can wait for your life to happen at 60+?

You Need Money, Therefore....Don't try to Make Money?

I will never forget a conversation that happened not so long ago involving myself, and two women. One of the gals was talking about how she always wanted to do X as a business. The other woman mentioned the fact that I did Y and then asked the other why she didn't follow through on her business/entrepreneurial goal of doing X.

This was her response:

"Well, I couldn't start or do X because I needed I got this job."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why men are better than women.

This response above is why there is a earnings gap (not a pay gap) between men and women. This is why women are cowards when it comes to doing anything (even dating).

The response above almost made me laugh out loud in front of this woman because of how stupid it is. Think about it for one second, as her response translates into something like this:

"I didn't want to make money (potential) because I need to make money."

Of course, if you knew this woman, she is your typical woman: Needs stability so that she can have a NORMAL life like everyone else. She wanted a house, a husband, a in her mind...starting her business (a risk, yes) just didn't fit the narrative.

In other words...she needed to make money NOW. It didn't matter how much money, or how little, it was just that she needed it now and fast. In life, what ever comes easier and fastest isn't always the most rewarding. Let alone, nets you the most money.

It is short-term thinking. Yes, developing a business or a craft probably won't net you much money in the short-term, however, if done correctly and with a lot of care and attention, over-time it can net you more money than you could ever think of making doing a 'real job'.

The reason being is because it is much easier to go out and be a slave for a corporation or an institution, get paid a capped wage, than to figure out and execute on a business idea. The problem is, her life is now capped. Capped at AVERAGE. Her time is now capped and regulated to the hand of another.

Whereas, what if she had her own business?

She could be setting her own financial goals and not capping herself at a meager salary. Her business could've been a huge success. The thing is:She will never know.

The world will never know what she could've done or could've been.

This is what frustrates me. Yet, these are the same people who will then come and write fake reviews on my books or try to take people like me down. The won't read my work or take my advice; they rather go down with their dingy of regret in the sea of failure that they filled with their own tears.

This is what gets in the way of overall societal progress; people not doing fuck all with their lives. Is it so hard to ask people to even TRY!

Answer: Of course. I am not stupid nor are you. We both know and understand that the vast, VAST majority of people will be lazy snap-fucks.

At the very least....why not DO BOTH? Why not work a 'stable job' (no job is actually stable as you can be fired or laid-off at any moment), and do a business on the side. That way, if your business fails you still have a iron in the fire!

Nope, that would be too logical.

The thing that is the saddest is the last half of her response....because I need to make money.

You Are the Sum of the Choices You Make

Yes, you do need to make money in life. However, what she [the woman who wanted to do X] was really trying to say is, I need to make more money than I need....because I will be buying and spending a lot more than I actually need to spend.

That is the trap of CorporateLand. People go there because they HAVE TO BE THERE. Like how a prisoner has to be in jail. People will sentence themselves to CorporateLand because of the life-style they are choosing to sign-up for: Materialism and keeping up with the rest of the 'normals'.

And yes, you DO HAVE A CHOICE. Nobody puts a gun to your head and says, "Go knock-up a woman, have more kids than you or her can both afford, max-out your credit card, spend stupid amounts of money on worthless degrees, get those goddamn granite countertops that Stephanie and Jim have across the street, etc.

Yet, this same person who I am talking about, to this day, resents me. How do I know this? Well, I know that she talks behind my back, because I have my agents spread out everywhere.

Thing is, I don't give-a-fuck because I don't have time to give-a-fuck. I may find it humorous, but ultimately, I will use her and others like her as an ultimate example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

It's sad for her, really, because the reason why this person resents me is because I represent her dreams. The dreams that she gave up on too early and too soon, without even TRYING.

Most people are too afraid to even TRY.

That is most people in a nutshell. That is how afraid other people are of what others might think of them if they do TRY.

Do you think I waited around and thought about what others thought about what I was going to do?

Fuck no! I went and I DID IT. I didn't have a fucking clue whether or not this was going to amount to anything or not.

But you know what? It did...

Why? Well, because I took a RISK.

Because I wasn't AFRAID.


Do you actually believe that people didn't mock me or think that my writing would amount to nothing? Haters fuel me; they are the single biggest reason why I am successful at what I do.

The best feeling I have ever had, more than any paycheck I had ever received from a 'job' or a corporation, was when I sold my very first book for a whopping $4.99 (royalty). It was the best feeling I have ever felt. You think cocaine is amazing? I can guarantee that you will never get that same feeling from a paycheck your BOSS gives to you.

What is even more satisfying than money, you ask? Having people read your work and then confirm everything you knew to be true about life, but at every turn were told the opposite by your teachers, the media, politicians and other institutions of power and control. That is where the real juice is; the real pleasure: Being right and watching others get triggered. It's like sex for me, seriously. It's almost that good of a high.

Yet, these very same people [haters and liars to themselves] will spend all their time resenting, gossiping, spreading rumors, and try to sabotage the very people who represent the very thing they at one point wished they could be.

So, stop WAITING and stop wasting your time hating on other people who had the balls to actually TRY and DO SOMETHING that would better their lives.

Start DOING and STOP being a lazy, fucking piece-of-shit.

Life will not happen for you.

That's not how it works.

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