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FAN MAIL: A Reader Praises The Article ‘Why Your Female Boss Is An Incompetent Cunt’

The article in question is one of the most viewed, and in all honestly should be put behind a pay wall since it—along with many others like it—are by far some of my best pieces ever written for the The Red Island Blog.

However, the articles are so imperative for young men to read today that it is important for them to be as accessible as possible. At some point there will be a final masterpiece regarding toxic females in the workplace that will be in ebook format and in print.

The articles ‘Why Your Female Boss Is an Incompetent Cunt,’ 'Why Your Female Boss Is A Cunt (Part II)’ along with the side piece, ‘Gaslighting: Petty Dictators In The Workplace’ pull in thousands of views and hits to the website each day alone out of the 300+ articles on the blog currently.

Obviously, a lot of people can relate to what has been expertly laid out in said articles.

About 90% of all mail that we get here is hate-mail; the remaining 10% are from intelligent men.

The ratio of mail that I get is a good representation of society as a whole.

Most people are fucking brainwashed morons who need a ‘safe space’ along with a coloring book. If you read my books, listen to my podcast and actually read the blog instead of getting a hate-boner over it, you are most likely a superior being.

I have been helping young men through my craft for around five years now, and don’t plan on stopping until my grave is calling.

This is what I do, Matt. Unlike your female boss, I stick to things and see them through. I don’t mince words or placate to people’s feelings, because feelings aren’t facts. Feelings get a society into a lot of trouble as we all can see today with the collapse of the West.

I am what is known as a 'renegade writer', an outsider; a rare breed, indeed.

A welcomed provocateur and timely advocate for unvarnished, un-PC free speech. The zero-fucks given style of my writing is something truly rare in our current zeitgeist.

The fact is, if thousands of people are searching everyday for my article and reading it, it says a lot about the state of the workplace.

When you type the following into Google search:

  • "Why Your Female Boss Is A Cunt."

  • "My Boss is a Cunt."

  • "Why is my boss a cunt?"

  • "My female boss is a cunt."

  • "My female boss is incompetent."

This website is either #1 or #2 in the search for the above search phrases. Particularly flattering is that this site ranks #2 right below an article by Forbes titled, ‘Five Signs Your Boss Is Incompetent’.

Again, this site isn’t small potatoes. The reach is pretty big. This isn’t some mommy blog, finger-blast in front of my fur-babies during the afternoon while Ellen is on, type of rag.

I am proud of that. Part of this blog’s success is because of readers like Matt who take the time, share the articles with other men, discuss my craft and ideas; readers who live in reality and not in a fantasy world of psychological entitlement to other peoples things.

Matt is a man, he doesn’t bleed once a month and get emotional discharge all over his jeans.

Matt will do things in life. Men create things; women just complain about them.

Thanks for writing in.


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