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Julie Payette Is What Happens When You Put Feelz Before Realz

Like you, I had to do a double-take on the internet when reading about the latest Cunt in the modern workplace, Julie Payette: Upon confirming with Wikipedia, I realized I was wrong, Julie Payette is actually a woman.

Could've fooled me!

A worthless person.

A cunt.

A disgrace.

AAA rating.

That's not just anyone's opinion, this is coming from the mainstream media nonetheless. The workplace review of Payette is considered to be "disturbing" and absolutely "scathing". We here are surprised CBC didn't sweep it all under the rug because this story encapsulates toxic female behavior to a tee. This story shatters that delusion that all women are benevolent, peaceful, nurturing, not abusive or violent, and fosters of change!

Women are hypocrites. Have you ever been around them?

It's like all of society has never been around women or pretends that it is blind.

Stop hiring women because "Muh-Vagina" and start going for greatness by doing what you are suppose to be doing: Hiring superior people that are QUALIFIED... you will shockingly find that 9 out of 10 times it's going to be a man that fills that position.

Who knew!?

Who would've thought that men were great at filling things?

Men are great at all positions. How do we know, well, ask all the women we've fucked.

Women are just great at taking-it, from those positions.

The most preferred career path that women take is through the seduction and manipulation of the men above them.

We have covered on here, at length how CorporateLand today is full of these female supremist types. Feminism was never about being feminine; it was not about equality; it is about female domination through gas-lighting the world into believing that women are oppressed.

Can you, as a man, take naked photos of your butt-hole and sell them on the internet to pay for a 500k home in LA?

Didn't think so.

Prediction: Payette will soon take up the practice of yoga: She will go on a journey of "healing", along with trying to mask herself as a "peaceful person" who is trying to live a life of "compassion". She can't do OnlyFans for attention and to fill the void, so she will have to turn to a false religion, pseudo science, or a cult to give her that much needed hope for a future filled with endless misery and failure. Women like Payette soon realize they've wasted their lives, their femininity, fertility and youth on masculine virtues. They forgo motherhood until the last minute and it ends in disaster.

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They divorced their husbands for pennies and a short-term provision fix. 35-80 is a long time. That's when these women begin "journey's". It's the equivalent of the born-again virgin. A way of finding Jesus again, like a hardened criminal does when he knows his parole depends on it: A second chance.

Your second chance is never as good as the first one you had, ladies.

Most of these cunts do such things so as to make everyone think they're not as hideous inside as they are on the outside. You can say you are "compassionate" and " a peaceful person" all you want, but nobody with half a brain is buying what you are selling, cunt!

Again, Payette looks like she just emerged from a castle in Romania.

Man, what an ugly woman!

Somebody get her a razor and some shaving cream, please!

Also, get her a razor for some arts and crafts time with her arms!

The mainstream uses the words "Scathing" and "disturbing review" incorrectly.

We here on The Red Island will show you what a scathing sermon is. Everyone in this country wants "equality" and for people to be treated as "equal". Well, Julie, you are about to be treated as if a man did what you had done to everyone you were in charge of. On the island here, we live for the scalps of Leftist, pieces of shit.

Of course, it doesn't matter for Julie because she is apparently going to make off with a nice pension, courtesy of the tax payers of this country to the tune of $150k a year. This on-top of the hundreds of thousands she undeservingly made during her five years as Gov. General.

Payette had no business being in that position of power, yet, there she was!

That is our fucking society in a nutshell. "Muh Vagina", "Muh women" "Muh oppressions".

Canada needs to be nuked, asap.

One of Justin Trudeau's friends and also more of a celebrity PR piece than an actual qualified Gov Gen, Payette had a vagina and was a female "astronaut"!

Does it mean she was qualified? No. But you have to remember, she has a vagina and went into space that one time. She has a modifier before her name...and also, did I mention she has a vagina!

Payette apparently spent $250k on extra privacy measures (obviously not her own money)for the renovation for Rideau Hall but then still hadn't moved into her new residence almost 3 years into her 5 year mandate.

Women sure do know how to waste money, more importantly, they love to waste other people's money. And of course, she used it for privacy and security.

So strong, brave and independent. The first thing women in power will always clamor for is more privacy and security because they are women, and their power is an illusion. It's ironic.

"Anyone can accomplish anything and rise to the challenge as long as they are willing to work with others, to let go of the personal agenda, to reach a higher goal and to do what is right for the common good. This is exactly what I hope my mandate as governor-general will reflect", Payette said.

Again, a woman's word means nothing. Men rise and strive for a higher goal and understand that can only happen if they can lead others effectively into that goal with them.

You cannot do that without inspiring others to follow you. Payette talked a big game, and it is almost as if a man wrote shit for her to say, because on paper she sounds like a charismatic man who understands real leadership.

However, as we all know by now, in practice she was an incompetent cunt. Kind of like someone we all know!

Women don't understand what all of those words mean, along with what it looks like to put them into action, or how to facilitate that reality. Women only know how to imitate men; women in today's gynocracy are defective men.

"Rise to a higher goal"

"Work with others"

"Put aside personal agenda"

"To do what is right for the common good"

These sounds like the words and actions of man.

Yet, it came out of the mouth (teleprompter) of a woman.

And that same woman is a hypocrite because she said some things and then did the exact opposite of those things.

Exactly like your typical female boss....that we all know!

Women today are being handed the Coles notes of leadership, they are being front-loaded into these powerful positions thinking that because they have a vagina, everything will just happen for them!

Life isn't like high school ladies.

The real world doesn't care if you have a vagina, and will not lick it for you.

Reality cares about congruency and results.

The problem today is that we live in Clown world.

In Clown world these women can live the fantasy up until shit counts, people get killed and stuff collapses.

Ladies, you can get men to write all the speeches and turn-on the teleprompter for you, but you can't fake leadership when put to the test.

Yup, Payette really was a woman of her word. LOL

But yet, we gotta #believeallwomen right?!

Get bent and get fucked.

As you can see, all of these worthless people are friends. Justin probably licked her cunt and then she asked him to hire her friend Assunta di Lorenzo to be her secretary.

Justin shit-packing Trudeau probably then told her that he would only do that if she could find him a new butt-buddy to pack his fudge for him, fuck his gay asshole while he made phone calls to other nations and give them more aid money.

Justin loves to get AIDS, while he uses his aids, to hopefully cure AIDS, in shit-hole countries with no hope with our hard earned tax dollars.


As with most women in the workplace [Trudeau can be considered as such] I am willing to bet there was some power struggles and some in-fighting between the two. Women don't have friends, they only have close enemies.

Women hate other women and they are only friends so long as they are of use.

Of course, Justin being the cucked fag, weak noodle that he is, he knew about the toxic workplace environment that this unqualified she-man was creating under her watch.

Justin doesn't count or pass as a man, so really, we had a bunch of cunts running the show.

That's the other issue: Men wear watches.

Payette obviously didn't even know the time, so how could she be aware of her cunt raging?

Women today can't even remember to take their pill, so how can they be trusted in the workplace? Pregnancy is apparently an "accident" when you have access to 12 different forms of birth control! 12 million abortions since the 70's, but who is counting, right?

Clown world.

1,000 Black babies are aborted every day in America....yet Black Lives Matter!

Clown world.

Women: "OMG I just got an abortion, heading to the beach now!"

Her Friends: "Yasss gurl, amazing!"

Clown world.

Women don't know how to lead, they only know how to dictate.

You need proof?

Go live at a married friend's house for a week and see how things go when you let women be in charge of a house/space.

Better yet, you want a taste of fascism/authoritarianism?

Go work in CorporateLand and ask to be under the direction of a female. Nine times out of ten you will see exactly what we mean by how women can't lead worth-a-shit. They confuse leadership with being a dictator.

Siege-fucking heil, cunt!

Women can't lead, it is not in their nature to do so.

That is how you get Karens like Julie Payette in the workplace. They don't know how to manage people, because women view other people like they view their smartphone, purse or husband/boyfriend: Things, tools to do their bidding; a means for validation; a means to an end.

Women are natural tyrants.

Women get off on controlling others because they lack this natural control in nature. The most control/power a woman will ever has is when she is giving a man a blowjob.

When you stick a woman in an artificial environment like the modern day workplace, in where almost all of the policies and culture protect her, abuse of power will happen rapidly.

In the real world, women have no power or control because they will be called out on their bullshit, and or worse, be physically dominated, over-powered by brute force.

However, we today do not live in the reality: It's Clown world.

In the modern workplace, the power a female boss receives is artificial at best. A carefully protected illusion, much like her fat ego.

This is the problem with modern society is that we do not allow the strong to rise to the top through policy initiatives that are enforced by betas in blue (police); society now coddles the weak and inferior and punishes the successful.

Of course when you allow these weak and inferior people to the top, they are going to set rules in policies to ensure the protections of said inferiors: Diversity hiring, Vagina hiring, skin color hiring, muh-oppression, muh feelz.

They will hire more inferiors and put them into Law, Education, Finance, the Army, Police and Fire houses, etc. That is how you get Clown world. That is how you get total societal collapse.

Hence why the illusion of power goes to their small brains and why Julie Payettes are created (AKA "Karens"). In the days of old she would've never made it to such a position, and if she did, she would've immediately been beaten and or overthrown by a dominate male in a fight for power.

Women cannot physically (or intellectually) compete. The only way they can is by rigging the system to their advantage.

The problem with this, as pointed out in the book CorporateLand, is that eventually these people will destroy everything and nothing will be left standing. They can sure as hell get to the top, but then what? Who is going to run things when you have a bunch of lazy and fucking retarded SJWs who only have knowledge in what genitalia they have, or how many flavors of genders they can make up on a drawing board?

Does anyone remember that dyke who was put in charge of being the Chief Security Officer of Equifax? She had a degree in Music Therapy or some shit. The company endured a massive security breach on her watch, who knew!?

What was she doing the whole time, hanging her non-tech-security related worthless degrees on her office wall, and telling everyone how she was the first female blah blah blah CSO of Equifax?

This is why equality is an illusion. The only way women can compete is with the help of men (betas). How ironic. Without weak men like Justin Faggot Trudeau, Julie Payette would be either back at the hanger dyking-out on some aircraft engines, or she'd be trying to suck as much dick as she could to "pull rank".

The problem with Julie is that sucking dick was probably not an option given her hideous excuse for femininity. Ugly women have to work 100x times harder at their careers. That's why you see women like Julie in STEM fields and not on OnlyFans.

We have more respect for prostitutes, because at least they are honest with themselves and with others. At least Payette was honest with her self in not getting into prostitution, because she knew she would fail for sure. As you will see, she failed twice at marriage...

Yup, not a very good wifesitute, that's for sure.

That's why you see women like Julie having to go on yoga journeys and trying to scam others with their MLM on Instagram and Facebook, because they've hit the Wall and their years of viable prostitution/manipulating men are over.

How do you know when a woman has no clue how to lead in the workplace?

She's a cunt.

Usually these women are typically the loudest and can't shut their mouths-up for the life of them. These types of women believe that to show strength means to be the loudest in the room.

The loudest in the room is usually never the smartest. In fact, women like this are extremely insecure and thus have to make sure that everyone around them is paying attention to them. If they shout and scream, it is attention regardless of the quality of conversation. It's just a shame you can't hog-tie and gag these fucking landwhales because the clean oxygen around them is being wasted on their body, a body which would only have value if cannibalism were a good thing.

There is also an interesting correlation between fat women at work and the amount of loud-mouthing that goes on. The fatter the mouth, the fatter the fucking cunt. The bigger the moron.

Fat women tend to be huge cunts in the workplace and are generally toxic.

Fat women love food more than anything.

If you ever hire a fat women, just know that she will love food more than her job. Fat women have a void in their lives, food seems to plug that emotional hole.

That void is some kind of pain they are trying to mask. This is why fat women are typically cunts because of the bitter truth they are trying to force feed into submission.

If you hire a woman, period, it is money lost.

Hiring a woman is a dollar lost; firing a woman is a penny saved.

In this case, it is not cheaper to keep Julie. It is always cheaper to divorce a woman and to fire her. However, your first mistake was losing a dollar to begin with. You can never get it back.

The sad reality is that Julie took a position that was not earned. A position that a more qualified man could've taken, much like most positions in power. Men are better leaders.

How do we know?

More women attend college now, outnumbering men. How's that working out for y'all?

A more powerful truth is the epic fail of Julie's womanhood. Sure, she majored in a STEM field unlike 98% of women, did all the training and eventually did a rare thing by going into space. Payette is what we would call a "once in a life-time outlier".

However, wouldn't it have been better if she stayed home and bred more than one child? For Christ sake, she barely replaced herself, not to mention she did not achieve the minimal of 2.1 replacement!

Wouldn't it have been better for Julie to have pumped out 5 kids and produce 2 or three astronauts, scientists or engineers?

This is the problem with Gynocentrism: It is inefficient and is ultimately doomed to failure. A demographic winter, an economic ice age, an IQ freeze is upon us.

Why put a woman in space when a man can do it better?

Who is going to have the babies?

Why put a woman in power when a man knows how to use it better?

Who is going to have the babies?

Why throw money at women to MAYBE go into a STEM field and 80% of them drop out, or work a few years, to then go have a family anyways?

Who is going to raise the babies?

Oh right, other women with tax-payer dollars (surrogate daddy) subsidizing them. Inefficient, Clown-fucking-World.

All of those jobs, all of those resources could've been spent on men who would've stuck in those fields because it is IN THEIR BIOLOGICAL NATURE!

Who is going to care for, and give birth to the next generation?

The retarded left, hell-bent on feelz before realz, does not care about the why. They only care about skin color, gender. Hence, the Left is sexist and racist when it comes to hiring people.

Everyone who is a shitlib needs to be relocated and thusly, exterminated from greatness. Greatness cannot exist with shitlibs.

Liberalism today is a mental-illness and is responsible for the hell we are in and are going to endure at an even greater level in a decade to come.

When you hire people based on their skin color or whether or not they have a vagina or could be The First Female[insert title], that is the definition of racism and sexism. That is the pure definition of prejudice/discriminatory hiring practices.

You are suppose to hire people on merit. If the best for the position is a woman, fine. However 9/10, it's usually a man.

Men create things; women just move in.

Men are better with authority and power because it is in our nature to use it.

Since man has been on this earth he has been responsible; power is second nature to us. When you hand power over to women it is like giving a loaded gun to a three year old.

When you give women power and control its like allowing a toddler to choose what they want to eat before bed, what time they should go to sleep at: The outcome will be ice-cream right before midnight, a sore tummy and a tired/cranky kid in the morning.

What's interesting is Julie Payette has a long history of not only being a gapping cunt, she also has a track record of criminality.

Why would you hire a woman that has been divorced TWICE? If she can't uphold a simple business contract with a man (two) that she claimed to "love", then what makes her word credible?

This woman had proved her word cannot be trusted, or taken seriously.

More Red Flags than a Chinese parade.

Not once, but twice. She also proved that her judgment skills were severely poor. If she cannot make proper judgments with men she is inviting into her home and into her vagina, the most private and personal of places, then how is she to be of good use as a nation's liaison?

How is this person supposed to be charged with upholding a system of responsible government when she cannot even uphold her own marriage(s)?

To further that, it seems Julie likes to hit people with her car.

How was this woman driver suppose to be responsible on the throne when she cannot even be trusted behind the wheel?

Women are horrible drivers.

I mean, manslaughter is pretty serious. I doubt that pedestrian was stepping off the curb in such an erratic way as to get her autograph or picture taken. I mean, have you seen the photos of this "woman"? Yeesh!

Not even four months later, Julie then strikes what appears to be her ex-husband Billie Flynn and was charged with second-degree assault. Of course the charged were dropped because it was a cover-up and then they divorced as a result. The charges were "unfounded" were charged with assault?

Ok, wink wink!

Husband obviously divorced her because she put her career ahead of her family/taking responsibility for striking him with her vehicle (probably in a fit of "that time of the month" rage) because as we know later she was going for one of the highest positions in Canadian government. Her and her husband were clearly having trouble, and she obviously snapped one day and decided to see if her bumper worked.

If women stopped acting and behaving like men, maybe men would actually give-a-fuck about them.

All of these "incidents" were clearly handled by Justin and his Vagina licking cronies, because they were obviously grooming her for power and the PR burrow (clean-up crew) was kicked into high gear. The skeletons were kept out of the closest because Justin took them out, burned and buried the bodies first.

In closing, Payette can't do the following:

  1. She can't lead, only dictate harass and abuse people; just like literally Hitler and scores of other female bosses out there.

  2. She can't stay married.

  3. She can't help but be a hypocrite.

  4. She is unaware that she is a cunt. (lacks self-awareness)

  5. She can't stay calm, be feminine and a pleasure to be around.

  6. She can't make enough babies so we can have more/better scientists, engineers or astronauts (Why have one Payette when we could've had two Armstrongs?).

  7. She can't drive.

  8. She can't take responsibility for her actions.

  9. She can't suck a dick worth anything now, because she is worthless to men.

Why was she hired in the first place?

What a pure waste of my fucking tax dollars on this piece-of shit's salary over the years and all the accolades that go with it.

It's like us men in this country were forced to date this brow-beating, butchy bitch for 5 years and now she gets alimony for the rest of her days.

Fuck you, Payette.

Worthless fucking cunt.

We all would gladly pay extra in tax dollars to fund a missile program in your honor: Strap you to Rideau Hall, have the public stone you within an inch of your life, and then launch a cruise missile at said target. It would be the best spectating experience since the live feed of the second Gulf War.

The last thing this fucking cunt should see is the DMV sticker on somebody's license plate.


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